Title Gloves Review 2018

Title was founded in 1998 and they quickly established themselves as an authority in the boxing industry. They made a name for themselves by creating top quality boxing gear and really ingraining themselves into the boxing world. It wasn’t enough for Title to just make money from selling gear; they really wanted to be a […]

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Twins Gloves Review 2018

Twins has been in the Muay Thai boxing gear for over 25 years. Companies like Twins and Fairtex are two of the biggest names you think of when thinking about elite Thai boxing gear. Almost no other companies even come close to them in regards to influence and quality of gear. Twins operate out of […]

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Venum Gloves Review 2018

It can be tough when buying brand new MMA gear, especially if you’re also brand new to the sport. The sport has evolved rapidly over the last few years and the growth is increasing exponentially with each passing year. As the sport grows in popularity, so does the market for MMA based gear. Tons of […]

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Windy Gloves Review

Windy offer a huge variety of combat sports products. They split their ranges into categories of MMA, Muay Thai, boxing and clothing and general accessories. Everything that they make is so high quality that that you’d expect them to be a company that only focuses on one sport. Whilst Windy do have a Muay Thai […]

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Cheap MMA Gloves 2018

When you’re just starting out in MMA, the first piece of gear you’re going to need to get is a pair of MMA gloves. There are absolutely tons of MMA gloves on the market, catering to different needs and different price points. There are some fantastic high-end gloves out there but if you’re just starting, […]

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Best Reflex Bag 2018

Becoming a good boxer, and then a good, complete MMA fighter, requires you to develop several skills and attributes. To the untrained eye, boxing can sometimes seem like it’s not that complicated, and in essence, it isn’t; you’re basically trying to hit your opponent harder and more frequently whilst trying to receive as little hits […]

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Sanabul Gi Review 2018

Sanabul are one of the best MMA sports companies to come out with the explosion of the sport. Similar to the company RDX, Sanabul produce quality gear at low, low prices. And just like RDX, they looks just as good as it performs. It’s incredible how they manage to sell their products so cheaply whilst […]

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Kingz Gi Review 2018

Kingz are a UK based company specialising in BJJ gi’s and other assorted BJJ related gear, such as training bags, training clothing, streetwear and other assorted accessories. They began operations in 2011 in the UK but have since exploded in popularity. They have since opened several more offices, including across the United States. Kingz state […]

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Hypnotik Gi Review

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu continues to explode in popularity all across the world. With the ever increasing popularity of the sport, the demand for quality BJJ gear like gi’s and rash-guards continues to grow as well. More people on the mats mean more people looking for high-quality gi’s that can withstand the harsh rigours of BJJ as […]

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Venum Gi Review 2018

Like Hayabusa, Venum is arguably one of the top of MMA companies out there at this moment. They have great big, sprawling ranges of products including literally every type of training gear you can think of. They’ll release an amazing, top-selling glove and then rather than rest on their laurels and get complacent, they’ll take […]

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Gameness BJJ Gi Review 2018

Gameness have been, and remain, a big name in the BJJ world. They’ve been in operation since 1998 so have seen BJJ rise from relative obscurity into the worldwide mammoth it continues to grow into. BJJ will only continue to evolve, grow and spread into the mainstream so Gameness have kept their finger on the […]

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Hayabusa Gi Review

Hayabusa sit firmly at the top of the heap for companies that make the absolute best MMA gear out there. Period. In fact, you could argue that they are the best at what they do. With sprawling product ranges that include boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin-pads, rash-guards, shorts, training bags, BJJ gi’s, BJJ belts and […]

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Atama Gi Review

According to Atama’s official website, the word “Atama” itself is a word of Japanese origin meaning head, mind and intelligence. This represents both the art of Jiu-Jitsu as well as the approach that Atama take when designing their top-quality BJJ products. These aren’t just gi’s that are mindlessly ploughed out to just bring in money […]

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Fuji Gi Review

Before most of the people training today even knew that BJJ existed, Fuji were killing it with their BJJ gi’s. But before even that, Fuji were already dominating the Judo gi market. Fuji know their gi’s. They have the knowledge and experience in how to make the best possible gi’s, that most other companies will […]

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93 Brand SHG Backpack Review

Along with our 93 Brand Bomber Gi, we were also treated to a special free gift, the 93 Brand Rucksack. So we thought we would put it through the paces of everyday training and life. First Impressions This isn’t just your everyday kit bag, for me, this is a bag for every day. If you […]

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Best Wall Ball 2018

Wall balls and medicine balls are some of the most hated pieces of fitness equipment out there. Not because they’re bad and not because you shouldn’t be doing them… but because they’re hard. They give you a tough and gruelling workout. You know that as soon as the wall balls come out, things are about […]

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Best Vertical Climber 2018

There are few pieces of equipment out there that can provide you with a truly complete workout. By complete workout I mean that you work your strength/muscles, your endurance, your cardio and your stamina all in one. Weight lifting generally only works your muscles and builds strength. You can use weights to build your muscular […]

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Best Stair Stepper 2018

There are plenty of cardio machines out there. Most gyms have the majority of their floor space dedicated to cardio machines such as treadmills/running machines, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, rowing machines, etc. But for some reason, you don’t see that many stair machines these days. There was once a time when the stair stepper was […]

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Best Rowing Machine 2018

Everyone knows that you have to do cardio. It isn’t enough to go to the gym and just lift weights all day. You can go to a BJJ or MMA gym and train and you will develop your cardiovascular health, but it’s still vital that you find space within your training regimen to get some […]

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Best Leg Press Machine 2018

Squats are king of the exercises. There are plenty of great exercises that everyone should be doing but squats are arguably the most effective and the most efficient when it comes to recruiting as many muscle fibres as physically possible. With squats, you can lift huge amounts of weight, work large muscle groups effectively and […]

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