Hello, need some advice here on coming back to jiujitsu I hope you can read this

I started jiujitsu in 99 and took up mountain biking a few years ago.. I ended up breaking my arm so I took a year to heal. When I went back I tore the rest of my PCL and messed up my neck (no idea how the neck happened) to the point where my fingers went numb. At my age and at that point I decided to call it quits so I stopped training

I have been on the up and up physically but in that 3 years I bulged a disc in my lower back (Kitty litter is heavy). I am not sure if I should go back but I would like to. My back feels mostly fine now, if I lift heavy at the gym I do feel it but it’s not crippling me.

Anyone with a bulging disc/lower back issue here do jiujitsu? I am wondering it the jiujitsu will ruin my back, help it or if i’ll have to be super careful with everything.

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Really struggling with motivation

I trained for ~6 months about 10 years ago. Still very much useless white belt territory, but it was the highlight of my week, enjoyed every single session, loved it.

Life happened and I didn’t train for 10 years. I’m trying to get back into it now at 45 years old, really struggling with motivation.

The main issue is injuries. I’m a tap-early, top-often guy, and I’d like to think to I’m not too much of a pussy (I’ve rolled with 2 broken ribs in the past). But I’m injured every week. In 2 months of rolling I’ve had a hyper-extended elbow (fellow white belt went ape-shit on an arm-bar), broken finger, bad neck from a neck crank, and some sort of hip thing.

I don’t know if I’m way more fragile than I used to be or if this gym rolls more violently. Either way I’m tired of walking around like the walking dead.

The other issue is the instruction – I don’t know the basics, but the drills are advanced. I’m sitting in guard with no idea what to do next, meanwhile we’re drilling the third variation on a side control submission that I have no chance of getting to.

Any words of wisdom or suggestions to help me get me back into it? I guess I’m just venting, but I can’t get my useless ass to class, so I’m looking for something to get me back on track.

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Josh Robinson / Ronin Submissions videos taken off of youtube – anyone know why or what happened?

All his (very excellent) videos are suddenly set to private, but there’s no explanation as to why. Anyone know anything, or if they may become available ever again by any chance?


Channel has “no videos”, but they appear as private, not deleted, in my playlists.

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Grappling Mat Recommendations for Home?

Looking to purchase a mat for my place in order to practice drilling, train, etc. Many are suggesting Zebra grappling mats — however, I’m trying to exhaust my options prior to making a decision.

Any advice/recommendations?

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Got another two stripes last night

I started BJJ in Feb 2016 having had an interest in it for a long time but not having anywhere to train.

I got my first stripes (2 at once) just before Halloween along with a few guys from the gym that started around the same time. One of them got a third stripe about a month ago and, comparing myself against them (I know I shouldn’t), I thought at the next seminar I’d potentially catch up!

Last night our head coach came to our club and at the end he started handing out stripes. My brother got called up first and got his two stripes. Then me. I couldn’t believe it. I’m both extremely excited but also, totally terrified to think the next step is moving to blue belt. Although I’m in no rush.

Last night was my favourite moment on my BJJ journey. I had a great seminar, loved the work we had done and it was topped off with the stripes, knowing my coaches recognise the hard work I’m putting in.

Just wanted to share this moment with you. I can’t wait to get back on the mats and keep pushing forward.


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Straight Blast Gym Portland Experiences?

I am looking for some first hand experience from people who currently train or have trained at SBG HQ in Portland. I train at in Berkeley at the moment but it looks like I am going to be getting relocated to Portland in the next couple months for work so I will need to find a new home gym. Renzo’s is obviously very high on my list but I also wanted to check out SBG as a possible option. I know SBG’s reputation is solid and I have done drop ins at their Idaho affiliate and liked the classes and atmosphere.

As others have discussed, I have a bit of an issue with the multi-level marketing type feel to getting information from them before signing up. Because I have been training for 2 years, I really just need to figure out schedule, pricing, get a sense of the training and the gym vibe. SBG doesn’t want to really give any of that information without going through an interview process in person and talking through various contracts for what days you have to train and the pricing structure sounds a bit scammish (pricing brackets depending on which days you are there and such). Despite that, I know they have a decent reputation and I like the training philosophy from what I have seen, so I know that people are very happy there.

So I am looking for some first hand info from anyone who trains there or has trained there, Good and bad. How is the schedule, Gym vibe, technical level of teaching, any other details that might be helpful.

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"Flowing" too hard?

Pretty fresh white belt here. Recently my academy has been incorporating “flow” rolling into the last part of our warmups. I’ll preface by saying I understand the concept of rolling this way. I’m not a meathead and I keep my ego in check. Anytime I do these flow rolls with other white belts there are no issues. We go very light and trade positions back and forth, allowing each other to loosen up and work on a few positions. I enjoy it a lot.

Recently, however, I’ve been doing these flow rolls with some of the higher belts during warmups. Most folks are still cool and it feels like a “flow”, but I’ve also been encountering several blues and one purple that keep nagging me about going too hard or fast. Usually when this happens they pull some sort of guard (closed, spider, etc) and lock me up. I start to work some passes and grips at about 20% and they get very rigid, not allowing me to break any grips or even begin to pass. So after sitting around in their guard for awhile, now realizing they aren’t letting me do anything at 20% I turn it up maybe 10% and try just a little harder. At this point they usually say something like “whoa buddy, slow it down” and “not too hard, man, we are just flowing”. I’m kinda lost at that point. It doesn’t feel very flowing to be locked down and apparently putting any effort in trying to pass means I’m going too hard. I don’t want to be disrespectful so I usually just apologize and sit in their guard until the buzzer. I will say that I’m one of the bigger guys in class so maybe it just feels like I’m going hard at 30%?

What am I missing here? Am I being a douche or overthinking this? Are they just dead-set on not letting a white belt pass their guard under any circumstances?

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Rampage Is Back: Rematch With King Mo Lawal At Bellator 175

Rampage: “He’ll fight anybody so I got respect for him, but don’t be saying you beat me in the first fight homie. You know you lost that fight Mo. I wanted to put you to sleep ever since we had that first argument in the back of the van.” “The argument in the van was […]

Thoughts on interference in BJJ

I have been looking at some new research in learning regarding interference. So the idea that something is harder to learn if it is very similar to another idea or technique. Do you feel this effects learning in students? Bjj is normally taught in systems so this… then this.. kind of scenerio.

Personally i think this method is good but maybe causes confusion in the beginning students.

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At home solo drills.

Does anyone have any YouTube links/tips? White belt looking to do some more work on my own time at home. Thanks!

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School Owners – Basic Questions in here

Who created your logo for you? Do you have any regrets on the first logo vs. your next versions?

What Billing company do you use for students? Recommendations?

What was your # 1 way to get new students in the door? I’ve heard different people say “X is the best and Y yielded nothing” and the next person say “Y is the best for me and X was terrible.”

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