Using less strength?

What does it mean when someone tells you to use less strength?

I’m a white belt with about 3 months in the gi, but I did a couple of years of MMA training a few years back (which was mostly grappling training) so I’ve got a fairly solid base, although it might be a bit wrestling-ey.

I’ve had a couple of blue belts tell me that I use too much strength when rolling. I understand that they’re talking about using more technique over brute force, but I’m really not sure how to apply this.

I always try to use as much of the correct technique as I know, and I’m trying to learn as much of it as I can. I don’t know how to use any more technique.

If I’m going for a position, I’ll use whatever I know about the right technique, grips, hand and foot and hip placement, etc, but I also need to apply strength if it’s going to work. If I put my arm in a stupid position and realise it, I’ll use whatever strength I have to get it out. If I feel that I’m about to be swept, I’ll fight against it, etc.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do differently. Should I be conceding positions and submissions without resistance if I don’t get the technique perfect?

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Periodization with lifting

Wondering about people’s successes with periodizing their training with lifting/ more serious strength and conditioning work. For me at this age I just don’t have the recovery to do the volume of training and S+C I’d like to so I’m looking to periodize my year and wondering where others have had success- micro or meso cycles.

PS please don’t tell me about the importance of sleep, diet, etc or what movements I should be doing. I have lots of experience as a trainer and martial artist and a very healthy lifestyle.

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BJJ Guard Retention: Preemptive Framing, Part 3: Counters

Here’s the latest video in a guard retention series I have been working on. Please check it out and let me know what you think!


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Info about CTE in BJJ?

For anyone not sure what CTE is: Wikipedia

I was reading about Jordan Parsons being the first MMA fighter to be diagnosed with CTE and it got me thinking. There is evidence that even “heading” the ball in soccer can result in CTE. It doesn’t take much.

Sure, we don’t take direct impacts to the dome in BJJ unless it’s accidental. However, we do get swept hard and taken down hard, which can cause a lot of jostling. Hell, just watch Tito Ortiz slamming Evan Tanner unconscious from the body lock. CTE has also been found in amateur wrestlers, so no impacts to the head does not always mean no CTE.

BJJ is a niche sport, and relatively new. CTE can only be diagnosed posthumously. These things make it unlikely for anyone in the medical research community to try to find out whether BJJ alone can result in CTE.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any info about it, even anecdotal. When you see interviews with some of the older practitioners they seem to be very sharp, with clear speech etc. I know we aren’t made of glass, but the brain is proving to be way more delicate than previously thought. This is just a a subject that interests me deeply, as someone who is a fan of combat sports in general but also who plans to train for as long as my body will allow.

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Good place to start BJJ in Scarborough, Ontario?

Hi. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post here (I’m new to this sub), but I’m just shopping around for dojo for different styles of martial arts (I’m taking Judo classes at my University right now, but those end at the end of November). I’m interested in BJJ as well because I hear that it’s a bit similar to what I’m doing now, but I live in Scarborough, Ontario now. I tried asking on the Toronto sub and got no response, so I was wondering if anyone on here had any idea of good gyms where I could at least try out BJJ and see if it’s for me?

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Is it IBJJF legal to choke someone with your beard?

I’ve recently begun braiding my beard (need that Ginger Khal Drogo look for Halloween) and I was wondering how legal would it be to just wrap my whip like beard around someone’s throat and choke them with it?

I’m assuming highly illegal, but if I can get away with it, I’m going to do it.

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Polaris 4

Match your most excited for? One of the best pro grappling cards I’ve seen in a while in my opinion

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Should I, a no stripe white belt, compete in an upcoming tournament?

Paul Nava is hosting the Warrior Challenge in Janurary. I really would like to compete, and I really don’t mind losing the entire time, but I would like to start competing eventually and is sooner better? I really just want to be involved with people from my gym and support the higher echelon practitioners.


Is this a good first tournament to compete it or should I wait for something else?

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