John Danaher

Name – John Danaher Nickname – N/A Association – Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Nationality – New Zealander Rank – Black Belt John Danaher Biography Known as the founder of the DDS (Danaher Death Squad), John Danaher is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt under the legendary Renzo Gracie. He is a featured instructor at Renzo’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu […]

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Keenan Cornelius

Fighter Name – Keenan Cornelius Nickname – N/A Association – ATOS Nationality – American Keenan Cornelius’ Biography Born in Hawaii in 1992 Keenan has been around martial arts his entire life. Tom Callos, Keenan’s dad, was a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo began teaching a young Keenan Cornelius as the tender age of 4 […]

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Kurt Osiander

A brazilian black belt under Ralph Gracie, Kurt Osiander is a well known and respected figure within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community. His face is well known among the online BJJ community too with his youtube series ‘Move of the week’ and his outspoken and direct personality that comes through in his videos. Born in […]

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Garry Tonon – Fighter Profile

A Brazilian jiu jitsu blackbelt under Tom deBlass and Ricardo Almeida, Garry Tonon is one of the most popular nogi competitiors in the Jiu Jitsu world at the moment. He has earned multiple titles for his teams over recent years and is known by most as a leg locking submission specialist. He gained his current […]

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Roberto ” Cyborg” Abreu

Roberto Abreu’s story is one of triumphing over adversity. Abreu came up in the countryside near Campo Grande, Brazil. With little exposure to Jiu Jitsu, the future heavyweight standout was nonetheless drawn to the martial arts, practicing Karate, Judo and Capoeira. Like many tough rural kids Abreu grew up fighting, which led to his introduction […]

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Yuki Nakai

I’m not a legend — it’s too early. I’m a jiu-jitsu practitioner. Yuki Nakai  Yuki Nakai interview by The Grappling Dummy In 1999, a documentary meant to expose the greater public to the greatness of Rickson Gracie was released. The finished film, called Choke, followed Rickson and his opponents as they prepared for Vale Tudo Japan […]

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Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia is considered to be one of the best competitive grapplers of all time. Officially retiring from competition in 2013, he has 5 world championship gold medals under his belt and has competed against a who’s-who of BJJ superstars. Including Renzo Gracie, Cassio Werneck, Alexandre Ribeiro and many more. Despite his prodigal talent and […]

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Dillon Danis

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and protege of the acclaimed Marcelo Garcia, Dillon Danis has been making waves in the grappling world. Training and competing primarily out of the Alliance Academy in New York, the young athlete has earned himself prestigious trophies, critical praise and adoring fans with his energetic and hard-nosed style used on the […]

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Abraham Marte

Originating from the Dominican Republic, Abraham Marte is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Abraham Tabar, team Basico. The Super Heavyweight, Abraham Marte Messina was the first BJJ competitor from the Dominic Republic and the first to medal at the World Championships in a black belt division. Abraham Marte Jiu Jitsu Full Name: Abraham J. Marte Messina Nickname: He […]

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