Sensitive back game

Hello guys

Normaly I play a open lasso guard game. I have been getting a bit older and I really feel I need a solid game for when my back /grips hurt. I pass over under and stack pass mostly with some toreando switch ups wich is fine for my back. But I need a solid guard game. I was thinking Lucas Leite style half guard , I am 6,2 (1m90). What do you older grapplers think, is it worth investing in as a taller person or should I better stick with a more Z guard approach.

Thanks for the advice.

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Time to quit? Advice

Looking for some advice on making the decision. I’m a blue belt, been training for 4 years. Ive never thought about quitting before but these past couple of months it’s been on my mind more and more. When i first started BJJ I was really into it, I was working in a job I didn’t like at the time and I even thought if I committed to bjj then I could eventually make a career out of it. So as well as the enjoyment it also provided a way out. 2 years in and an opportunity became available where I was in the financial position to I quit my job and commited myself full time to bjj looking to make a living out of it in the long term, I was doing ok.

Recently I moved schools, and the level at new school is much better. I don’t even feel like a blue belt. But I forged on. However a couple of months ago out of the blue another opportunity arose to begin training in another career, one which would be lucrative, but maybe I wouldn’t be enjoy as much as bjj, but I still had bjj in the side.

Now as I started training for my new career as liked it more and more. Now what happened is that the energy in my life shifted towards training to my new career, which i started to enjoy more and more, and motivation to get better at bjj, to win in sparring, started to disappear. I’d never known this before, as when when I had a long term plan to eventually teach jiu-jitsu, I needed to get better, to progress to the level of black belt and to make a living. However, now that’s no longer true, as I’m going to be making a living elsewhere, my desire to win is disappearing.

I still enjoy rolling, but I’m a smallish guy and now when I’m rolling with heavier guys, and I get trapped underneath, I can no longer be bothered trying to escape. What’s the point? Whereas before I wanted to escape, to win, to get better. But now I just want the fun, the recreation, the meeting of skill. Im now finding that I only want to roll with people my size 140lbs, to have a “fair” fight, to test my level of skill against theirs. As opposed to to a heavier opponent who could be less skilled but beat me with extra strength and weight.

Rolling with heavier guys has started to become a chore, and therefore training in general. I’m finding myself treating it like a job, not really looking forward training on Monday when it’s Sunday (like a job you dont really like). But then some days/weeks I am up for it.

So I’m up this rollercoaster of up and down with motivation at the moment. And now I’m frequently asking myself why I’m doing this? I initially started BJJ for self-defence, which I feel like I accomplished a while ago. I’m confident in my ability to defend myself against a larger untrained opponent. But from there on what’s the point? Im not really into competition so I’m struggling to answer that question. I do ok/well against other blue belts my size but even one stripe white belts who have a weight advantage on me, I’m having a hard time against and lacking the motivation to try and beat them. They don’t tap me but I equally sometimes can’t tap them after 4 years of training!

I never thought I’d quit, I envisioned myself being on the mats forever. My kids train and I have some mats at home and I’m thinking I may just have a better time training with my kids at home and keeping bjj alive for myself in that way as I still love the art.

Is it time to quit ?

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Beginner friendly BJJ Academy @ Amsterdam

Hi mates,

Id like to ask you what your thoughts on beginner friendly bjj academies @ amsterdam?

ps: to be a beginner friendly environment i think that it would start from having separated sessions for newcomers, what you think?


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Does bleach get rid of ringworm?

I’ve been using an otc treatment that you apply twice/day and it’s gone down but damn, taking some time.

Does bleach get rid of it in 24hrs? Find it hard to believe but who knows.

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European holiday training advice

Hi, so I’m from Australia and am going to be in Europe on a holiday over Christmas (for a month) with some non-training mates. I’m thinking about bringing my lightest gi and maybe catching some training if we have some downtime.

Planning on being in Iceland, Amsterdam, Paris and Rome mainly. Most of the hotel’s we will be staying at are in the centre of the cities’. Any recommendations of places to train and also how to deal with the washing issue of gis. How’s the language barrier, I hear most Europeans can speak English pretty well, is instruction typically in the native language? (What does the Brazillian accent sound like in French?)

Any other general advice? Thanks!

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Gyms in Portland, OR?

Looking to get into BJJ and some sort of striking.

So far I only have TeamQuest and Mata Leao CS.

I’ve heard great things on TeamQuest, was wondering if someone could fill me in on what the training and atmosphere at Mata Leao CS are like?

Thanks in advance.

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Scramble ‘EDO’ Rashguard Review

A few months ago I was sent a gift package by the innovators in Jiu-Jitsu and grappling wear Scramble. You may remember my review of their Kimono collaboration with 100 Athletic today, well today I’m back with another review, their EDO rashguard. Design The EDO rashguard from Scramble is the perfect blend of modern city life […]

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Strength And Conditioning Megathread – October 15, 2018

The Strength and Conditioning megathread is an open forum for anyone to ask any question, no matter how simple, about general strength and conditioning as it relates to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Use this thread to:

  • Ask questions about strength and conditioning
  • Get diet and nutrition advice
  • Request feedback on your workout routine
  • Brag about your gainz

Get yoked and stay swole!

Also, click here to see the previous Strength And Conditioning Megathreads.

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So I went to my first ever BJJ class…

and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Why did I not take part earlier and discover this great art? Silly me.

I am in a lot of pain though, it kinda reminds me of the pain I used to get after playing rugby for my high school.

At my first class we did some passing drills and I took part in some rolling. Really hope I can recover within 3 days for my next class.

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Half Guard > Full Guard …

…. Change my mind.

[Edit]: No Gi

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Chael Sonnen Failed at an Advanced Back Take From Turtle And got His Head Pummeled in

Chael Sonnen just squared off with Fedor Emelianenko over the weekend. The event didn’t go so well for Chael even tho at time he seemed to have the upper hand:     View this post on Instagram   Nothing like the art of a good back take. Who does it best Hall, Vieira or Tonon? […]

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New Mike Fowler Podcast


I may be a tad biased, but the podcast my Professor has rolled out is worth an hour of your time a week.

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“Most fights end up on the ground”

Hey all, I swear I am 1000% asking this in good faith.

Background: I like a wimpy white collar office bot. Workout 1-3 (closer to 1) times a week, not skinny not skinnyfat not fat not muscular. I’m looking for some system to make me feel more comfortable at bars, sports arenas, public transportation. 99% of my life is conflict free but I worry about the 1%, you know?

So this brings me to BJJ. In my research online, it seems to be the gold standard for guys like me. Meet cool people, good cardio, low impact, not likely to go to work with black eyes, but still effective. It sounds dope. But the only thing that gives me pause is the message I seem to see on every gyms website: most fights end up on the ground.

It doesnt seem to mesh with what I’ve seen in my hundreds of hours over the last decade watching fights on YouTube, worldstar, and /r/justiceporn. Most fights seem to stay standing up until someone is knocked to the ground, at which point they are essentially incapacitated.

Specific questions: Does bjj teach you how to take people to the ground? How does this work in practice on hard sidewalks or concrete stadium floors? How will it keep me from getting knocked unconscious before we get to the ground? Im

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