This is me during open mats (x-post r/EyeBleach)

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Patch on your belt ?

Hello BJJers! Quick question for everyone. Is putting a patch on your belt considered disrespectful? I have heard many different things from different schools/people. One of my friends passed away from cancer recently and his family had green ribbon pa…

As a skinny, fast guy, I feel like stopping myself from spazzing is holding me back.

Against most people, my main advantage is moving in quick, unpredictable jerking motions. Everywhere I go, they say white belts shouldn’t do this for safety reasons. That said, how do I get good at moving fast if I always make slower, more controlled moves during rolling? Is it possible to train slow and somehow learn to do the moves fast in the process?

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Black stripe on a white belt?

I started training at a bjj school a few months ago. I have trained in other martial arts so I had a old and busted gi I used in Aikido and a plain white belt I got somewhere. I recently bought a new gi through the school I train at but I still have th…

Any good subreddits/websites for BJJ technique tutorials??

So I recently joined this subreddit and one of my favorite parts about it is the technique tutorials that are posted here on occasion, so I’m just curious if you guys know any place good to go for more videos like these!

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Has anyone been to Gerson Sanginitto’s GB school in Culver City?

I just moved to Culver City and have an interest in learning BJJ. I’ve taken a few trial classes around the area and this particular school seems good and fits my work schedule. Has anyone trained there or have any thoughts/opinions about the school or instructor?

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Before and after training routines.

Hello /r/bjj, what are your routines before and after training the gentle art? In my personal case, I do PT before entering the mat and, after training, go straight to eat and sleep. Share your thoughts, please. submitted by SrHombrerobalo [link] […

question about shoyoroll

do they have very little, if no products to sell, at any given time. When having stock they email everyone, who has signed up to the mailing list, and they sell their stock out (hopefully) and repeat? Does anyone know anymore about this? is it been ju…

Im a little afraid

As a guy who always distanced myself from others, either physically or psychologically, im afraid of my first bjj class because this sport is based on near contact. Does someone know what i mean and have spare tips? submitted by taberlasche [link] …

Any Way To Fix Pant Drawstring?

I recently had the drawstrings of my pants torn off (I guess something happened in the washer, I’m not really sure). Is there any way of replacing the drawstring, or is buying a new pair of pants the better option? For reference, they are Keiko Raça pants. Easily my favorite gi, and I’m a bit upset that this happened, so I’m trying to hopefully find a quick fix to this issue.

Thanks guys.

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