Five Triangle Chokes You Should Know

This video and article was inspired after a run of triangle chokes in MMA in 2010, including those used by Fabricio Werdum against Fedor Emelianenko, Chris Lytle against Matt Brown, and Brock Lesnar against Shane Carwin.

But the term ‘triangle choke’ can be used for several different submissions, and this can be confusing to the novice or intermediate-level grappler. So to make sense of the five major types of triangles check out my latest Youtube video.  I’ve put some really good stuff in here!

The triangle chokes shown include

The forward triangle, definitely the most common triangle choke in BJJ, also known as “mae-sankaku-jime” in Judo The rear triangle which you usually set up from rear mount, also known as “ushiro-sankaku-jime” in Judo The side triangle (“yoko-sankaku-jime” in Judo), used more in Judo than in BJJ because it’s such an effective attack against the turtle position, but I really like applying it from an armbar position. The upside down triangle which I was first shown by Erik Paulson.  If it has a name in Judo I am unaware of it! The arm triangle (“kata gatame” in Judo) in which you use your arms and not your legs to close the loop around your opponent’s head and arm.

To view the same Triangle Chokes video on YouTube, click here.

Article updated May 19, 2018

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