Mount Escape option for those who have trouble bridging or shrimping

Been following this youtube channel for a few months now. I think it’s got a lot of good and unique stuff. I especially appreciated this most recent post from last night, looks interesting.


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First class tonight: what shall I expect?

What kind of things will I be doing?

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White Belt Wednesday – September 26, 2018

White Belt Wednesday (WBW) is an open forum, for anyone to ask any question, no matter how simple. Some common topics include but are not limited to:

  • Techniques
  • Etiquette
  • Common obstacles in training
  • So much more!

Also, keep in mind, we have not one, but two FAQ’s!

Ask away, and have a great WBW!

Also, click here to see the previous WBWs

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Quad bruise ?

Oddly I’ve never had this happen but some guy kneed me Bangkok Thai style in my upper quad , it’s sore and stiff in the muscle? If I can gain mobility is it ok to roll etc ? I’m sure this happens frequently

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Caio Caetano

Caio Caetano Soares is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Leandro Lo, having also worked extensively with Cicero Costha. One of New School Brotherhood …

Can someone explain the term reaping.

I always hear storys about reaping and that it is forbidden. I still don’t get it.

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Nate Diaz Announces UFC’s 165 lbs Division aka “Superfighter Division” – UFC Refutes Claim

Nate Diaz ruffled some feathers overnight when he announced: I’m Happy to announce that I’m bringing a new weight devision to the Ufc I’ll be fighting the main event November 3rd in nyc against Dustin Poirier for the first ever 165lb belt superfighter devision I’m happy to be apart of history @ufc @danawhite — Nathan […]

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Going to Thailand for 3 months of BJJ/fitness. Any advice?

I’m headed to Phuket to train both BJJ, yoga, muay thai (eventually) as well as general fitness.

I’ve never done BJJ before nor any other martial art, except for a brief period of MMA…I’ve wanted to train Muay Thai here for about 6 years and now the stars have finally aligned…

The things I’d like advice on:

- What can I expect for my first, let’s say 10, sessions of BJJ?

- How exhaustive is the training? I’ll be doing 2 hour sessions, which are available 2x a day, 5x a week – I plan to incorporate yoga 3x a week, as well as strength/conditioning to build mass – is this too much?

- How does the belt grading system generally work? I plan to dedicate a lot of time and energy towards the art. I understand belts take a lot to earn – just wondering if it’s realistic to aim for a blue belt within those 3 months.

Any advice is appreciated :)


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Gi recommendations?

Currenrly use a Raven Fight Wear (Blue pearl weave) and love it’s durability. Only downfall is it came from Australia to Canada and cost me border duty.

Have been following bjjhq and have seen Venum gi going for $99 that look nice but am not sure of the quality. My mouth guard is Venum I can’t judge upon that.

What do you guys wear and what do you recommend?

I know that I want it in Black.

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