Funny Bjj Shirts/ Rash guards

I’ve been wanting to buy a few shirts that were Bjj themed but don’t want to do the tough guy deal. I was wondering if anyone had any funny shirt designs or have seen anything that made them laugh.. rash guards included.

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Culbreth Brothers’ Cary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Jason and Drew Culbreth just opened a new BJJ school in Cary, NC yesterday. More info at https://caryjiujitsu.com/. Come check it out if you happen to be in the area.

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Polaris 8 Promising “New & Unique Twist to Format” – Set to Happen alongside Cage Warriors

Polaris is one of the longest running submission only events in jiu jitsu today. Having just concluded the 7th edition of the event the owners are dwelling on putting a  “New & Unique Twist to Format”. “2018 has been a monumental year for Cage Warriors and we’re going to end it with a bang with […]

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Family Seeking Information About Jiu-jitsu studio Owner Ramon Diaz Murder

Ramon Diaz was gunned down recently outside his Cathedral City home after leaving his jiu-jitsu studio in Palm Springs a little after 9:30 that March evening. According to a local news channel KESQ: “Who did this and why?” said Alex Diaz, Ramon Diaz’s brother. “We want to know why and who would do this to […]

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Anyone else like bringing the fresh white belts under your wing?

I have some white belt friends that I really love showing stuff to and working with after class and it makes me so happy that even though I’m like I high level blue belt at the gym I can help these fresh new blank slates work on forming good habits from the start. It makes me really happy to see them apply it and I would love to hear anyone else’s sort of stories of helping out the new whites starting out.

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Kasai Pro 3 Seats

Hi, I want to attend Kasai but not sure which seats to buy. Can anyone recommend which one to buy and if the higher priced seats are worth it? I haven’t been to this venue before so not sure which seats are good.

Thank you in advance.

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Locking your opponent on top of you vs. Moving your own body into better position

I train a lot of lower belts who, when in doubt, grab onto their opponent for dear life and don’t let go. Pretty common low level mistake, right?

So what are we to think of the Lockdown and the Rubber Guard for that matter? When you look at the highest levels of BJJ or grappling in MMA, why don’t you see Demian Maia using these techniques? Roger Gracie? Lo? The Mendes Brothers?

(Sidenote: I love a lot of 10PJJ. The Truck is my favorite position in BJJ, but there’s some stuff I think they get wrong)

We don’t see these moves at high level grappling because there is a general dichotomy we follow in grappling: moving yourself is more effective than moving your opponent. You can’t effectively move yourself when you’re anchoring a human on top of you.

Bridging and shrimping require your feet to be in contact with the mat. Trying to micromanage the top guy’s every movement using the LD/RG absolutely kills the idea of being able to sense where his weight is and capitalize on it.

When you become tense, you decrease your sensitivity. The very nature of sweeping requires you to be extremely aware of the most subtle changes in your opponent’s weight/balance. These moves require a baseline level of tension.

It’s also hell on your body. No amount of stretching can undo the tension the Rubber Guard puts on your back or the tension the lockdown puts on our hips as knees.

And yet, without fail, droves of (upper) white belts and blue belts across the world go to the Lockdown and Rubber Guard any chance they get.

It’s scary to let your opponent move on top, I get it. But the answer isn’t to prevent their movement entirely, it’s to understand the appropriate tools available to you depending on what the person on top is/isn’t doing.

TL;DR To recap, locking a guy on top of you in a fight is a bad thing because:

1) You give up the mechanical ability to move yourself freely 2) You put a ton of strain on your back, hips and knees 3) You forfeit the sensitivity to feel your opponent’s balance/sensitivity

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BJJ for cardio.. Need hockey conditioning (I’ve always wanted to get into it, but need a cardio alternate from running injuries)

My title is semi crazy but bottom line is I am a big hockey player, play 3 times a week for 2 hours some days, and used to do long distance running for extra condition (its a snoozefest but it works). I blew my MCL last year playing hockey and have looked for an excuse to ditch the impact damage of running 10+ miles and feel like its a great excuse to finally get on the mat. I assume at least during the white belt stage without a solid foundation of the flow you are getting a pretty decent working right? Don’t take this post the wrong way, I have friends that have been training for a decade and would love to make this a life-long commitment and something I could go to with them, I am just looking for another “sport” to get into as well and this is a chance to overcome the noob fear. Bring on the downvotes lolol

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Travel Insurance for American Tournaments

Thinking about doing No Gi Worlds in California but am wondering about the best option for travel insurance. Globetrotters/World Nomads seems to cover martial arts training but not competitions/bouts. Bupa Insurance was another one I found mentioned but isn’t available in my country. I’m from Canada but will be in New Zealand for a year before flying to USA. Would love any suggestions!

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Stepping on toes as a newbie.

Ive been training bjj for only two weeks now and tonight at class i was training with a partner who had at least a few months under her belt. We we’re doing a drill that for whatever reason i had done the previous week but she had never done. When she went ( she always went first because she is better than me and would give me pointers as she went ) i noticed she was grabbing my arm the wrong way, the same way i did it the previous week and our professor corrected me. I casually said hey i think your suppossed to grab me this way and she appeared to get offended and just said “Yeah ok”. thank god right after a minute or two of awkwardness the professor came up and told her the same exact thing and she then actually corrected it. should i have said nothing because im greener than her or was i in the right to make a suggestion of something i knew was right because a black belt told me it. what do you guys think??


Should White Belts ever give advice/corrections to higher degrees/belts during drilling if they are positive their advice is the proper way to do whatever technique/ professor taught it that way?

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To my WB fam

Hey fellow white belt,

I’ve been at this for over a year and a half now, and I’m still in the grind here with you. Just wanted to say that even from my current position, it’s hard to feel like you’re getting better. Plateaus, insecurities, injuries, and lack of positive feedback play a part – I mean, we get smashed most rolls anyway!

But I want to encourage you to not give up. I don’t see the next belt in sight. I don’t feel myself smashing fools left and right. However, I remember why I signed up at first – it makes me happy to be on those mats, learning the best martial art in the world. If you remember that too, I hope you go back to that moment when times get rough, and stay joyful through white belt. Enjoy the process!

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The Gracie Slap- How to REALLY Slap Someone Who is Assaulting You

The slap is believed to be a very effective technique by the Gracie family. While Renzo Gracie learned it from his father, his younger cousins Rener and Ryron Gracie actually even have it on their curriculum. Renzo Gracie dealt with an assailant a few years back in the street by using a well placed slap. […]

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