As an Instructor, one of the greatest feelings is…

seeing specific lessons absorbed by specific students.

Throughout the year, obviously a lot of different lessons are taught. I don’t necessarily have a ‘curriculum’ per se, but I do spend a week to 2 weeks working on the same lesson plan to make sure the repetition, philosophy and overall comprehension of the techniques are absorbed.

While in class last night, I sat against the wall observing my students roll. Like an artist, proud and satisfied of their work; I was happy with what I was seeing.

I noticed a specific student playing a very good lockdown game(a position we spent a lot of time on 2 years ago), I observed a student playing SLX(a position we’ve been going back to every few months for the past year and a half), Another student was pressure passing, and smash passing from top half(the core of our passing philosophy), while a Whitebelt was throwing up Omoplatas relentlessly(Back in March, we spent almost the whole month going over Omoplatas and its associated attacks).

Jiu Jitsu will undoubtedly be an art in which you develop your own game, unique to yourself. You won’t be a carbon copy of your peers(not for long anyway).

One of the greatest feelings of being an Instructor, is seeing certain lessons engrained in certain student’s games.

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I have a hip injury, should i train bjj?

So i’ve had this injury to my hip joints on both legs and im wondering if i should continue training bjj. I’ve had 4 surgeries but im somewhat alright now. I have a visit at the doctor in an year for my one in two years look at my hips. I fell in love with this martial art but i don’t know what i should do. Any ideas?

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Has anyone ordered the Worm Guard DVD? How long did it take for it to ship?

I ordered the Worm Guard DVD from http://thewormguard.com/, paid through PayPal and received a receipt, but nothing about when I should expect it to ship or anything.

After 10 days, I figured I’d email them asking the same question using the contact information in the email, but I haven’t received a response (4 days later – though only 2 business days), so that makes it two weeks so far.

I’m not sure what kind of operation it is (if it’s just one person part time or whatever) so I figured I’d see if anyone else had a similar experience.

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Legal leg/ankle submissions for IBJJF white belt

Hi guys,

I’ve been looking online and in the rule book. But its not very clear for white belts. I’m doing my first ibjjf comp this weekend and I just want to be super careful on what kind of leg submissions are legal.

I believe its just the straight ankle lock thats allowed at white belt. Can anyone verify?

Thank you!

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Everything You Need To Know About Combat Sports Strength & Conditioning, Sport Science

Guest post by Mark Lajhner founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy  and of mmacoach.net. Mark is a Judo black belt (Serbian national team member), Wrestler, BJJ purple belt, MMA coach and undefeated MMA fighter. You can find Mark Lajhner’s FREE MMA course Here. Today I’m interviewing my friend Mladen Jovanovic from www.ComplementaryTraining.netwhich is a website dedicated to high […]

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Sore shoulders

Hey guys, I’ve been training on and off for awhile now and I’ve never had this problem until recently.

My shoulders have gotten so tight lately, they’ve been clicking past a certain ROM and they’ve been very sore after training, I have been training 2 – 3 times a week, one day spent just specifically drilling on open mat and the other two 30 minutes of drills and 30 minutes of rolling.

Both of my rotator cuffs feel really sore, it’s just discomfort for the most part, very tight not a shit ton of pain or anything.

I just wanted to see if anyone had any input or prehab exercises. I’ve started doing myofascial release before and after training for my core, back and upper body (along with lower body too obviously.)

Thanks guys!

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My love/hate relationship with competition.

I’ve been training almost two years now and I have competed just twice with mixed results. I’m a healthcare professional that works many weekends so it’s tougher to compete more often. I’m getting a lot of pressure at my gym to enter some upcoming tournaments but honestly so far I have found the entire process to be incredibly stressful and my life is stressful enough already. I love training. I train 5 nights a week and I hit it hard, but when a competition is coming it seems that my mindset changes and not for the better.

I know why. I tie way too much of my self- worth into the outcome of the competition and when I don’t do well I feel horrible about it and that all of that preparation was just a big waste. (I know this is not the way to think about it, but it’s my stupid brain)

So I’ll probably compete mostly because I’m expected to and I know it’s supposed to help my game. I’m really hoping that I’ll get to a point where I’ll enjoy competing, but I’m afraid I’ll never get there.

Is this common? And how have some of you gotten past it and learned to enjoy competition?

Edit: I should have mentioned that promotions are heavily based on competition results. Not that I’m remotely ready, but I have been told that if I ever want to see a purple belt that I’m going to have to win some gold medals. As if it’s not stressful enough.

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Matt Hughes On The Road To Full Recovery

    Legendary mma figure Matt Hughes was struck by an oncoming train in his pick up truck earlier last month. After showing minor improvements he was taken off the ventilator and resumed breathing on his own with only his family allowed visits. Now Pat Miletich  – his former trainer and friend is vouching for […]

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What happens on the day of a BJJ competition? first time

What actually happens on the day of a BJJ competition? Can anyone give me a full run-down? I’ve got my first in a few weeks.

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Tournament Tuesday – July 25, 2017

Tournament Tuesday is an open forum for anyone to ask any question, no matter how simple, about tournaments in general. Some common topics include but are not limited to:

  • Game planning

  • Preparation (diet, weight cutting, sleep, etc…)

  • Tournament video critiques

  • Discussion of rulesets for a tournament organization

Have fun and go train!

Also, click here to see the previous Tournament Tuesdays.

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Best bjj podcast

What’s the best bjj podcast? More importantly is there a podcast that just discusses technique and concepts. Similar to how bjj scout makes videos.

I’m such a loser I listen to ryan hall / kit dale videos on the way to work because I find they have great dialogue for improvement

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Advise about a training situation plz

One of my friends in the academy is a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) Harry Potter fan and keeps asking me to call him “J K Rolling” at training.

In my country (by marriage) Brasil the custom is that you should be given a nick name by others, not give it to yourself.

Rather than ask one of the many red belts in my family I thought I should check with Reddit first.


Albino Latino.

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