Controlling the hip, top position in z-guard?

I’m having trouble controlling the other guys hip when I’m in his z-guard (low knee). I recently watched Kit Dale do a pass from there, where one of the important things were to control the hip with a “low underhook”, as well as pressing your hip into the opponents shin into him. This is the step I’m having trouble with. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I’m a pretty athletic guy, but I don’t wanna use too much force, rather it seems there’s something I’m missing.

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Selling some Gi and No-Gi stuff

Looking to get rid of stuff to pay some bills. All gis were cold washed and hung dry. Slight discoloring on the collars of the Fuji and feather. If you buy multiple items I’ll knock off a couple bucks. All prices are with shipping included. I’ll try to upload some photos soon when i find the time to, thanks.

Gameness pearl 2016, white – size A2 Pre-owned so there’s wear, but plenty of life left. There was 2 big patches taken off the back. there’s a tiny hole there as well, the size of one pearl in the gi. – $65

Fuji summerlight gi, white A2 – $70

Gameness feather size A2 – $75 with a Stiff collar.

Old school Koral white belt, size ~ A1 – $15

Venum Giant Long sleeve rash guard size M – $45 (new w/ tags)

Virus Hydro Performance shorts size 30 – $50 (new w/ tags)

Virus STAY WARM compression shirt size S – $45 (new w/tags)

Team Venum Performance Dry Tech Shirt – Black / White, size medium – $35

Tatami pack back – $40

fushida icon judo gi – size 3.5 – $90

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Training frequency

Due to a number of lifestyle factors my training availability will be severely diminished.

I’m looking at my schedule and it looks like I can get 2x sessions comfortably, maybe 3 at a stretch and maybe a 4 day week once a month.

Anyone have experience training 2/3 sessions a week? Any success?

I’ve always had a problem with a “more” mindset. When I was bodybuilding it was 2x a day 5-6x a week for volume. When I moved onto powerlifting instead of running a 4 day program I’d end up hitting 6 sessions a week. It gives me anxiety thinking I’m falling behind the curve & the thought of going from 5-6 sessions a week to half of that is leaving me feeling like I’ll be dead in the water against my peers.


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Mid-back & Rib pain

For roughly a week or so I’ve had this aching back pain in my muscles all the way around my ribs whenever I trained. According to other threads a foam roller may help, but I’ve got the feeling it won’t help with the pain on my sides. Any advice on this? Wanna get back to training asap.

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Book suggestions

So I’m looking for fresh reading material. I’m not looking for books that have technique descriptions, more like philosophy and/or stories around Jiu-Jitsu. Generally doesn’t need to be purely Jiu-Jitsu based but stuff that might help me understand the mentality further…

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Gordon Ryan Looking To Make Things Interesting – Will Call Out How and In What Time Period He’ll Sub Ralek

    In the bjj community there’s quite a few changes and turmoils but we can always count on Gordon Ryan to accept a challenge. The ADCC victor got called out yesterday after AJ Agazarm was rendered speechless by the offer of disgraced Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie: Ralek Gracie’s Offer Did The Impossible – It […]

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How good can someone get if they start at age 55

Is it reasonable to think i will be able to ein against atheletic 25 year old white belts if i continue training? Or is age always going to be too big a detriment? I can best some complete newbies, if they arent too big. I know people cant say specific about me so just general thought. I have been training 1 year now.

Eta; i occasionally beat some people with my amount experience, but that is rare. That being said, i have tapped more people the last month then all the months before combined, so i am improving

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How To Do the Infamous Estima Sweep aka Reverse Muscle Sweep

The Estima Sweep or reverse muscle sweep is a very powerful sweep that not many people use in BJJ. Atos BJJ’s Dominique Bell States: This position is really strong. Like, really really strong. I consider it almost a checkmate move if you enter it completely. That being said, I want you guys to be careful […]

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Actor & BJJ Black Belt Sean Patrick Flanery On How BJJ Players Can Defeat Judoka

Actor and 3rd degree BJJ black belt Sean Patrick Flanery is known for playing Connor MacManus in The Boondock Saints, Greg Stillson in The Dead Zone, Jeremy “Powder” Reed in Powder, Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, as well as Bobby Dagen in Saw: The Final Chapter. He is a long time BJJ practioner and runs Hollywood BJJ Academy. #Repost @hollywoodbjj with @repostapp […]

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Diego Vivaldo

Diego Vivaldo, commonly known by his nickname ‘Gavião’ is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Luiz Guilherme having also worked extensively with Sérgio Erlichmann at the Guigo JJ academy in São Paulo.