Have trouble finishing the neck crack from back. Any tips?

Hey guys,

I’m having trouble finishing the neck crack when I have my opponents back. I want my neck crack to be threatening enough to get the submission/subdue my opponent, but it should also allow me to transition into the rear naked choke. Maia does this system of attack a lot. Also, I don’t care about competition or the “legality” of techniques. I’m looking for effective techniques and techniques that are applicable in a self-defense or MMA. Of course, we have to be responsible for the safety of other students, so safety tips are also appreciated. If you have links, please send them.

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2016 no gi pan ams

Anyone else excited? I can’t wait to compete! Not gonna be able to sleep tonight

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Bjj in Austin?

Staying in Austin this weekend and looking for a place to train on Sunday. No luck with Google. Was hoping some of you guys could help me out. Thanks.

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What’s my "skill ceiling" if I primarily train with white belts?

My work schedule makes me primarily go to our fundamentals classes. While I’m not above focusing on the fundamentals, this just means that the majority of my training partners are white belts. I go to other classes whenever I can make it and drill some stuff outside of class, but the reality is that 75% of my training time is with relatively inexperienced partners.

Will I be able to become a respectable purple at some point? Does anyone else have experience training like this?

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Joint Supplements

I’ve been practicing for about 6 months now and I understand you’re never really 100%. Lately my joints (specifically my fingers) have really been hurting. It doesn’t hinder me while rolling that I notice but on my off days they ache constantly.

Does anyone take any supplements other than just a regular dosage of advil? Will a regimen of glucosamine/chondroitin help this?

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Would you go to a fantastic BJJ gym that’s 25 minutes away or a good BJJ gym that’s 3 minutes away?

I was pretty close to signing up to the farther away place (Cassio Werneck, excellent teacher) but Im wondering if I’ll actually go more often to the place that is super convenient. I’ve taken classes at both places and feel I would learn at both even though Cassio probably ultimately has more precise and detailed instruction. I’ll admit the fantastic convenience of the closer place is super tempting. Its no small thing when you have two small kids and the logistics of life are easier.

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Bow & Arrow Choke Hail Mary Escape!

  Tim and time again shows that bow and arrow choke is by far one of the most powerful and most fearsome submissions in the game. It’s used everywhere and at all levels and by literally everyone regardless of their size. This choke is most effective from the back and is executed as so. Here […]

Shoyoroll Shrinkage?

I managed to get the new Shoyoroll that just released, and bought an A2 in black. The pants fit me well, but the jacket is rather large. Does anyone know what the shrinkage on a pearl weave Shoyoroll is like, and whether I can shrink it enough to fit?

And if not, anyone want to buy it or trade for an A1L? I pulled it out to try it on, then folded it back up and put it back in the undamaged plastic bag, then the gi bag. It’s basically BNIB.

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[META] New stylesheet/layout Feedback Thread

Hey all!

We are continuing to tweak the new CSS/Layout and are looking for more feedback.

Base on the previous thread(s), we have adjusted:

  • Sidebar ‘bjj’ button (gone)
  • Sidebar div placement (moved up)
  • Background color (white changed to older CSS gray color)
  • Text color (darker blue links, darker non-links)
  • Self-post preview images (darker gray)
  • Downvote arrows (darker gray)
  • Removed ‘Remember to human’ (WTF?!?!)

We are really trying to improve the readability. I know that night mode looks REALLY cramped so that will be the next set of tweaks (I use night mode too so I’m motivated to fix it).

For those of you who just can’t stand the new layout, you can download a copy of the old CSS and use RES to replace the new one. We have left the old images/resources in place so you have this option. BUT, we would really like to dial in the new CSS so before you consider reverting, please give us constructive feedback on the new one. If it sucks, tell us it sucks, but maybe add specifically why it sucks as well :-D



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What’s the fastest you’ve ever seen someone under 18 get a blue belt?

I just turned 16 i’v been training for 6+ months and have improved greatly both my instructors say that I’m very close to my second stripe. As i’m planning on a lot of traveling when i turn 19 i wandered if it was possible to achieve a blue belt this young?

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