Any tips for getting more comfortable with being thrown?

I know how to fall. I’m not really afraid to fall since I know how to fall. However, I don’t like being thrown and I tend to fight the throw instead of going with it and landing properly. This leads to odd throws/falls when drilling with partners. So do any of you have any tips on how to get rid of that fear (for lack of a better word) of being thrown? Are there some drills that I can do with or without a partner to work up to getting thrown?

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Too wired to sleep

Anyone get like this after a night training sesh? If you do, how do you guys combat this?

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Leonardo Lara

Leonardo Lara, often referenced as Leo Lara, is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Caio Almeida being also one of the top representatives …

Hurt my groin during rolling- what can I expect?

Never fear, /R/BJJ– I’m going to the doctor imminently!

Hey people- 50 year old blue belt here…so I was rolling this morning when I heard/felt a “pop” on the left side of my groin (where the crotch meets the thigh, directly across from my left nut- literally). As usual with these things I only stopped momentarily and then kept going, just lighter. After that I rolled a bit more- lighter than normally, but yeah…anyway during the rolls there was obviously pain in that area as well as certain normal movements that I could not do without some serious pain…

After class ended I limped out to my car and had to pick my left leg up to put it in the vehicle. Getting out was no picnic either. So here I am, laying on my back with an ice pack in the fold of my thigh/crotch area- leg raised- trying to figure out how long THIS bad boy’ll take…

Any fair guess as to what I’ve most likely done? Any advice? Can I train tomorrow just lightly? If not, what’s the usual prognosis for these things? Oh and btw once again: I AM going to a medical professional so please know that as well as understand that everything I read here will be taken with a grain of salt. I’m literally just curious; done my knee, ribs, fingers, toes and all that stuff before but the groin is a new one. Thoughts?

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The Most Successful Wrestlers To Have Transitioned to MMA

Wrestling is famously among the biggest indicators of success in MMA today. While cage fight outcome was once purely a bjj thing nowadays it’s more reliant on cage wrestling strategies, takedowns and the ability to outperform the other fighter athletically.  Ben Askren MMA Record: 18-0 Championships in 2006, 2007 Askren finished his collegiate wrestling career […]

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My ringworm is taking forever to heal (is that normal?)

One day it started itching alot on my back but I didn’t think more about it, I was in a funk so luckily I didn’t go train. I usually postpone seeing doctors and thought that maybe it was a spider bite (why would there be spiders here I dont live in Australia) or that I was being a dramaqueen. It looked like this https://imgur.com/gallery/uWXVF7Z

Finally after 2 weeks I went to the doctor (without training) and he said it was ringworm and recomended I use a normal creme for athletes foot. 2 weeks pass by and it is only marginal better, so I go to a new doctor that prescribes pevaryl (ekonazolnitrat) and cortymyk (mikonazolnitrat / hydrokortison). I use them for a month and this is how it looks now. https://imgur.com/gallery/Gc2it8N

I use the creams as prescribed.

It’s better, but not gone, and now I’ve had ringworm for 2 month and read stories about people getting rid of it in 1-2 weeks. I shower every day, clean my hands before touching it/after and use disinfection on the area before applying anything. I also apply tea tree oil. My friend who is an MMA-fighter recomended Daktacort. I just saw Eddie Bravos PSA where he recomended Lamisil (which I’ve used the last 2 days)

Would you guys say the treatment is working, before it looked raised, was red and itched. Now it’s smaller, but the damn thing wont go away. Are the creams interaction and slowing the process? Why is it taking so long? Is it because I waited two weeks to get it examined and it’s “grown its roots” in me?

This is the longest I’ve gone without training in 5 years and it’s driving me nuts.

Would bleach (I’ve read about wrestlers using bleach/nail polish on it) at this stage do anything? Is it a super-ringworm? Am I just a dirty motherfucker?

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What’s your comp plan?

I get a lot of people don’t but if you do what is your game plan for your comp matches? I personally like to pull guard, close or go to lasso/spider then submit or sweep to mount – take the back

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No Gi side control help

In no GI, once I pass guard and get to side mount, the opponent keeps their hands together (prayer position) and elbows tucked in really tight. Where do I go from there?

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Green Belts, wondering how do you feel…

So I’m a white belt, been training for about a month. In my class there’s a green belt. I asked him and others about the green belt and it kind of made sense. I still think it’s kind of silly. Especially in a school like mine where anyone can roll with anyone and there are no “white belt only” classes. I was just wondering how other people felt about the GREEN BELT.

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Chinstrap Guillotine

Hi guys,

I was watching Lachlan Giles instructional about nogi chokes and I had a little question about the chinstrap. Lachlan advocates to ge a little deeper to get wrist on neck from the chinstrap whereas someone like Josh Hinger uses a more shallown strap (the other side of the neck basically). Which one do you feel is better and why?

I’m used to go chinstrap with thumb on neck and it works great but there’s always room for improvement!

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