How tall are the Mendes Brothers?

I know, weird question but the reason Im asking is because I noticed a photo of the Mendes Brothers standing with Galvao and they all seem to be close in height, which threw me off a bit. I always thought they were like 5’7” and Andre was 5’10”-5’11”

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7 pounds to lose in two weeks.

Hey everyone I know this isn’t much weight to lose in two weeks. I am competing for my first time at blue belt in two weeks. Anyone have any tips for ways to lose weight prior to competing. Thanks guys and gals!

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I’ve never seen the MB play half guard…

Until I watched Shields vs Rafa, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFDsgucTGzA

He uses the knee shield a ton. I thought I remember hearing them against half, but it seems like he willingly went into the position.

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Belt chokes?

Rolling with a newish blue belt today and the dude proceeded to repeatedly try and choke me with his belt from mount and side. I decided not to let him get a tap like this and just went into survival mode, but it left me wondering if belt chokes are generally considered ok or not outside of competition?

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RDLR tips?

I don’t wanna sign up to AOJ online or anything. But can you guys give me some beginner tips on playings RDLR (both gi/no gi) grips I should be looking for, and grips I don’t want my opponent to get?

Also whats the first sweep I should work, I know the kiss of the dragon and thats about it.

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TFW I’m injured and instead of training goes for a run thinking it will be nice

I’d rather have back to back competition classes than be a runner.

Running IMO is for cutting weight and getting away from altercations with people who have cauliflower ears.

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Swagger Sunday – June 24, 2018

The Swagger Sunday Megathread is an open forum, for anyone to brag or boast about any sort of accomplishment related to their BJJ training. Some common topics include but are not limited to:

  • Stripe promotions

  • Took your first class

  • A new submission/transition you landed

  • Weight loss/gain and/or strength gains

  • Something new you learned at a seminar

Or anything else that filled you with pride. Have fun and go train!

Also, click here to see the previous Swagger Sunday threads.

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New to BJJ

Hello everyone, I’m new to BJJ, but I’ve been a Muay Thai practitioner for almost 8 years so I’m not new to combat sports. Yesterday was my first legit BJJ session and it was awesome, I learned all the different positions …. and just wanted to know what tips y’all can give me to improve and learn better. Thank you in advance

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How to tell the difference between losing interest vs. being lazy or whatever other reason you don’t train

I picked up a new hobby. It doesn’t push me like bjj does, but I go to it a lot more than I ever did bjj. But I still go on rbjj and watch sport jiu jitsu sometimes love the grappling in mma but I almost feel like my body is to beat up and it would be bad for my health. Or I just haven’t developed decent stamina or strength in a long time.

I still think about it so I must want it to some degree. I have a lot of painful injuries and it’s not like a broken bone or anything I have bad low back pain And have injured it arching from side control before. Right now it hurts to bend, so I don’t know wtf is wrong with me. Maybe I just need to throw in the towel sigh

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Now that I am a purple belt, I have no belt chasing desires anymore and my only concern is actually getting better at jiujitsu!

It’s weird because I remember that I was chasing purple hard as a blue belt. I was blue for about 5 years total, but I kept taking breaks. My longest break was 1.5 years, which is when I actually thought I was going to quit for good due to loss of interest. Thank god that I got my a** back onto the mats though.

That was about January of 2017 that I came back. Since then, I’ve been training about 4 to 5 days per week consistently. When I came back, I was so pumped to get my purple belt. I kept trying to “show off” every time that I saw my teacher watching me roll. I was 100% “chasing” that purple!

It’s weird though. Now I’ve been purple for about 6 months, and I’m still super motivated to train. However, I have no desire to prove anything to anyone, If I get tapped out by a white belt (some of the whites in my school that have been there for a while are no joke!!), I don’t care. If my teacher sees me “rolling badly”, I don’t care! I’m not looking to “win” when I roll either, For instance, if I have a sub opportunity, but it requires too much strength/yanking/force, then I just let it go because I don’t consider it to be good jiu-jitsu.

Bottom line is that I feel like I’m content being a purple belt forever. I love this feeling!

This was not the case with white or blue. Did anyone else have similar experiences as a purple belt?

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What is the proper way to pass? Do you always break grips before passing?

For example, when the guarder is in knee sheild and has a cross collar, do you break the collar grip before trying to pass?

When is it ok for the guarder to have a grip to attempt a pass?

Sorry for the generalizations.

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Why dont much people compete?

I’ve been doing BJJ for like 7 months now and ive notice like half of the gym dont compete. I asked some of them before and they just reply with like “stuff that” and that. Tbh im confused because ive competed twice and learned so much and improved just from those two, it also motivates me more and it was fun af. thanks

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