AJ Agazarm Tries To Ramp Up Excitement for Gi Worlds -Calls Out Gordon, Garry and Geo

AJ Agazarm is nothing if not a gi loyalist. The gracie barra ace with a strong wrestling background is trying to drum up some excitement for his division – which is fairly lackluster. Agazarm will be competing in featherweight. THere clear favorites to win it all are Marcio Andre, Gianni Grippo and Isaac Doederlein. As […]

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Andre Galvao Details A Gruelling Training Schedule You Need To Do If You Want To Be A Top Competitor

Andre Galvao has a huge list of credits. He’s the leader of one of the most successful teams in sport bjj today – Atos. Atos was founded in 2008 by 3x World Champion and 4xADCC winner Andre Galvao and Ramon Lemos. Together the two have made an undeniable brand producing and helping champions such as […]

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Competition training camp duration?

I want to compete in August, when should the actual comp training start for this competition as opposed to my normal day to day training?

I will probably train twice a day a couple times a week during this period if I have the time, and visit some different guys in the area to get different bodies to spar with. My gym is a lot of quick smaller guys, but I’ll need to get more comfortable with dealing with guys similar in size and strength to me (around 5 foot 8/9 255lb)

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Any open mats in Portland this Saturday? (05/26)

I had originally planned on training tonight but didn’t make it to town in time because of traffic in Washington. Anyone know of any open mats? I was really hoping to train but if not oh well.

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good deep half entries?

I try to enter from Z guard but I keep getting underhooked with my outside arm right away. What am I doing wrong?

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Quit looking for the “Silver Bullet”

It doesn’t exist. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and I know it doesn’t exist. The only thing that works is perfect practice. My drill instructor used to say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect; PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect.” Go to class, pay attention, ask questions, and drill it. Don’t waste class time dreaming about that stupid taint-sweep from inverted half-gward to gizzard lock you saw on YouTube when you could be learning ACTUALLY USEFUL technique. Think of a submission like your house in a new city. Your first time there, you need directions and you may even get lost more than once. Eventually, you feel comfortable getting there from the local store and even from work (which is farther away). Eventually, the city becomes your home and you can be anywhere in that city and know exactly how to get home (on freeways or even backroads). Even if there are roadblocks (read: defense), you can simply go around the block and get home. That’s the best way I’ve found to explain jiu jitsu to my students.

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need help remembering a deep half guard entry.

Its more like pulling deep half, but you grab same side lapel as the leg you’ll control. Double grip on same lapel and kinda pull them “over” you. I can’t remember who taught it. I thought it was Faria but I can’t find anything out there. Does anyone know what Im talking about?

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Carlos Gracie- Creator of a Fighting Dynasty

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know where I might be able to find this book in the English version for sale? Amazon, budovideos and other places always say it is sold out or unavailable. Any help will be appreciated.

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Knee injury. Anyone who’s recovered care to share insight on recovery/ how its affected your game?

I’ll start by saying that I’ve seen/ am seeing doctors and I’m not looking for medical advice, unless you’re qualified, but rather your experience with getting back to competing/ training comfortably and without fear. Long version is this: I had a pretty bad hyperextension injury a little over a week ago. we were doing a drill where we fight for underhooks but are not going full takedown. I was goofing around and trying different grips and strategies that I might not try otherwise, and my upper belt partner decides to throw me. I took a step with my leg locked out, my upper body is connected to his, his leg is in front of my knee and I got thrown over my leg while it was locked in place with all my weight on it. Heard a loud-ish crack type of sound. it swelled up pretty well but didn’t get black and blue. felt like there was a balloon in there, and felt “gross” trying to bend it more than 20 degrees or so. Training partner was extremely apologetic. immediately went to bring me his baurfiend knee brace which he offered to me as long as I need, and he paid for my first visit to our gym’s resident blue belt PT. Coach offered to suspend my membership for me, since I’m still in my 6 month contract at the gym, and said that it would be fine for me to come watch class and take notes.

initial PT visit told me it didn’t look like ACL was completely torn but recommended that I try and get an MRI. Primary care doc ordered X- rays and also confirmed that he doesn’t think its ACL, but possibly meniscus and MCL may be separated from each other or torn. X rays showed that I have a “tibial plateau fracture”.. D.O gave me a recommendation to sports med doctor that he trusts and told me that barring something being worse being shown in the MRI, it might be able to heal without surgery, assuming that the fracture is stable.

