Jiu Jitsu LEGEND Jeff Glover Has Settled Down At A New BJJ Academy :)

In case you haven’t heard the wicked nasty awesome news… Jeff Glover, the BJJ legend, the super cool surfer dude, and the all-around incredible guy… Has decided to set up shop over at Goodland BJJ, check it out! Website coming soon @ GoodlandBJJ.com

Legendary Ralph Gracie Speaks On What Jiu Jitsu USED To Be

Brazilian jiu jitsu has aged over the years, like anything else… Some parts of it have obviously aged better than others, it’s growing bigger than ever before, and will continue to. But, legends like Ralph Gracie, remember the days before berimbolos, before BJJ was even out of Brazil yet. In a recent Tatame interview, he […]

Jocko Willink Drops Truth Bombs About Why He Trains Jiu Jitsu

Men’s Journal recently did a cool, in-depth interview with the amazing Jocko Willink on exactly WHY he trains BJJ, check him out on the inter-webs, he’s a cool dude. Enjoy and learn all you can. Because trust me, there’s a lot to learn from this guy. Can you speak more on that first experience you […]

That Moment When A 140lbs Purple Belt Submits A Legit 300lbs Black Belt in Competition

Well, this happened… At a recent jiu jitsu tournament, a 140 pound purple belt practitioner met what seemed like quite the formidable opponent in the form of a black belt, 160 pounds heavier and, obviously, two belts higher. The purple belt ended up pulling off a spectacular victory, have a look for yourself, it’s pretty […]

Xande Ribeiro Just Revealed Why His Guard CANNOT Be Passed (11 Years)

The absolute world champion, twice… The IBJJF world champion, seven times… Xande Ribeiro has proven himself to be one of the greatest jiu jitsu competitors of all time and will continue to add impressive feats to his name as the years go on. But, I have a question for you, when’s the last time that […]

IHOP Employee/Black Belt Fights Off Robber At Work

So… Someone decided to rob an the wrong IHOP recently (although if I’m being completely honest, I’m pretty sure that every IHOP you try to rob is the wrong IHOP). Unbeknownst to this particular robber, one of the waiters was a third degree black belt, with experience in multiple other martial arts. The waiter says […]

“Cyborg” Abreu, Droppin’ Hot Knowledge On What It Took To Get Where He is Today

“Cyborg” Abreu has become one of the most well known jiu jitsu practitioners/competitors in the world… And in this new, excellent film, he reveals how he got there and what it took. Enjoy this amazing vid…

“Tererê” On The Time When He Tried To Sell His Belt To Buy Drugs

Whoomp! Tererê! Ever heard that before before? It was the chant for the man considered one of the greatest jiu jitsu practitioners/competitors of all time, Fernando “Tererê” Augusto. If you’re into old school jiu jitsu and the greats back then, you’ve definitely heard of “Tererê.” He’s definitely had his fair share of hard times and bad decisions though, […]

Full ADCC Day 1 Results

Thanks to FloGrappling, go watch over there. Andre Galvao (Brazil) SCORE Claudio Calasans (Brazil), 14-0 20:00 60 KG Quarterfinals Gabi Garcia (Brazil) SUB Amanda Santana (United States of America), 0-0 0:57 Jessica da silva oliveira (Brazil) SUB Marysia Malyjasiak (Poland), 0-0 2:23 Talita ‘treta’ nogueira (Brazil) SCORE Venla Luukkonen (Finland), 2-0 15:00 Samantha Cook (United […]

Tom Deblass Lays into Bullies Who Cause Suicide and Men Who Call Women “C**ts”

Keyboard warriors…. Posted by Tom DeBlass on Monday, September 11, 2017   Tom Deblass, a name familiar to most… Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu owner Tom Deblass posted an interesting video where he ripped into many things, but most notably, bullies and men who disrespect women. Read on to find out more. “The problem is not […]

This Is The Jiu Jitsu Boot Camp You HAVE To Go To This Year

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rafael-Lovato-JR-italian-bjj-camp-157027901471006/?ref=page_internal Cost per participant at Camp and details: Half board (accommodation + breakfast and dinner) 2 hours a day, for five days as official program of BJJ Camp with Rafael Lovato Jr. (From Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th of July, 2017) 2 hours of Open mat every day after the camp. session All […]

The Top 5 Tips From BJJ Star Mackenzie Dern Improving Your Jiu Jitsu

Mackenzie Dern won it all. Practically born on the mats, the 23-year-old is making her transition to MMA after insanely active and successful run in BJJ. Two-time world champion as a black belt, ADCC champion and WPJJC open class champion, Mackenzie has a lot to teach for those who want to emulate her results. We […]

AJ Agazarm On Vagner Rocha: “You Should Take Your Black Belt Off and Turn It in”

Recently AJ Agazarm and Vagner Rocha fought at Fight To Win Pro (FTW) 14… And BOY, was it electric! The match starts off with Vagner going for a collar grip, missing, and clipping AJ in the face… AJ, who then wanted a restart, turns his back to his opponent and begins walking away… And Vagner Rocha then “sparta […]

Should You Compete in BJJ Tournaments?

I often get asked whether competition is essential to BJJ, and if you need to have competed to get promoted to black belt.

(If you prefer to watch or listen to me talk about this this topic then just scroll to the bottom of this blog post and look for the video called “Do you need to compete to get your black belt“).

The quick answers are: no, you don’t necessarily need to compete.  And no, you don’t need to compete to get your black belt.

You can definitely learn a lot and continue to get better just with concerted drilling and focused sparring in class.

After all, there are a lot of BJJ black belts who have never competed or have only competed a few times.

That all being said, competing at least a few times, is a really good idea.  Let’s look at the main two big reasons why this is so…

Reason #1 to Compete in BJJ Tournaments: Self Defense

This might seem counterintuitive, but even if your main reason for training jiu-jitsu is self defense then it’s still a really good idea to compete in a couple of tournaments during your BJJ career.

Stepping onto a mat to face an unknown opponent in front of your teammates and a random assortment of spectators is stressful.  That stress results in a ‘fight or flight’ reaction, where tons of adrenaline and other hormones get released into your system.

This hormone dump can be debilitating if you’ve never experienced it before.  Common reactions include holding the breath, getting exhausted instantly, the mind going blank, fine motor skills disappearing, and a complete inability to formulate and follow through on a plan.

(All of these symptoms could have terrible side effects if you experienced them while fighting for your life in a real confrontation.)

The good news is that you CAN get over it.  All you need to do is to expose yourself to it in incrementally increasing doses of stress.

In fact, if you’re training at all then you’ve probably already started this process…

You were probably scared when you were thinking about walking into your first BJJ school, but you eventually went in, right?  Good for you!  It was a small example of confronting your fears and dealing with adrenaline.

And you were probably a bit freaked out when it came time to spar, right?  Sparring with your training partners and visitors to the school is definitely a » Continue Reading.

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Of Black Belts and Humility

If you have been paying any attention to BJJ news recently you will likely know that Enson Inoue came back from a long hiatus from Jiu Jitsu and demoted himself to purple belt in the process. Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Demotes Himself To Purple Belt This set off a firestorm of opinions in both directions. Some […]