Drop-in rates for Vancouver, BC

So I recently relocated from sunny southern California to beautiful British Columbia where I am staying with my in-laws for the time being. Until my paperwork goes through I have no job, so money is low and stress is high. Needless to say, I need some jiu jitsu to sooth my jangled nerves, if only for one night. I can’t afford full on tuition yet, so anyone have any ideas about where to train and what drop-ins cost in these parts? Thanks for the help. Oss!

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Incredibly awkward situation rolling with girl today

At tonight’s class, was I (a male) was rolling nogi with one of the girls in our class. At some point after a scramble in the last 10-15 seconds of the round, and I am not entirely sure how, I am about 90% sure one of my toes ended up in a place that it’s not supposed to go. As soon as I realized what happened, I adjusted and the round ended shortly after. We just said good round and slapped hands and moved on, but I kind of think she was, understandably, acting a little weird.

My question is, should I bring this up with her and apologize, or just move on? I’m not scarred by it or anything, but I feel a little bit like I owe it to her to say sorry.

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Rolled with a black belt for the first time

So I’m a white belt just over a year in. I’ve rolled with some of the brown belt instructors before, and while they were clearly using only a fraction of their ability against me, it was nothing like this. I’ve seen him roll before, but actually having him face to face as an opponent was like this crushing force. I could barely move when he got side control, much less get an underhook. Couldn’t get grips. I tried DLR, reverse DLR, single leg X… he basically just walked right through all of those, or he’d stop my legs before I was even halfway into position.

At first I said it was like fighting the Terminator, but I wasn’t even Kyle Reese, I was just some random dude. Then I realized what it was actually like was more like… there’s this character in the new Dragonball who has a move called Time-Skip, which is exactly what it sounds like – no matter what you do he’s always one step ahead. You go to hit him and in a blink you just got hit in the face ten times. Basically the grappling version of that. He’d counter my technique as I was just starting it. Absolutely nothing I could do against him.

Then the very next roll I was up against a blue belt, and we stalemated for like 7 minutes. So it was like, I didn’t just turn into garbage, a black belt is just that good. Personally experiencing how deep the rabbit hole of skill goes was humbling and amazing.

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Anybody attend Kit Dale Seminar?

If so, how was it? I mostly ask because apparently his teaching style is very different from typical academies. I’m a big fan of his so I’m thinking of going to one of his seminars anyways, but was curious about someones thoughts who had attended previously.

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Am I too big for BJJ or just out of shape?

I just started BJJ about two months ago. I find that after the warmups, I am sweating like a pig and out of breath. We usually do jogging, shrimping, forward rolls, backward rolls, wrestler shuffle, shuffles, sit outs, We have pretty intense warmups, but I feel like others aren’t sweating as much. I am 6’2 and around 195lbs, and I have always been very physically active and was lifting 5 days a week before starting BJJ. I usually do around an hour of cardio outside of BJJ per week. I am wondering if the fact that I am somewhat bigger makes it so I use more energy or what.

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Looking for BJJ schools in sacramento

I recently moved back to my home town in Sacramento. Living in Rancho Cordova. I would like to get some suggestions near rancho cordova but i also want to get some solid training. I am hobby bjj guy so not looking for the super serial school but something with practitioners that are elite and dont try to kill white belts. Thanks for the help!

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Is there a secret to consistent rolling or is it a myth?

I feel that I’m not consistent in my rolling and yes, the old adage of “Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail” definitely fits me but I would be interested to know if there are ways to become more consistent and if its just a mindset.

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What are your favorite ways to enter into ashi garami and the saddle?

Also, what are the slickest setups you’ve seen. That Calestine kid hit a good one from reverse de la riva.

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Rolled with coach, i don’t think i can trust him anymore.

Hi, i’m a 2 stripe white belt and i have 62kg, i usually roll with anyone even if they have 30kg on me, last practice everyone was paired so i called my coach who is a lean 95kg man out to roll with me, sometimes he calls me and this time it felt a natural thing to do the same.

