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McGregor vs Mayweather: Don’t Waste Your Money

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Conor McGregor, the reigning light-heavyweight UFC champion, is going to be fighting one of the all time best boxers Floyd Mayweather on August 26th.\

I know people are excited about this, because I get asked about it every single day…

McGregor is younger, bigger, cockier, is a southpaw and has proven knockout power.

But is he going to win a boxing match with 10 oz gloves?

Almost certainly not!

In the video below I talk about why this is the case…

McGregor is an amazing salesman for this fight, trash talking like nobody’s business.  He has 100,000,000 good reasons to do so after all…

But it comes down to this: football and soccer are different sports, just like MMA and Boxing.  Even the most gifted athletes in the world can’t switch from one sport to another and expect to do well at a high level on their first outing.

McGregor murders Mayweather in MMA.  Mayweather beats McGregor in boxing.  The end.

Let’s say that the best team in soccer (Real Madrid, say) plays a FOOTBALL GAME against the worst team in football (the Cleveland Browns). Even  competing against the worst football team in the game Real Madrid would get slaughtered.

A friend of mine summed it up like this, “McGregor has about the same chance against Roger Gracie in a gi IBJJF match as he does against Mayweather in boxing.

But what about an upset?

Well, it is a fight, there’s a one in a hundred chance that he gets super lucky, lands a crushing left hand and KO’s Mayweather.  And if that happens it’s the end of boxing and the immediate ascendency of MMA to the premiere sport in the world.

But it’s so unlikely that it completely baffles me that people are putting money on McGregor.

Last I looked the odds of McGregor winning were +375.  That means that if you put $100 down on him and he actually wins then you’re $375 richer than you were before you made the bet.

For the layman, that’s roughly 4 to 1 odds of him winning, which is ridiculous.

The odds are so against McGregor that you should get a 50:1 payout if he wins.

Don’t waste your money betting on the underdog in this match!

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