Travel Insurance for bjj

Hey everyone I was hoping maybe someone out there had some advice as to which travel insurance company I could go to that would cover me for training jiu jitsu. I live in Australia and will be visiting Tristar (Montreal) in September. Cheers

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I’m tired of being a teenaged girl

I’m a sixteen year old girl, i’ve been practicing boxing for 3 years and jiu jitsu for a little over one year. I truly love bjj but it is literally the most frustrating thing in the world. I’m the youngest and smallest in my class (I’ve tried but i can’t seem to get any further than 120), and while I can hold my own most of the time there are always some people that will just lift me in the air and put me back down like it’s nothing, or will just lay on me because they know it’s not easy for me to bridge. There have been multiple times where I’ll get guard or mount and they’ll literally just lift me into the air and hold me away from them so I can’t choke them and then put me down on my back and lay on me. A guy called me ‘honey’ after we rolled and it made me feel so angry and ashamed of myself. I guess I’m just so sick of feeling weak and patronized and cute compared to everyone else, and it’s really upsetting sometimes. It feels like I’ll never get past this point, because I know I can’t get taller and i’m having a really hard time gaining weight. I know all i can do about it is keep training but i keep failing at the same things because i’m not big or strong enough and I don’t know what else to do, and it is just really hard to learn when I can’t fight these kind of things. Does anyone have any advice for feeling better about being small and young and a girl in an adult bjj class??

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Do your ears ever ring?

Sounds like I have a little bit of tinnitus when I peel out of a triangle or a tight arm triangle/ stuff like that, does this happen to anyone else?

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I’m a smaller guy, what kind of game do you guys recommend I start trying to play?

Now I know what you’re thinking, oh this guy is just small. No. I’m 15 and I weigh 110. I’ve done BJJ for almost 2 years and have no intention of quitting. Sometimes bigger guys come in and have very little technique and can destroy me. They can completely manipulate my legs how they want to. Don’t even get me started on my arms. I hate having to roll with people and them letting me get submissions. Even when they have only done it for like 2 months. It just feels demeaning. Then there’s the other side of the scale. When people are lighter or the same weight, I can destroy them using minimal strength. I have nobody that challenges me enough without having to hold back. What techniques, styles, or positions to play do you guys recommend?

TLDR I’m small and I need some small guy techniques

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Fuji Tournaments

Has anyone had a chance to compete at one of these tournaments? How was it run? How was the attendance? What location was the event held?

Have one coming to town soon and wondering about it.

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found my first match

I found my very first jiu-jitsu match and decided to break it down all these years later as a black belt. Damn, I sucked.


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Being Choked Unconscious: Is it really that dangerous? Or Exaggerated?


According to here, brain cells start dying after 1 minute of oxygen Deprivation . In relation to this topic, i guess it would be holding onto a choke for 1 minute after someone has passed out.

However, a lot of people continue to stress that you should let go of a choke as soon as the opponent has passed out. Hell people say that even being choked out and holding onto it for a few seconds can lead to potential death. Besides the loss of brain cells at the 1 min mark, are there any other risks to consider to someone who gets choked out? If someone is deprived of oxygen for even 30 secs, wouldn’t that mean that it’s 100% safe, considering it didn’t hit the 1 minute mark and above?

TLDR: Basically, what are the main dangers someone has to consider when they get choked out? Especially if they continue to get choked, but it doesn’t hit the 1 minute mark? According to the link, brain cell loss begins at the 1 minute mark, but are there any other complications that can potentially lead to permanent brain injury or even death?

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Who’s the most annoying little shit at your gym?

Throwaways welcome.

We have this one person at our gym who insists that they deserve to be promoted… Despite only showing up 4 times a year a week before promotions. They’ve been a blue belt for about 6 years and gained about 50 pounds and I can honestly say that they’ve gotten worse with time but continues to try and “teach” others how to do technique.

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Brand new (and a woman)!

I just took my first class last weekend, and there were a lot of teenagers (I’m 30), but damn if I didn’t get my ass kicked by a 14 year old girl.

I loved it so much though. The aforementioned ass kicking was what sold me on BJJ. I loved how technical it is (it almost felt like solving a body puzzle or something) and it was insane how nice everyone was. But the warm ups felt almost impossible. I felt like a flailing fish when I was shrimping, and I’m pretty sure I hurt myself trying to do a forward roll (I’ve really never been much of a tumbler, even as a kid. Really hated being upside down.) I’m going to go back today even though I’m still pretty nervous.

Here’s a few questions: What on earth do I do with my hair? It’s long and in layers, and no matter how I tried to retie it it just kept getting loose and in the way. Any tips would be appreciated.

How do I learn to do a forward roll? I didn’t get much instruction on it, was just kinda tossed into warm ups?

What is the etiquette on trying out different gyms in the area?

And lastly, are women generally welcomed into the sport? I saw teenagers and kids of all genders in classes before and after mine, but the adult women were scarce (and mostly in the concurrent Muay Thai class).

Thank you for reading and for your help. I’m brand new to this so I apologize if anything is confusing.

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Competed first time in 5 years and 4 surgeries

Not to be dramatic but…

Yesterday I competed for the first time in 5 years. In those 5 years, I have had 4 surgeries. An ACL surgery, Followed by a left bicep reattachment 6 months later, followed by another ACL surgery 8 months later, followed by a right bicep reattachment which was 7 months ago. These surgeries weren’t the only set backs, but they were the only ones physically holding me back. Up until this string of shit luck I had competed in something every year of my life since I was twelve. Although I am still playing catch up to where I left off, and I am far from where I would have been had I not had these set backs… I am still standing. I am still here. I am not finished. The story is not over.

I can’t thank Albert Aguirre Jason Ackerman Arthur Kopp and everyone at Piranha Jiu Jitsu enough for helping me prepare for the comp. I signed up for this one assuming it would be a smaller easier competition. I was mistaken. I had some stout competition in GI and in NO Gi. some dangerous leg lockers from 10th planet, a well Conditioned UFC fighter from Germany as well as some tenacious wrestlers. After it was all said and done I came out with a Gold in gi, and Bronze in No-GI going 4-1 with 3 submissions. I even had a chance to avenge that one loss, which I capitalized on. I would also like to give a special shout out to my little brother Jacob Palmer who is always pushing me and inspiring me. This guy is 15 and 158 pounds. They put him in the 18-29-year-old, 155-180 pounds bracket for his first jiu jitsu tournament ever, and he didn’t even flinch. He went out there and left it on the mat bringing home 3rd place medal. Love you, bro.

end of diary lulz

TLDR: had 4 surgeries over 5 years and finally competed again. Got first in gi and 3rd in no gi.

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Wrestling in Bjj

I have a flowrestling account and with that I’m able to watch videos on flograppling. So I decided to watch roger Gracie vs Marcus almeida. I don’t know the rules too well but it seems like the standup game is very far behind what you would expect at such a high level. I’m not trying to be disrespectful but most high school wrestlers could take these guys down. Why do takedowns like doubles and singles not seem to be stressed?

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