Missing medal ceremony but still doing absolute division is it allowed?(IBJJF)

Hi reddit, I had my first bjj competition recently, luckily I managed to win my category (I only had 2 matches). Since I only had 2 matches I wanted to do the absolutes but unfortunately I missed the medal ceremony as my teammate who came to the competition got injured and I was checking up on him and was going to drive him to the hospital if he needed. Fortunately his injury wasn’t too bad and he didn’t need to go to the hospital.

However as I missed the medal ceremony I didn’t do the absolutes as I thought I was ineligible because I didn’t receive my medal. What is the usual rule for this in ibjjf competitions, I don’t mind too much about the medal facebook pics etc but I would have liked to still do the absolute division.


Won my division in an ibjjf rules comp

Missed the medal ceremony so didn’t collect medal

Wanted to do absolute

Would I have been allowed/what is the rule on this

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Did i make a mistake buying two venum gis?

So i am a beginner ( literally one class under my belt) and part of my sign up gave me a Proma white gi. Im assuming it is not a very high praised gi and probably wholesale for gyms to sell to newcomers.

So yesterday i saw Venum ( which i thought was like a solid- high quality brand) having a killer sale on gis. 50% off of their $125 + gis. So i bought two.

The Venum Elite Light Ice and the Venum Elite Classic White.

Overall i got these two and a long sleeve rashgaurd with design for $162.

Now i just looked up Venum on /r/bjj and a lot of people say they arent as good as i thought.

Now the Proma gi i got would work fine but the pants are too big and baggy and i want the pants to be kinda like joggers at the bottom.

Should cancel my venum gis, try to get my Proma pants tailored and save some money or keep the venums just to have in the long run. Assuming they are durable like their website says.

I plan on training minimum twice a week.

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BJJ twice a day?

In my gym(MMA) there are gi and no gi classes. They do gi mon-sat and no gi on Monday and Wednesday. Should I stay for the no go class after having done gi?

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Upgraded Flair… Received my Purple Belt Last Week!

After 5 years at blue, I received my Purple last week. Excited and humbled, and ready for the next part of the journey!

Link to my demo: https://youtu.be/qCjhDViztK0

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What are some lesser known jiu jitsu symbols?

I’ve seen the wave – chess – octopus

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action camera for recording rolls and matches

go pro must be the obvious choice but as i don’t know much about the cameras in general which camera do you recommend?

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Gi affiliations problems

I train under BTT. I will soon be buying my second GI (adding to the official fiji BTT Gi I was given when I joined). As I shop online, I’m a bit uncomfortable buying a WarTribe Gi, for exemple, given they are related to Caio Terra.

Are those valid considerations (and I get a neutral Gi), or can I just get the coolest fucking GI regardless of its maker ?

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Looking to train- Portland

Going on a short trip to Portland for a week next month. Anyone have reccomendations for good spots to train at? Thanks!

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Keenan should do Vlogs.

He’s really interactive with all of us on here and seems like a really cool dude. I love Najmi’s vlog that he does. I think it would be cool if Keenan put one out every once in awhile.

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Dirty Grapplers and their tricks

A lot has been made of dirty mma fighters/boxers, headbutts, elbows, eye gouging, eye pokes, etc. But who are some grapplers who have a reputation for fighting dirty or cheat to win?

Edit: When I say fighting dirty I don’t mean unsportsmanlike behavior like holding after a tap.

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Someone posted a link about the stockade position about a month ago and I can’t find it…

About a month ago someone posted a link to sherdog I believe, but it had a bunch of information on the stockade. If someone has the link please let me know

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Polaris 6 Date and Format Revealed

Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational is back and this time it’s running a different format. In 2018 we’ll be seeing four Polaris events, and new Polaris Champions being crowned. Polaris 6 will return to the O2 Indigo, London and the team have taken the sold out crowd’s advice on board, offering better seating arrangements and cheaper seating […]

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(Cliche) Thankful for Bjj

Most Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today and reflecting on what they are thankful for this year. I discovered BJJ six months ago totally by mistake and now it is a staple in my life. Simply put: being on the mat is the only time in my life that I’m literally forced to block out the rest of my problems and that alone has me incredibly thankful I found this sport. The exercise and the self-defense benefits are completely secondary to me. And this community, which has to be one of the most positive communities on reddit.

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