Recent knee surgery has not went well – Depression has set in on me

So I had arthroscopic knee surgery on 09/11 to partially remove a torn meniscus. Day 1 was easy as was Day 2. Night of Day 2 I woke to super intense pains that had me on the verge of passing out. I saw my surgeon and rheumatologist who determined I had a terrible gout flare in the repaired knee. That gout flare hung on for some 10 days which can go down as maybe the 10 worst days of my life.

I ended up in the ER over pain and after 8.5 hours was sent home with no relief. Surgeon decided to drain my knee and took 30ccs of bloody fluid from the joint. Since I was unable to move the joint it seized up on me and on day 15, I still have very limited movement and cannot walk without assistance.

I was unable to work for some 2 weeks and only returned tonight and I am struggling with pain and swelling from sitting. I have noticed some seeds of depression settling in on me and am trying my best to not get down. I just wish I knew ahead of time what this was going to be like so I could have prepared myself mentally for this fiasco.

TL;DR Knee scope, complications, now depressed and angry

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Terere and Finfou Talk About the Time Terere Tried To Sell His Belt To Finfou

    Fernando “Tererê” Augusto is one of the most exciting and influential jiu jitsu competitors to ever step on to the tatami. A multiple time world champion at blue, purple, brown and black belt he is taught some of the most exciting competitors today including Rubens Charles and Andre Galvao. In his life he […]

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55kg Weight Class at ADCC?

Really wish there was a spot for little guys like Caio, Joao, Mikey, even Nicky.

Even just a 8-man division would be good.

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Something that means a lot to me happened tonight

Little backstory, my son is a blue belt, a pretty talented one. Training a little over a year and half in total as an adult. Started when he was 8, stopped at 12 (at our Coach’s suggestion) to wrestle in HS and College. He took some time off from BJJ to go play Rugby, came back 12 days won Florida States, and most likely win Miami Open again. He’s been groomed from a young age for Jiu Jitsu.

Tonight at class, I was teaching a set sweep from DLR to the white belts. He takes me aside and says he doesn’t think it will work. DLR is one of his bread and butter, and I’m more of a closed guard player. Make a long story short, at dinner after we talked about it, he made his points, and he was right on my setup being wrong attacking the wrong arm, offering a better solution. To me, it was a rite of passage of sorts. I learned from my kid, and saw him as an equal and not my snot nosed rug rat. A proud parent moment I wanted to share with our community.

TLDR; Taught move wrong, son corrected me, proud parent.

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First day of BJJ

Today was my first day of BJJ, and I loved it. I am a 6′ female, and come from a ballet, yoga background. I currently teach yoga, and practice the Ashtanga Primary Series. I have always been in shape, but holy hell I am sore already. The tops of my feet are sore, my fingers are tore up from grip breaks, and my legs feel like they got hit with bricks learning guard breaks/passes? (Not sure what anything is named yet) Honestly though, I have fallen in love. I don’t think I’ll compete, mostly just to learn about this practice not only the physical but also the mental and philosophical side.

There was a sign in the gym that read “A black belt is a white belt that never quit” I found that to be so incredibly humbling, as a white belt, that I can’t even see my first stripe in sight, but it doesn’t matter what belt I am, as long as I show up on the mat!

I am just excited about this new journey and wanted to share! Namaste

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Just consumed a spicy ass meal forty minutes before going to class

Wish me luck, these are truly uncharted territories

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Cutting a little weight

So I signed up for a competition next week and the cutoff weight is 181.5 lbs. I’ve weighed 175 for a long time and I hadn’t weighed myself in a while, so I wasn’t expecting any issues but the last week or so I’ve been having more pizza and beer than usual. I weighed myself without the gi and I was 181.5. What’s the best way to lose 3-4 lbs so I’m not over by the time competition starts?

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Your Olympic American Jiu Jitsu dream team.

Lets say hypothetically that the IOC declared just submission wrestling an event in the 2020 Tokyo games. They would you use the ADCC rules. Who would you want to represent team America(men and women), assistant and head coach be? Also vice versa for Brazil and so forth. Doesn’t have to adhere to the ADCC weight classes, but there will be an open class to compete in.

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Garry Tonon & Gordon Ryan Seminar

Just came home from Garry and Gordons seminar here in Oslo. It was a great seminar, and even though im sure they are tired from ADCC and travelling I got alot out of it. The main focus was guillotines and leg locks. A couple of the heel hook details were extremely helpful. Also Gordon didnt seem to be as huge as on Instagram, so maybe its the filters making him look like the Hulk :)

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Question about custom mouthpieces

Sorry for the silly question, but I just got an impression made at my dentists but forgot to ask about design options and such. I figured they would ask me what color I wanted. Do they just give you some generic color?

I assume if you want specific designs, like a flag or something, you have to send that off to someone after you receive it? Is that how it works?

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