Need help with this triangle-ish position

Say Ive isolated his left arm with his right arm now caught in between his torso. Ive got my left calf clamping hard on his head, and Im holding my left ankle with my right hand. Now the only thing left for me to secure a tight triangle is for me to bring my right inner knee over my left ankle.

Problem is, opponent is in a sprawl-like position and my right leg is caught between his knees. Is there any offensive transition I can go from here or is it time to bail?

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“Tererê” On The Time When He Tried To Sell His Belt To Buy Drugs

Whoomp! Tererê! Ever heard that before before? It was the chant for the man considered one of the greatest jiu jitsu practitioners/competitors of all time, Fernando “Tererê” Augusto. If you’re into old school jiu jitsu and the greats back then, you’ve definitely heard of “Tererê.” He’s definitely had his fair share of hard times and bad decisions though, […]

Capitalizing on kimura mistake

How can I take advantage of someone who is trying to kimura me from my closed guard?

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Passing the closed guard by trapping opponents are with their lapel.

I’ve been playing with trapping my opponents arm with their own lapel. Anyone know any vids or instructionals that cover this game?

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Anyone use Hyperfly DoOrDie brand gi’s/rashguards?

How do they fit, hold up, do the color hold up? Compared to AP/SYR?

Looking to buy a gi from them.

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The panda is great for judo too !


Shout-out to Inverted gear, /u/invertedgearnelson and /u/invertedgearwitty, I just received my lightweight gi last friday and couldn’t wait for my BJJ class to try it on so I had to wear it while teaching my kid’s judo class ! BTW they loved the logo, I geard some ask their parents to get a gi like mine ;)

Amazing fit and quality as far as I can tell, excellent confort and a lightweight gi in much more pleasant when it is hot as hell like these days here. Almost no shrinking, sturdy enough for grappling or standing, even though I wouldn’t wear the lightweight on a competition class (too thin for those aggressive grips and throws for my taste, but the 3.0 is solid enough, I’ve tested it). Only downside is the blue cord bleeding some dye on the pants and collar in the second wash cycle… I’ve been able to clean the collar but not the pants, sadly :( Hopefully, a sun bath will help with that.

Oh.. And you guys should definitely shoot for a canadian reseller; those damn customs were hard AF on my wallet in the end !!

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Looking for a takedown gif or video

I’m trying to find a gif or a video that was posted a few month back. It’s a shot of two big white belts at a tournament trying to take each other down by going in a circle, almost spinning. Eventually it shows these guys spinning and twirling in various environments. I guess it’s a meme or something, but I can’t locate it.


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Tournament Tuesday – September 26, 2017

Tournament Tuesday is an open forum for anyone to ask any question, no matter how simple, about tournaments in general. Some common topics include but are not limited to:

  • Game planning

  • Preparation (diet, weight cutting, sleep, etc…)

  • Tournament video critiques

  • Discussion of rulesets for a tournament organization

Have fun and go train!

Also, click here to see the previous Tournament Tuesdays.

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Why have I never seen a ‘No Pasaran’ BJJ T shirt

Question in the title – read this article for context. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/They_shall_not_pass

‘”They shall not pass” (French: Ils ne passeront pas!; Spanish: ¡No pasarán!) is a slogan used to express determination to defend a position against an enemy.’ It got famous as used in WW1 vs ze germans, and again in Spain for its use by anti-Franco Spanish fighters.

With such a bjj-appropriate slogan, with positive historical connotations ( famously used vs fascists etc) how have I never seen this incorporated into a BJJ t shirt ?

BJJ companies step your game up.

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