Black Friday PSA

You don’t need another gi.

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Who gave Ben askren his brown belt.

Apparently according to Chale Sonnen Ben gave himself his own black belt and challenged anyone who doubted him to a match.

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Question about Tatami gis

After 1 month of bjj, I wanted to buy a gi (the place I train at got me a judo gi go for beginning). I found Tatami to be the best deal for my country as websites dont really ship worldwide.

My problem is there are different models of gis and I dony really understand the difference. I’m just looking for a simple cost efficient gi, which one should I get?

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How To Improve Cardio/Endurance?

Wondering if there’s good BJJ specific exercises. As today when I was rolling, I was going extra hard and realised my lack of gas.

Would appreciate any help

Thank you

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Any other fatherless BJJers out there?

I never knew my dad and have never really connected with males before, but I have been training BJJ 4 times a week for the past 3 months and for the first time in my life I have developed a relationship with older men.

They have taken me under their wing and I look at some of them father figures that I never had.

I’m not sure if this is actually a good thing or just covering up deep wounds.

Either way, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for being so awesome and to this amazing art for giving me something I have never had and never knew I needed.

Is there any other fatherless BJJers out there that have had a similar experience? If so, I would LOVE to hear your story! :)

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First grading at new gym – how to stop feeling so stressed?

I started training at my current gym about 4 months ago, and have been training about 18 months in total. I came from a gym with a very toxic culture, and gradings at the previous gym were extremely stressful and expensive. They went for hours, they were solely run by the head of the gym franchise (who none of us had ever met outside the context of grading), the rolls were extremely intense and people would get injured, they cost a lot of money to go to and most of the time they gave out very few stripes or belts. I personally spent over $100 on gradings at that gym and wasn’t presented with any stripes.

The current gym I am at is completely different. Twice a year they have a seminar, followed by a short presentation of new stripes and belts, followed by a barbecue/party. It has a small fee attached to it, to cover the seminar and the food, but it’s less than half the cost of the previous gym.

Although everyone is relaxed and excited about the end of year grading/party that we have this weekend, I can’t stop feeling anxious and stressed about it because of residual feelings from the last gym. Is it normal to feel this way before gradings? How do you shake grading nerves?

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Shoyoroll website purchasing issue?

Trying to buy white comp standard 17 A3H they have posted in shop but when I go to pay, the website declines my card. Spent 40 minutes on phone with CC company, they say purchase should be fine, everything matches and funds are there but….SYR keeps refusing my monies!

Anyone else have this issue? I am in Canada ordering if that matters? Thanks in advance.

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Paul Schreiner’s "1/2" or more Ryan Hall DVDs??

I’m looking to pick some instructionals in the BF sales, and I’m after advice from the hive mind. I’ve already got 4 Ryan Hall DVD sets (Defensive Guard, Passing the Guard, Triangles and Open Elbow), and i’m a big fan of his work.

Was going to pick up Halls “Arm Triangles” set, but have been reading many good things about Paul Schreiner’s “1/2″…and appropriately enough, half guard is something I’ve been working on.

Should I stick with Hall, or take a look at Schreiner’s instructional instead?

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technique instagrams you like to follow?

AOJ is the only one i track now, but am looking for more.

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Missing medal ceremony but still doing absolute division is it allowed?(IBJJF)

Hi reddit, I had my first bjj competition recently, luckily I managed to win my category (I only had 2 matches). Since I only had 2 matches I wanted to do the absolutes but unfortunately I missed the medal ceremony as my teammate who came to the competition got injured and I was checking up on him and was going to drive him to the hospital if he needed. Fortunately his injury wasn’t too bad and he didn’t need to go to the hospital.

However as I missed the medal ceremony I didn’t do the absolutes as I thought I was ineligible because I didn’t receive my medal. What is the usual rule for this in ibjjf competitions, I don’t mind too much about the medal facebook pics etc but I would have liked to still do the absolute division.


Won my division in an ibjjf rules comp

Missed the medal ceremony so didn’t collect medal

Wanted to do absolute

Would I have been allowed/what is the rule on this

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Did i make a mistake buying two venum gis?

So i am a beginner ( literally one class under my belt) and part of my sign up gave me a Proma white gi. Im assuming it is not a very high praised gi and probably wholesale for gyms to sell to newcomers.

So yesterday i saw Venum ( which i thought was like a solid- high quality brand) having a killer sale on gis. 50% off of their $125 + gis. So i bought two.

The Venum Elite Light Ice and the Venum Elite Classic White.

Overall i got these two and a long sleeve rashgaurd with design for $162.

Now i just looked up Venum on /r/bjj and a lot of people say they arent as good as i thought.

Now the Proma gi i got would work fine but the pants are too big and baggy and i want the pants to be kinda like joggers at the bottom.

Should cancel my venum gis, try to get my Proma pants tailored and save some money or keep the venums just to have in the long run. Assuming they are durable like their website says.

I plan on training minimum twice a week.

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