We started standing, he failed his take down and we hit shin to shin, shit that hurt so i dropped since i saw no reason not to, he did the same and then he started moving my leg to his side and entangling it with both of his, he made like a triangle with both of his legs on one of mine, i was completely oblivious to what he was doing, he then twist my knee and i tapped so fast i didn’t even had time to think what the fuck happened, i felt my knee hurt at the time and today i have a limp and my calf hurts, which is not the first time nor a big deal for me because this is not zumba, the big deal is if i took 1 more second to tap i would probably have a torn ligament and that is something i cannot risk.

I don’t see a reason for him to do what he did, he has 35kg on me and a black belt, i’m a white belt i can’t even do what he did to other people, he probably hurt his shin like i did but what the fuck i don’t think i can roll with him again even if i talk to him about it, i don’t want to believe he did it on purpose so my only reasoning is he oblivious to what he did, that doesn’t make things any better i just wanted to know what mindset is this..

Edit: it was a Calf Slicer with the 2 legs, it went for 0-100 real quick, i snap tapped.

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Yoga retreat ran by BJJ Purple belt & Yoga Instructor Eben Oroz

Jiu Jitsu purple belt & Yoga Instructor Eben Oroz will be hosting a Yoga Retreat on April 5th-8th in Orlando, Florida. Eben is a highly respected & experienced Yoga instructor based out of Los Angeles, California, where he teaches at multiple schools. His retreats are extremely affordable & cover delicious meals & cozy accommodations. Click the link below & sign up & use the discount “BJJWorld” in the follow-up email to receive $200 off your retreat!


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Has anyone ever had LASIK eye surgery?

I’m considering LASIK eye surgery and read that combat sports can lead to an increase risk for damaging the incision made by the laser. I’m sure they’re just referring to the healing period and this risk isn’t permanent. Does any one have any experience with this? What did your doctor say? How long did you have to avoid grappling?

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Attacked at a Presentation (I think I need some BJJ training)

This crazy thing happened to me today and I’m posting here to figure out if having some BJJ training would have helped me.

I was in the audience at a presentation today and my very close friend was speaking (there’s some history, but it’s not relevant for this story – we are very close). After they finished speaking there was a big applause and I was overcome with emotion so I got up to go and give my friend a big hug on stage. Two other people were really jazzed up about it to so they got up to hug the presenter as well. So we are on stage having this big friendly hug fest when some guy comes up and starts to grab my neck and try to pull me away from my friend. Now I am trying to hold on to my friend for dear life but this guy manages to pull me away and then uses his legs to hold me in place. This guy held me the whole damn time until the police showed up and finally got him off of me!

Anyway, it felt terrible that I didn’t know what to do to take control and it sucked being trapped in some crazy guy’s grip while waiting for the authorities. Do you guys think some BJJ would have helped me in this situation?!?

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Rickson is joining the "Online Teaching" crowd

Been seeing ads popping up in instagram about this https://www.gallerr.com/academy/rickson-gracie/self-defense-unit

I wonder what if any new details it will have compared to the regular self defense type curriculums.

What do you guys think? Money grab, or legit?

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Is it me or is "belt revocation" a crazy concept?

Reading all the drama about the BB on the west coast that was butting heads with his professor and then the professor either revokes or refuses to acknowledge the BB. This makes zero sense to me and seems like a bullshit attempt of one man trying to exercise a nonexistent power over another man. I mean, aren’t belts “earned”??? how do you “un-earn” a belt? Not possible. You can’t unlearn what you needed to know to achieve that belt. Right or no?

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ACB jj promotion

With all the back and forth between Geo and Gordon Ryan on social media, I just realised that the ACB contract that Gordon just signed is exclusive to this promotion. Do you guys know if every athlete ACB has signed are exclusive to ACB, or can they still compete in IBJJF, etc? Because they signed guys like Buchecha, Leandro Lo, Keenan, Lepri that usually dominate the IBJJF scene so I was wondering.

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Coach leaves after drilling, doesn’t watch rolling. Normal?

Is it odd that our coach regularly leaves the mats, and the building, as soon as the drilling part of the class is over and it is time for us to roll? We roll for 45 minutes at the end of class and he is rarely there (he may stay 1-2 times per month?)….how does he know whether or not we are improving with our rolling?

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