Straight Ankle Lock, Achilles lock or “Botinha”

One of the most common submissions in modern day Brazilian jiu jitsu, the straight ankle lock, also called Botinha, Achilles lock, straight footlock among other names, became popular greatly due to the influence of one coach who, in the early 2010 deca…

(Video) 50 Ways to Submit your Opponent with Herbert Burns

BJJ black belt Herbert Burns, ONE FC Superstar, BJJ World Champion and brother of Gilbert Durinho Burns, shares with us 50 ways to submit your opponents:


(Video) Polaris Pro BJJ Highlights

    Photo credit: Jiu-Jitsu style Magazine The first edition of the Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational was a major success. It happened in Cardiff, Wales on January 10th. The matches were 15 minutes in length and winning was by submission only. The rules are IBJJF black belt rules for in the gi, and ADCC […]

Cross Sides Bottom Series, Post 1- Posture

This is going to be the first detail post on cross sides bottom. It’s a position that I’ve been working quite a bit in my coaching and rolling lately. After being a black belt for a few years I’m starting to enjoy working from the bottom again. I think that maybe now that I don’t […]

Ireland National Pro Jiu-Jitsu championship, 10 Travel Packages

What better way to start 2015? Over 10 Travel Packages to the finals in Abu Dhabi will be on offer. All profits will be reinvested in the growth of BJJ and it’s athletes. Date: 15.02.15 Venue: venue.ie Registration: http://www.uaejjf.org/event/info/134 Reg closes 10.02.15 Weigh in from 14.02.15 Additional equipment prizes on the day. It’s going to […]