Next step in my BJJ development – stay loyal and still reach that next level

I have a little predicament at the moment. I can currently devote an ridiculous amount of time to BJJ and want to use that time to become the best I can be.

My club has never been a competitors gym and it should never have to become one. I love that it is for hobbyists and people who want to keep fit.

Those are not my goals though and find myself trying to add to my game by myself. Our head professor has a main job and two young kids and can’t be expected to throw himself into my development which I appreciate.

My long-term goal is to become a competitive black belt who can at least medal at adults in a major Australian competition.

I feel having a mentor is the missing piece of the puzzle. Has anyone had a similar issue/experience? What steps did you take and who helped you reach the level where your competition bjj improved greatly.

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Thank you Caio Terra!

Dropped in for fundamentals and advanced class at Caio Terra academy today. I’m a purple belt and my dad is a white belt. We were both in town on business and decided to drop in. Super friendly and very nice atmosphere and people. Fundamentals class was taught by two of the brown belts and they were showing basic positions with details I had never seen before. It was a great class with a lot of drilling and positional sparring.

Then we stayed for the advanced class and Mr u/CaioTerra comes onto the mat to teach. We skip warm ups and go right into technique. He had a fantastic sequence of drills to work on knee on belly and knee slice positions. It was such basic positions but some of the techniques were even over my head and made making me rethink how I work in these positions.

We stayed working on that for an hour and I still feel like I needed 3 more just to digest the level of detail Caio was showing. It was really watching a master work.

He also didn’t just tell people “Good job” even though they were getting the techniques wrong. He would stop you and tell you what you were doing incorrectly. He was more intense than most instructors, but at the end he made it clear that it was because he wanted people to get the techniques right and actually be able to use them. Instead of going through the motions and just saying “Good job”.

At the end, he was extremely nice and took a picture with my dad and I and thanked us for coming. I would definitely recommend his academy for anyone in the area. Thanks again Caio!

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Draining small amount of cauliflower ear

So I have a very small pocket of cauliflower. Is it worth draining? It is not that bad and I can’t imagine extracting much fluid, but I also feel like I should probably just do it.

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Pain compliance submissions to the head dick moves

I was watching a few video that adapt catch wrestling to jiujitsu. Eventually I started looking up “brutal BJJ moves” and things like that. I remember a few moves, they seem crazy effective and brutal. Are these dick moves to do in a gym or should I only use these against my wrestler friends who are cool with this shit. They are all pain locks and not chokes.

  1. You’re in your opponents half guard, or you’re in mount, you couldn’t submit him, make two fists and squeeze one under his jaw and the other on the side of his jaw.

  2. Get a front headlock, get sort of a kimura grip with one arm cross facing and crank the shit out of his face

  3. You go to attack for an RNC, the guy puts his chin down, put your forearm on his nose instead and squeeze

  4. (Not a sub) on bottom put your arms in a way to open up for an Americana, when they go to grab your arms, pull away when they extend over your body, twist their neck as if you were looking to break it and slowly apply force while bridging until you swept to top position.

  5. You’re in half guard, frame up, like you were gonna lift your leg over their head for a triangle, instead put your knee on their cheek and pull their head into it

  6. Literally just putting your chin on someone’s closed eyeball when in NS position

I found a couple of the videos that I was talking about if you wanna give them a look. I couldn’t find most of them. Just tell me which ones are dick moves if you can :) because I don’t want to hurt someone who’s not trying to experience this kind of sub



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How to develop a game plan?

I have an upcoming competition, and I’m struggling developing a game plan. As a relatively new blue belt, I feel like I’m pretty terrible at everything. How would/do you go about developing a game plan when you don’t feel like you really have any “go to” attack/sweep options?

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Marcelo Garcia Seminars

So Marcelo is now doing seminars. That would be a great experience. Is any of you guys going to be lucky enough to attend?

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Can we discuss Cobrinha’s guard?

He seems like one of few guys that I can’t define his guard. He has a good spider, dlr, rdlr, sit up guard. Etc I know he puts a lot of mat time in, but how can he have such a wide variety of guard work, where other top guys seem to have a more narrow approach ?

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Best Collar and Sleeve resources?

I saw the Mendes Brothers one online, what else is out there? My buddy swears by infinite jiu jitsu.

Im having a major problem where i’ll have collar/sleeve and against strong guys they’ll be strong enough to get 2 on 1 on my collar hand and squat, then strip my collar grip. What do I know when they’re hips are way back?

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Kingz balistico 2.0 – Size

Hey guys, I have been training bjj for 3 months now and I am loving it. I currently have a KINGZ basic 2.0 GI and I am looking to buy another GI so I can train more often and be sure that I have a clean GI ready.

I really like my KINGZ basic GI so I was looking at the BALISTICO 2.0 , it says that it is 100% pre shrunk for an ideal fit.

Now my BASIC 2.0 GI size is A1L and it fits me perfectly , but i was looking in the site and it says that it’s 95% pre shrunk (expect the slightest bit of shrink), so I guess that it shrunk a little bit.

Should I order the same size A1L ? I’m 5’9 , 164 lbs btw

Also if you have othr suggestions….throw them

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guidance on Gis

I want to start in Gi Jiu-Jitsu but I would like to know what these specs mean and why there are so many different Gi options (like Lightweight, all-rounders, etc.), do they change a whole lot?

My most convenient option is this Venum Gi, since seems affordable and I recognize the brand, but I need a little guidance. I’ve never taken jiujitsu ever, so keep that in mind n.n (1,700MXN would be around 90 USD)

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