Private video sharing platform

Hey folks.

My coach is looking to setup a way to record all techniques he drills with us in class and uploading it to some kind of private video platform. So you can catch up on stuff you missed or just study old drills. The drills would be categorized by technique. He wants it to stay private to members only.

Anyone know of such a platform? (Besides coding a website from scratch)

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BJJ Phoenix AZ

Opinion on best competition school in Phoenix ?

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White Belt Enters All Ranks Absolute And Leg Locks His Way To Gold – in staggering 3 Minutes

Leglocks have been at the center of the bjj zeitgeist for quite some time. Cases like this are just why. Competitor named James Hunt had an easy time finishing a blue and a purple belt in Australian Grappling Championships tournament yesterday to win gold in the Super Absolute division.   James Hunt picks up the […]

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It was Raining Subs in EBI 16 – ADCC Vet Victorious

Eddie Bravo Invitational had a unique edition last night. It featured an all female cast – including ADCC -60kg finalists Bia Mesquita and Bia Basilio. Also featured was ATOS standout Nikki Sullivan who had no trouble dealing with EBI veterans Lila Smadja and Tracey Goddell. It also featured a Combat Jiu Jitsu title defense AND […]

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No gi instructional Compilation

I wish there was a filter for no gi only ok YouTube.

Does anyone know a source of only No gi videos? Preferably free?

I’m thinning about making a YouTube playlist if not.

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Going to Salt Lake City, what are the best competition schools

I’ve been training for a year now and I’m going to Salt Lake City for college and want to keep training. What’s the best school in the area for competitions, or that has the best record

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Standing Guillotine Choke Escapes

Standing guillotine chokes are really tough to escape, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get out!

I recently met up with my friend Ando Mierzwa, and we shot something on the topic of guillotine prevention and escape for his martial arts oriented Youtube channel.

It’s a video in 3 parts…

The first part of the video is about guillotine prevention.  

It’s always easier to prevent a submission in the first place than it is to defend it once it’s applied, and this choke is no different. And to prevent the guillotine you need to have good posture.  You want to have your head upright and be looking at your opponent.  If your head is down and you’re looking at the floor then it’s child’s play for your opponent to slap on the guillotine (or snap you down, or apply the front headlock, or just kick you in the face)!

The second part is about escaping the guillotine as it’s being applied and before it’s fully locked on.

The key here is awareness.  As you feel your opponent looping his arm around your neck you want to look up, up, up. Literally arch your neck backwards and point your face to the sky.

If you do the right timing here then you actually get a clear route to your opponent’s back – it’s a lot like doing the ‘duck under’ in wrestling.  You’ve taken a potentially devastating situation and turned it around in your favour.

The third part is about survival once the guillotine is fully locked on.

I’m not gonna lie…  A fully applied guillotine choke is a terrible thing.

If he’s skilled with this attack then you’re probably going to tap out. But you want to rage, rage against the dying of the light, so try to defend it and maybe you’ll get out.

The initial defense in this part of the video is the classic BJJ arm-over-the-shoulder position, but you might not be familiar with the next part, which is a counter-guillotine takedown which works extremely well.

Don’t miss the outtake at the end; we were rehearsing the opening and I screwed up and managed to chip a tooth pretty good on the concrete pool deck where we were filming.

Oh, the things I do for the love of jiu-jitsu!


P.S. Click here to download my free PDF checklist to the positions and » Continue Reading.

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boyfriend needs to lose weight before competition, how can I help him?

So my boyfriend has a competition this summer, but he’s stressed because he needs to lose quite a bit of weight (about 8kg)

I’m more familiar with how weight loss works in regular fitness regimens and endurance sports, but in the case of BJJ i’m pretty clueless. I normally wouldn’t recommend him trying to lose so much weight in just 4 weeks either, as i don’t think it’s healthy or will help him long term, but i know that with martial arts gigs like this it’s just part of the industry and not meant to be long-term.

About him He goes to the bjj gym to train about 1-2 hours 4-5 days per week after work. Outside of that he is mostly sedentary, because he works an office job.

He’s pretty ignorant when it comes to nutrition and calorie counting and stuff so I really want to help him out, since I’m more knowledgable/experienced in that realm, and don’t want him to slip into weird eating habits (or try some messed up fad diet he learned from some dumb bro-science on the internet). I also don’t want to put him on a good diet but that ends up causing him to lose a lot of strength or muscle or be fatigued so much.

I’m on summer vacation from uni so I also have the free time, and i’m planning a cut myself, so its not really a hassle and I like this idea of this mini challenge. I think helping him figure out his eating and lifestyle habits will be good for him in the long term, and strengthening our relationship as well.

