Video to show parents about BJJ

Heyoooo. So I’m trying to get my dad to sponsor the first few months of my BJJ training and he seems pretty open to the idea of me doing a martial art but doesn’t really know what BJJ is. Anybody know any good videos I could send to him that would get him as excited as I am?Thanks :P

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DLR/RDLR to X guard entries?

Im looking for entries from DLR or RDLR to X guard please.

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"Sweep the leg Johnny!" No idea what he was getting at with this line but the movie is free to rent with Xbox Gold right now.

No you can relive all your 4 or 5 of your favorite BJJ moments from a Karate movie that has absolutely no wrestling whatsoever.

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Hey guys, I went to a tournament yesterday and some some interesting stuff. However what might be most interesting was the belts. I saw a purple and brown belt with professor stripes and a brown belt with a red bar? Is this newish? Association specific? Happens all over and I’ve missed it?

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Anyone train in the san francisco area?

i have finally decided to join a bjj gym after years of being interested and being a ufc fan since the early days of bj penn. The question i have for you guys is which gym should i join? Should i go with nogi down at 10th planet or traditional gi with ralph gracie academy? Both gyms are same distance to where i live. Anyone here have experieces at both gyms? And whats better gi or no gi?

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Teens, women, in adult or male divisions at tournaments

What are the reasons for and against moving teens to adult divisons and also females into male divisons at tournaments?

What’s the best way to combine weight rank gender age etc when there is no one in the correct categories, in your opinion?

I’m interested in all opinions.

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Butterfly Guard Basics (Bread and Butter Sweep)


Butterfly guard has to be one of the first types of open guard you start experimenting with in your jiu jitsu journey, if for no other reason than you’re going to find yourself in the position frequently once you understand that it exists. When we start rolling in BJJ, we often start from the knees, with one person opting to start on the bottom, which generally means sitting on their but. For these reasons, a little bit of basic understanding of the position will go a very, very long way. Note: this tutorial will approach butterfly guard with an underhook on one side. For some ideas on what to do with overhooks instead, check out How to Use Overhooks in Butterfly Guard.

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Is it ok if I celebrate my first dan/stripe?

Or is it just like “Look at this loser celebrating just one stripe.”

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Reilly Bodycomb seminar in PDX

Was anyone else at the seminar in Portland yesterday? I didn’t get to film much and was hoping to connect with someone who did.

*Note if you were not there yourself, he asked for the footage not to be put online so I wouldn’t bother asking. His work is awesome and often pay what you want anyway. No reason to pirate.

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Need advice

Hey guys so I’m 3 months into bjj after finally deciding to get off the couch and into fitness. I haven’t received any stripes yet and I’m starting to wonder if this gym is one of those bullshido places I read about all the time. Maybe I didn’t get my instructor enough pineapples like I see on this sub?? Lolz~~

Like one time we were practicing side control escapes and I asked my coach how to transition to a heel hook (cause I’ve been watching a lot of Eddie bravo videos on YouTube) and he told me to worry about the basics first! I’m starting to suspect he might not be a legit black belt. What do you guys think??

Also one time I was rolling around and my partner got me into a really tight choke. I was really scared so I tapped and he let go. Do you guys think that was appropriate for him to choke me like that? What should I say to him? I’m just really frustrated because I can’t tap anyone out yet, do you guys think I should continue with bjj?

Lastly I just started the 5×5 starting strength routine from r/fitness. Do you guys think it’s ok for me to go to the gym and then to bjj practice everyday?


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Fabricio Morango

Fabrício Camões is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Royler Gracie and a member of the Gracie Humaitá team. co-founder to the Gracie South Bay academy in San Diego – California and a former professional MMA fighter, having competed in important promotions such as the UFC.

Reputable/recommended gym in New Orleans or surrounding areas?

I’ll be in New Orleans for a handful of days and I’m looking for a gym that’s welcoming to foreign white belts. I found some online, but figured I’d ask here in hopes to get a recommendation based on experience. Thanks in advance!

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Channelling Saku

I had this anecdote the very first time I went to a BJJ club. The guys at the place were very cool, friendly people, and we had space for some pranks after introducing ourselves. As they knew I was a judoka, one of the guys played Gracie and sat right on the mat during the rolls, claiming he wanted to start on the ground because I would own him standing. (He was kidding, because most of them were really good at stand-up.) People nearby laughed and told him to stop goofing and stand up, but he insisted he wanted to start from there and we played along for the kicks.

He put himself in buttscoot/seated guard and goaded me to try to pass his guard, while I remained standing. I first tried to circle him around, but he spun towards me in every attempt. I also tried to push his legs aside he almost caught me. Then I remembered Sakuraba and his cartwheel guard passes, thought why the hell not, and tried the freaking move. I got it textbook: I went over his legs in the air, reached the highest point of the cartwheel, and landed on top of him in perfect side mount. The guy was so shocked that, before he could escape, I grabbed his arm and locked an americana in one motion, and he tapped out.

Everybody looking was like WTF and some of them broke laughing, including the teacher and myself. Afterwards we rolled normally, and I was gang-tapped for the troubles, but it was a lot of fun. Before leaving the class, the teacher said something on the lines of “and we mustn’t forget to drill flying passes some day”. Crazy times.

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Any good websites to buy shorts and rash guards?

All the ones I’m looking at, I’d have to pay an arm and a leg!

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Advice: standing, lapel in each hand, now what?

Hi guys I end up getting double lapel grips a lot but can’t take someone to the ground with it. Any advice on techniques would be great.

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Thanks everyone!

After a year of dragging my feet about joining (mostly excuses and no good reason) I finally joined a gym in my city.

The first month has been a bit tough and am expecting it to get worse for a while but looking forward to it.

I lurked here for a while but wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the posts. I feel like this sub was a good motivator for me to finally join a gym.


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Best Brands?

Looking for my 2nd Gi, any good reasonably priced gi’s that will last. Anywhere from £60-£130 preferably. Been looking at Scramble but unsure if there are any you guys can recommend

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