You are all safe for the year

Tore my left quad trying to bench 600 pounds (benching heavy weight is a very leg intensive movement)

Because of this, I can not compete for the next few months (probably the whole year) while my leg heals up and I get my strength back.

In other news, EVERY DAY IS ARM DAY.

In my time away from the mats I shall be waiting, contemplating, and judging you all harshly for pulling guard.

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Every time I try this Kimura attack from Top Half Guard, I almost give up my back and have to turtle. What am I missing?

I’m talking about this. I’m clearly doing something wrong, the guy on bottom can usually pull his hand out the back somehow and I and up having to abandon the move and turtle to avoid the back take. Watching the video again I have no idea how that could happen. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions or tips?

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Finish arm triangle from mount?

I had pretty good success with getting the standard arm triangle while in mount, then leaving mount and pressing my whole body to the floor to finish. But I recently saw a video of Henry Akins who finishes directly from mount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ6mZ2oTIz4

I don’t seem to get this to work. Does anybody have success with this? While I have seen lots of standard arm triangle finishes in the gym, competitions, etc., I’ve never seen anybody pull off the above.

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Motivation for Beginners

What are good ways to keep people motivated and show them that they are progressing? Especially if you’re their training partner.

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beginner med student

Hey guys! I want to know if I should do any homework before I just pop into the BJJ gym. I am moving to Miami next month, and want to start BJJ over there. I have zero experience, and have grown up playing a lot of basketball. What should I be doing to prep in the meantime before the big move?! thanks guys.

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What attacks are from here other than the triangle?

When in side control, I usually try to achieve the Brabo grip under the opponents far arm. But, as of recently I have been wrapping the lapel over the opponents far arm trapping it. The only attack I have from here is the triangle. Are there any other attacks?

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Deep half guard

What are the benefits of playing deep half guard….and would you go to deep half against a much heavier opponent

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Edgy Brah not mounting anymore because he’s been submitted from there. What is this referring to?

On the current fight companion Joe Rogan was talking about how Eddie said he doesn’t pass to mount anymore because he got submitted a few times and then they go to talk about how guys with long legs do this and that: https://youtu.be/CxxS_vCSOfk?t=10771

What are they referring to? Is it the foot in armpit mount escape and the foot around the hip lock that firas zahabi showed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wTIBBK8qJo

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Misheard the announcers from Alaska Fighting Championship…

Their accent made it sound like they were saying “He’s recovered half god.”

This got me thinking:
Half God Full God Spider God Worm God (Tremors?)

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Is this normal? (beginner to BJJ)

Had my 2nd BJJ class today, I go to a mixed martial arts gym, today we were drilling parts of the De La Riva guard. I was getting the concept but I knew that if I were to roll I would have no clue what to do. The instructor told me and my partner to watch while people rolled (my partner is also a noob). Aside from the warm ups I didn’t really break a sweat, although I did enjoy learning. I know that BJJ is more technical and slower than striking, but is it normal for me to feel like everything is very confusing and going at a slow pace? I apologize if this question has been asked before, I already tried looking through the search bar and didn’t find any similar threads.

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Fabio Clemente Academy in NYC

Does anyone have experience at the academy on 12th st in NYC? How does it compare to other schools? How is the pricing?


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How do you guys roll with people who’s a few weight classes over you?

Hey y’all! Today I got set up with someone who’s definitely a lot heavier than me and I’m just curious, how do you y’all sweep, submit or pass someone who’s not a little but a lot above your weight?

I’m feeling a bit inadequate just because while he was in my guard, he didn’t try anything at all and I for the life of me couldn’t sweep or submit him. And when it was his turn to pass, he just kinda got up and that broke my guard (which I had a hard time closing in the first place).

Granted I’m a only a white belt and surely there are moves to use against Goliath??

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Train at multiple schools….and one instructor shows up at the other school.

So I train at multiple schools weekly. My main school in Arlington about an hour away with traffic, lunch open mats twice a week 2 miles from the office (Irving) and evening once or twice a week 2 miles from my house (also Irving). Well the Black belt from the Lunch open mats is getting ready for the San Jose open and dropped in at the evening class by my house.

Walking in and seeing both of them was like having 2 of your side chicks meet and then exchange info on how you are in bed (on the mat). I guess was only awkward for me for a little bit.

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Today I got my blue belt!

 A year and 8 months, 4 tournaments, 6 medals and a ton of mat time later.... and I'm a blue belt! 

Today has been great. I am a second degree in Tkd but this first promotion in BJJ feels so much more rewarding due to the time and effort I have put in. I’m so excited and it’s time to step up my game!

Here’s an album of pics at my most recent tournament. https://m.imgur.com/a/YNn9o

I won first in my devision competing at 153lbs (light weight) Then I moved up to the 180 division and got 3rd!

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Pro Tip

If you want to ask someone out, the best place for that is probably NOT while they’re holding you in side control and setting up a scarf choke.

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Pro Tip

If you want to ask someone out, the best place for that is probably NOT while they’re holding you in side control and setting up a scarf choke.

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Injury guy

Ever run into people that give you a list of their injuries and tell you to take it easy. Then they proceed to go way hard? What is this mentality?

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