Running kids classes. What worked? What didn’t?

Searching through the this sub, there has been a lot of posts regarding people asking for advice on running kids (ages 6-12) classes. A lot of opinions and suggestions has been through out in those posts.

What advice/suggestion that was given worked for your kids class?

What advice/suggestion totally backfired and you never did again in your kids class?

Anything you’re trying now that seems to be working/not working?

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Staph Infection

Fellow nobleman… and women of reddit. My wife has recently contracted what I believe to be a staph infection. We’re waiting on a babysitter to come and watch our child before we head to the doctors office.

What should she expect? Possible needles? Maybe some type of cream?

What were you prescribed when you contracted staph?

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Tips to maximize progression?

I wanna compete and get better as best I can. What are tips to be successful in completion? What are tips for learning bjj efficiently? Tips for training or nutrition are welcome.

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Teaching a first newbie class – need some pointers on structure

To give you some background – I am a four stripe blue, getting ready for my purple belt test and I have a bit over 10 years of grappling/BJJ experience. I have a friend that runs a day care and last year they added activities for older kids. She has been bugging me for well over a year to come in and start some sort of a BJJ program at their facility. So far there are about 10 kids, aged 14-17 that are interested. Reluctantly I agreed to give it a try, pending a discussion with my own instructor. Granted that I had a chance to teach quite a few classes over the years, I never had to work with a whole group of complete newbies. I did have newbies before in the classes I taught, but the other students knew the basics and I was able to spend more time with the new person, to get them up to speed. For now, my plan is to do an introduction and find out the kids’ backgrounds and go over basic positions of jiu jitsu, rather than diving straight into techniques. In the subsequent classes, my plan is to start with break falls, shrimping, tech stand up, basic TD and guard before moving to other techniques. How would you go about structuring the first class? I have an hour to work with.

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Anyone here go to 10th Planet DTLA or any other BJJ school in LA?

I used to train at 10th planet Corona/Riverside got to blue belt after placing 2nd in NAGA, but I had stopped training shorty after because I transferred to a university in LA and couldn’t afford it anymore. I would hit up the BJJ club at university but never as serious as there was no real structure. I miss training guys, but now Ive graduated and got a decent paying job so I can start going again!

Only issue now is I’ve tried calling and emailing 10th planet DTLA as they are the closet 10th planet to me but I’ve got no replies. Was wondering if anyone knew/goes there that could let me know if I can could join their DTLA school or if it’s a invite only kind of place. Or recommend me any other BJJ school in LA I should check out. I am a bit partial to no gi as I’d like to avoid doing even more laundry.

10th planet west la is a bit out of the way from and usually traffic is fucked that way so I’d like to avoid the west side if possible

Thanks in advance!

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My lighthearted BJJ poem for other white belts like me

Do yoga everyday, Lift some weights, Roll with mates, Eat some food to fuel your day.

Have some fun, Tap out early, Don’t worry, that’s not girly.

Please don’t spaz, We know your mad, But that’s not gonna get you anywhere for belt grad.

RNC, Go to sleep, Have some dreams, Wake up and pee.

Sorry if it looks weird, I’m on mobile.

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Playlists with detailled match breakdowns?

Hey! As the title states i am looking for playlists or channels with nice breakdowns of rolling footage. Prefereably just in textform.

For example: https://youtu.be/1X5N_7LCVtM

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When is it ok to call someone out for a super fight?

I was stoked to be scheduled for a match at an invitational event. Promoter can’t find me a match. I know many guys in my area, but if he can’t find someone, would it be bad taste to call some people out?

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Face breaks out

(24) I’ve been training for the last 3 years, and I’ve never really had trouble with acne until I started jiujistu. I know it’s because my face is on the mats constantly and I sweat a lot. But I’ve tried several different acne face washes and General face masks, but nothing seems to work. What do you use? Any suggestions ? I would like clear skin haha

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Got Some Stripes Last Night (don’t have a lot of people to share with)

My wife, kids, and I moved to a new city/state last year from where I’d been my whole life. Prior to the move, I had done a 2.5 years of NOGI to complement college wrestling experience. I absolutely loved it and had good success in tournaments. But, I never got myself into the Gi. To be honest, I was a little intimidated with all the ways someone could completely negate my wrestling and grappling skills with grips. But I digress.

Fast forward to new town. They don’t even offer NOGI at the academy in my town. Gi only, so baptism by fire. I took some butt whooping and the learning curve for the grips and differences in techniques was steeper than I thought. But I kept at it for about a year now, seeing small gains each day. Picking up things here and there, and really feeling like I’m evolving slowly but surely.

Last night, my professor gave me 2 stripes, and told me he’d like me to test for blue belt in 2 months. Truly, it was shocking but I’m pretty proud of the progress marker.

I’m posting here because I don’t have a lot of people to share with, and I feel that this is a moment I should be proud of/bask in. I’m an extremely humble individual honestly, but with all the stress in my life (new town, new baby, new house with repairs, etc.), I really need this win. I don’t mean it as a brag, I just wanted to share it with people that “get it” and understand all the hard work that goes into this.

I’ve told my friends back at the old academy, and my wife is pretty proud of me. But she doesn’t fully get it. She’s telling coworkers I’m getting my black belt haha. Anyways, it was cool typing all of this out. I feel good about it.

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Friday Open Mat – September 21, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone!

This is your weekly post to talk about whatever you like!

Tap your coach and want to brag? Have at it.

Got a dank video of animals doing BJJ? Share it here!

Need advice? Ask away.

It’s Friday open mat, talk about anything.

Credit for the Friday Open Mat thread idea to /u/SweetJibbaJams!

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