Watch: Alex Nascimento Submits Erberth Santos at 2016 Brasileiros

  This weekend at the IBJJF Brazilian Nationals (known as the Brasileiros) Alex Nascimento faced this year’s Abu Dhabi world pro champion Erberth Santos in the semi finals of superheavy. To the surprise of the crowd, Nascimento submitted the heavy favourited Santos by triangle choke. Erberth Santos defeated Rodrigo Cavaca in the final of the […]

Toreando follow-up?

I’ve been working on the leandro lo style step and push toreando with pants grip. However, my opponent often frames with his arms and I get stuck. Does anyone know any good follow ups to the toreando? I know that to pass any good guard one needs to have a entire sequence of passes. I have none for the toreando.

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Opinions on Danaher’s leglock system being kept secret.

I think it kind of sucks that they are actively trying to keep this stuff secret and taking down that video instructional that recently came out. The community is pretty good about supporting Garry, Eddie, Gordon, and the rest of their squad. I think it would be nice if they wouldn’t be so stingy with their techniques and help the community/fans that supports them. At the very least, do not actively discourage disseminating information about their techniques. If you want to make money off it, put out a paid instructional, we’ll gladly pay for it.

Although I’m sure part of their success is based on the fact that they developed a really good leg lock system, I’m pretty sure it’s also hard work. It’s not like anyone can just learn their system and then no one will get leg locked again. The Mendes Bros gave out their berimbolo techniques. Hell Rafa basically has shown his entire game on his website, and he still dominates the shit out of everyone. He can still berimbolo everyone.

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Has anyone seen Matt Arroyo’s back attack blue print?

It seems quite interesting for the dedicated back attacker. For the price it seems a little steep, but I have also yet to see it.

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BJJ Benefit Coverage

Does anyone receive BJJ as a benefit where they work (like Google HQ – http://m.fightland.vice.com/blog/gjj-google-takes-up-brazilian-jiu-jitsu)?

Or has anyone tried to convince their place of employment of the mental & physical benefits to get it considered/added as a benefit?

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So my friend mentioned that I train mma last night, and some 40 year old tough guy heard and asked me to ‘throw down’.

Apparently he was a weapon according to his friends, and I “didn’t want that”. But I literally said nothing to the guy except just laugh.

In my experience 100% of guys that try to start fights at a friendly gathering have no fighting experience or are just dicks. I mean who tries to start shit with a random 23 year old just because they heard they have some experience in fighting.

Do you guys get that alot?

I of course avoided the fight but a small part of me wished he tried something so I could cut his ego down to size.

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Celebrating when rolling

There is a guy at my gym who celebrates when he gets a sub on me. If I get him, he starts cussing about it.

I haven’t talked to anyone else about it, but I’m guessing he does the same with others in the gym.

I think it’s super annoying and immature. When people sub me I usually say nice move or good job or something.

Have you rolled with anyone who does this? How do you handle it?

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Question on when you’ve got your opponent flattened out on their stomach

So a few times I’ve managed to catch my opponent flattened out on their stomach with basically both arms underneath their body and their neck tucked in.

What should I do in this situation? I’ve basically frozen a few times- got bored and just put all my force into stripping one of the arms and going for an armbar- but it’s only worked once.

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Family and Friends at Tournaments

Do you invite your family, friends, and significant other to tournaments?

Personally, I don’t. Lol, I will admit that I’m not fond of the idea of me possibly getting my butt kicked in front of them. I also think they might be a distraction.

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Congrats to Black Belt David Meyer … a special day.

I am here in Los Angeles today, for my dear friend (and fellow member of the dirty dozen fraternity) David Meyer’s wedding. In a few hours time he will be tying the knot with his awesome wife-to-be, Galina. In playing a best-man type role, and in Jewish tradition, I have been asked to say a few words on the subject of Wisdom.

So please indulge me this post … As I congratulate one of the best people I know; and also take the opportunity to crystallise my thoughts before my little speech.

One of my favourite quotes from Greek philosopher Socrates, goes something like this – “the only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing”

i think this quote goes to the heart of what learning, and the gaining of knowledge, skill and eventually wisdom, are all about; an apt topic to discuss at David’s wedding.

I think the quote is about opening ourselves up to new thinking, to discovery, to exploration. I think it speaks to a willingness to step off old pathways and onto new ones in a personal search for truth. And one of the best examples i can offer is a short account of my early introduction to Dave Meyer.

I was a purple belt at the time; pre-UFC, when Dave walked into the Machado Academy in Tarzana. I happened to be teaching the class that night and he had come to see what the scuttlebutt was all about. So it was my privilege and pleasure to be able to give David his very first lesson in BJJ. It wasnt long before we were close friends … And he invited me down to Culver City to reach at a Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu school he was running. At that time, David had been involved in martial arts and jiu jitsu for many years and he was in fact, a Fourth degree in that system and a pretty tough individual.

Anyways, I taught the class for him and introduced his students to some of the basics of BJJ. At the end of the class, David did something that astounds me to this day; and brings home the point I want to share with you all.

He lined up his 20 odd students, and solemnly explained to them that he could, with no clear conscience, continue to instruct them in martial arts; when there was an academy in Tarzana where they could learn something far better than that which he could offer. He suggested they all immediately go down, sign up and become BJJ students.

And that, my fellow Redditors, is what a man of integrity looks like!! That is the kind of action that speaks to exploration, to having a pure and open mind, to be willing to cut ties to the past on move on to newer ways of thinking.


Proud to be his friend.


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Kimura imagery

Hi all, this is a totally selfish post, but I’m looking for a kimura image. I’m thinking about my first tattoo and wanted to do something BJJ related.

I love kimuras but find it’s rather hard to capture in 2D. Does anyone have a good artwork/photo/sketch of a kimura?


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How to do a "head scissors" choke (AKA Carlson Gracie choke)

New tutorial on a crazy looking move that actually works:


I use a Kimura to set this up. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Should I be worried?

So both of my sons go to a local gym in central Iowa. The instructor is an MMA fighter that is a Brown belt (BJJ – black belt in others). This didnt bother me until I read on here (http://www.nabjjf.com/index.php/belt-system) that promotions cannot be given unless you are a black belt. Did I read this wrong? Does the instructor have to follow these guidlines? How many different guidelines are there?

FWIW, I dont roll. I do pushups and duckwalks with my boys (5yr old does BJJ, MMA and Wrestling) and try to get them to run with me (ever try to keep pace w/a 5yr old?). We drive 45 minutes 1 way to take these boys to a 1hr class twice a week (3X for the little one). If I am wasting my time (and $225/mo total) let me know now. I do not want them to be promoted when they shouldnt, or not be promoted when they should. Or deal w/any bullshit because of this issue.

The instructor is great. He does various martial arts, boxing, wrestling etc (little one wrestles elsewhere). He is good w/the kids, and the adults (students) like him too. I just dont want to get $5k into this and realize its all for naught.

Am I worried about nothing?

Thanks in advance.

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