My question that I was too nervous to ask is this. how long does it take after a knee injury to be able to do jiu jitsu? how did you overcome fear after recovering from a knee injury? are there any tips or tricks from your experience that helped you to recover fully? Have you recovered fully? Do you feel comfortable playing guard? sorry for the rambling and bad writing,

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Jiu Jitsu apparel business ideas?

Guys over the past few months I’ve been growing frustrated in my current job & was looking for a new job. But after some consideration & a belt promotion I’ve been thinking more & more about working for myself.

I’m just wondering for ideas that I could do to make to sell for the jiu jitsu community. I have been thinking bracelets & keychains & badges but unsure

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Inverted Gear Gi

Hey guys, I just bought an inverted gi because I got an awesome clearance deal.

I’ve read several posts on here that contradict each other so I’d like to get an updated opinion on the pants.

I got the A2H but I have gigantic legs, it’s always a problem with clothing in general since I have the shape of a box.

Anyway, can anyone with big legs tell me if they fit well?

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Had a great seminar with Ben Eddy

As a non 10th planet guy I was a little but dubious of what I was going to get out of this seminar but was very pleasantly surprised. There was some funky breathing exercises but I decided to keep an open mind, Rickson was pretty into this stuff too.

Ben was straight forward in his teaching, sticking to explaining each technique and the things to keep in mind. He didnt meander off into life stories or high concepts. And I really liked his systematic approach, we spent quite abit of time on grip strategy which was really useful for me in a no gi context. I learn 2 killer micro details for me – guillotine and triangle, subs I thought I knew pretty well. I could always finish them before, but particularly the triangle would take 3-5 seconds to get the tap. Now its very fast, and all the adjustment was, was to bring my knee to my chest (as well as stuff I did before, getting to the side, hooking the arm, etc).

He covered stuff like dead orchard and his hindulitine as well but also gave plenty of adjustment for those less flexible. The main thing I liked was the emphasis on control, never to rush the sequence if you didnt have the right control and position in place. Like with rubber guard I always grabbed my foot first and felt it was torqueing my knee and wasnt comfortable. He showed grabbing the knee first, which then aligned my leg along the shoulders and I had no knee pressure whatsover.

The seminar was also donation based which was cool as well. Basically if you get the chance but you are like me and have doubts, definitely give it a go. I learnt alot of brand new things as well as tiny useful adjustments that have had a big impact on my game. This video shows some of the stuff he covered and his style of instructing.


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Would somebody make a youtube video of this BJJ game please?

My 4 y/o kid likes learning BJJ and I like teaching him, but I’m no expert. So when I read about this game it’s impossible for me to visualize it. If somebody here understands frames and levers and how this game looks it would be great for all the parents reading this forum to learn a new game to play with their kids. Thanks!

CalMcD writes: Hello! I’ve been teaching a kids BJJ class for over a year now and I wanted to share a game that’s been instrumental in teaching some basics. The game is called ‘Frames and Levers’. Some kids can be intimidated by rolling early on, none have been intimidated by this simple game that quickly transitions into full on rolling. Starting from an open guard (frame/butterfly guard) kid on bottom uses only frames (locking out an arm/elbow/leg/knee ect) to prevent the top player from passing. Top player recognizes the frame and uses it as a lever to control the bottom player, in order to pass the guard. So, top player moves to pass, bottom player frames, top player recognizes frame/turns it into a lever, bottom player reacts generally by moving hips and creating another frame, top player turns frame into lever and continues trying to pass. Bottom player uses ONLY FRAMES, top player uses ONLY LEVERS in retaining/passing guard. If guard is passed, reset. The game is awesome because it’s live rolling, allowing the kids to explore in play, while creating good habits.

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