Who here actually leaves their ego at the door?

I’ll admit that I don’t. I try, but the better I get, the higher I expect from myself. I had less of an ego when I was a noob white belt. I train hard so I don’t like losing to Anyone who doesn’t work as hard as I do or less experienced. When I’m rolling with people who I’m absolutely dominating, I’ll probably let them whoop my ass a bit cause I feel bad, but that’s about it.

Anyone else?

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Jitsu for anxiety

Hey guys I am a blue belt and I have been training for 2 years. When I first started training I was really in a bad way, I would have panic attacks about 3 times a week. This also caused me to be moderately depressed. Before I starting training regularly I was put on Zoloft to help reduce my anxiety and panic attacks. After a about a year and a half I was fed up with the side effects, mainly a weight of 40 pounds. So decided to get off of my meds. Yesterday day I experienced the start of a panic attack before training and was able to train and ease my self down. My question to you guys is if any one has had success in treating a panic disorder with training alone? How did you manage symptoms day to day and how do you handle time off the mat? I really don’t want to be on meds again but it may be a truth to my reality. I know this is allot but thank you for any input!

TLDR: looking for advice to deal with anxiety with time off of the mats

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I balloon swept a 300 pound+ man today

We’ve got a very big white belt, and he’s doing pretty well, learning to move and to use his size appropriately. Good guy, but he’s really big, and I decided in the interest of self/rib preservation not to let him work on top anymore.

I was working open guard and trying to sweep him or get back to my feet without closing distance, and I felt him really push forward with bad posture, past the tipping point. He did it again, and now I’m thinking, do I dare? How much can I leg press? What if I mess up and he falls on me? I went for it anyway.

He came forward again, I tucked my hips under a smidge, straightened the legs and up and over he went. Whole room stopped to see what the noise was. It was not me being crushed, thanks to tiny baby jeebus and BJJ.

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If I know I’m fairly decent at a particular submission, should I still go for it?

I am a 3 stripe white belt. I’m pretty good at arm bars and triangles from many different positions. Those 2 subs account for approximately 90% of my finishes.

When I’m rolling with someone, I’ll try to do a submission that isn’t an arm bar or triangle. Even if I see the opportunity to do it, I may let it go, unless they are bigger than me or a blue belt, then I may go for it. If I’m going against someone with less skill than me, I know I can pop off a bunch of arm-bars and triangles, and it will be a lot of fun, but should. I read this quote “Knowledge is being aware of what you can do. Wisdom is being aware of when not to do it.” I also watched a Joe Rogan podcast about getting better at BJJ, and he said to choke the shit out of people with less skill than you.

I do this because a.) I want to get better at better subs and b.) I don’t want to be known as a one trick pony, or in this case, a two trick pony.

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Private session options?

I am a very new white belt, only been training consistently for about a month and a half. I’m interested in doing some private sessions at my gym, and they offer 3 options:

1 hour with a purple belt instructor for $75 1 hour with a brown belt instructor for $90 30 minutes with a black belt instructor for $60

Which do you think is best? I’m leaning toward either the purple belt or the black.

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quick question about Datsusara bags

For anyone that has the gear bag mini… can i fit 2 gis inside of it?

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What are some neat little technical changes you make/see in mma grappling?

MMA was never my focus, I only really fucked around with it until a few months ago. Now that its a more regular thing for me I’m loving the small details of how getting to be rougher and just smack people change the game.

Like the palm on the head to make space for the RNC is 1000% more effective when you can just snack them instead of pulling up.

Passing is easier when halfway through you can clip them in the face.

I’m mostly interested in those split seconds where an extra strike helps you set something up. Where does a clubbing tie or a short hammer fist help you get a submission? That sort of thing.

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how to get better at dog fight/scrambling?

so I end up getting to dogfight a lot and most of the time I end up just sitting down and going back to guard. to get better at it are there any drills to work on (got small stubby arms and legs). or should I just make a mental note whenever I get there in practice to not pull guard and try to knee tap/take back etc

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