He’s 173cm tall (so about 5’8″ish???) and 84kg (185lbs) and he’s got some decent muscle on him already, he’s not squishy at all. He really just needs to lean out, in my opinion. I’ve calculated via IIFYM for him that his BMR is around 1800 and his TDEE around 2311….however this doesn’t seem right because i’m tiny compared to him (153cm/5ft0″, 62kg) but my TDEE and macros aren’t much different….I am much more active so maybe that’s why.

So my questions are mainly this: 1. Should he doing anything outside of training on the mat, such as extra weight training a couple days a week or cardio? If so, what do you recommend?

  1. Aside from the basics -calories in/calories out, cutting out processed foods and sugar etc, and keeping protein intake higher to reduce muscle atrophy, are there any other specific diet/nutrition related things that have worked for you during cuts pre-competition to maximize weight loss but not get weak?

  2. I know this is mainly up to him, since it’s his goal and his sport, but I want to help and he knows that I can, so if there are any other tips – ie scheduling to balance work and training and other stuff, recovery, meal planning, sports massage – anything I can help out with – that you might have please feel free to share :)

It’s his first competition in a long time and he is a higher belt now, and with managing work and stuff I feel that he’s really stressed and has a lot of pressure on himself to do well this time, so I want to be there for him in any way I can.

Thanks guys in advance.

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EBI 16 Results, Female Bantamweights

JUNE 25, 2018 – The beautiful San Diego skyline set the scenery for yet another historic event in Eddie Bravo Invitational’s female division where …

Looking for higher belts to review rolling footage

I am always looking for people to help review my students rolling sessions. I will be doing some video review during the day tomorrow if anyone would like to help I would pay $25 an hour via PayPal or zelle.

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Which effective game of jiu jitsu transitions best to MMA and self defense ? For example, I assume playing berimbolo and single leg x are not you’re best bet in MMA.

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Are there any "practices" in jiu jitsu where the highest belt is brown? I feel crazy after convo with a self-proclaimed martial artist.

Here’s a link to the convo, for context: https://imgur.com/a/V8bjHCc

I matched with this dude on Tinder, and then proceeded to have a conversation that totally tripped me out.

He tried to tell me that brown belt was the highest level belt that you can get in jiu jitsu, after which is red belt. Totally skipped over black belt. When I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and asked more specifics, he said that he wasn’t talking specifically, just generally. I’m still confused.

Minus the parts of the conversation where he told me he was an assassin ninja (probably as a joke? I don’t even know anymore), I was just taken aback.

Am I crazy? Are there certain practices in jiu jitsu where brown belt is the highest belt level? I just wanna make sure I’m not missing something here.

P.S. I know this def isn’t the subreddit for a fucking Tinder conversation, but I’m genuinely curious if I’m the dumbass here.

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Gracie Barra Loyalty Program

Would anyone be able to explain these bullet points to me for the new Gracie Barra Loyalty Program? I understand the basics like “new uniform package” But I don’t understand “30 days notice” for law enforcement”

It also looks like you pay for stripes… https://i.imgur.com/5myx8tk.jpg

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Balaton 2018 camp

Anyone else heading out to the lake this year?

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[Official] EBI 16: The Female Bantamweights – Live Discussion Thread

Welcome to r/bjj‘s discussion of #EBI16: The Female Bantamweights! Please keep the fight discussions in here.

If you do make a post about a fight remember to keep spoilers out of the title and add [Spoiler] or use the Submit a Spoiler button on the submit page. Please mark it NSFW if your thumbnail reveals the outcome.

Main Card: (Fight Pass) @ 8:00 PM ET – Fight card courtesy of ufc.tv and subject to change.

Feel free to also join the discussion on r/bjj‘s Discord channel.

SPOILER ALERT: Winners in bold.

Beatriz Mesquita vs Miri Niedrauer (Mesquita wins by armbar submission in Regulation)

Amanda Leve vs Brooke Mayo (Leve wins by RNC submission in OT)

Pamela Boveda vs Talia Marie Vaughan

Luanna Alzuguir vs Jess Feliciano

Bianca Basilio vs Kayla Patterson

Sophia Nordeno vs Liz Tracy

Tracey Goodell vs Nikki Sullivan

Amanda Ribas vs Lila Smadja

Semi Finalist 1 vs Semi Finalist 2

Semi Finalist 3 vs Semi Finalist 4

Semi Finalist 5 vs Semi Finalist 6

Semi Finalist 7 vs Semi Finalist 8

Quarter Finalist 1 vs Quarter Finalist 2

Quarter Finalist 3 vs Quarter Finalist 4

PJ Barch vs Mikey Gonzalez

Combat Welterweight Title Fight
Richie Martinez vs Bobby Emmons

Women’s Bantamweight Title Fight Finalist 1 vs Finalist 2

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Which spats last longest?

From my experience:

My badboy spats lasted 6 months before knee area torn apart

Hayabusa spats same thing but lasted 8 months

Is there any type of spats that I could use longer without having to buy new one? I don’t feel like buying new spats after every 6 months

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