Learning whilst off the mats

Hi what would people say is the best way to learn whilst off the mats? I’ve had to have a couple weeks off due to an operation and will be having another couple off because of another op. I hate the fact i’ve not learnt anything in the past two weeks and future two weeks too. Any particular learning material available that’d help more than the usual youtube video?

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Strength And Conditioning Megathread – February 20, 2017

The Strength and Conditioning megathread is an open forum for anyone to ask any question, no matter how simple, about general strength and conditioning as it relates to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Use this thread to:

  • Ask questions about strength and conditioning
  • Get diet and nutrition advice
  • Request feedback on your workout routine
  • Brag about your gainz

Get yoked and stay swole!

Also, click here to see the previous Strength And Conditioning Megathreads.

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Former wrestler want to start training bjj – Questions on no gi vs gi and takedowns in the sport of bjj.

I wrestled from the age of 6 to 18 years old. I’m 25 now and really miss wrestling, but as an adult, there are many more bjj gyms and people to train with than adult wrestling clubs.

I would like to give bjj a try, and personally think I would prefer no gi since it’s more similar to the grappling of wrestling (I may be ignorant and inexperienced, but grabbing and pulling on the gi to control/submit an opponent isn’t as interesting or exciting to me as no gi style grappling).

However, it seems that almost all bjj gyms in my area focus on gi training with maybe one day a week of no gi. I’m in Vancouver, BC atm.

Also, from my limited experience and from what I’ve watched, it appears that takedowns aren’t really utilized or considered an important aspect of bjj which is a little bit disappointing to me as a former wrestler. Is this true that takedowns are not a very important part of the game?

I know people like Josh Barnett have advocated for a focus on takedowns in bjj and submission grappling. Here is an article with his thoughts on it for anyone interested: https://www.jiujitsutimes.com/josh-barnett-voices-opinion-over-starting-on-the-knees-while-grappling/

What is the reason that takedowns aren’t considered important? (if it’s true that they aren’t) Is it because being in the guard on bottom isn’t as compromised of a position as being on the bottom in wrestling? ie: there are many submission opportunities from the bottom.

I plan to start a free week at a few bjj gyms soon to find one that I like and to start doing some training. Appreciate any input!

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Has anyone here had any experience with Isami custom BJJ Belts?

Myself and a couple of guys at the academy got promoted over the weekend and I was wanting to get a custom BJJ belt to celebrate. Does anybody have or know someone who has bought a Isami custom embroidered belt and know what the quality is like? I am in the UK so if you have any alternative options that I could look into, that would also be great!

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UFC Halifax: Johny Hendricks vs Hector Lombard Full Fight




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Fight night 105: Derrick Lewis vs Travis Browne




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Johnny Hendricks talked about training in the Gi two days a week during his last camp before fighting Hector Lombard

Really interesting to see Hendricks talk about training in the Gi before this upcoming fight. I am not that aware of Hendricks training in the Gi before and not as much as he did during this camp. Just interesting comment out of the post fight press conference.

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White belt open guard question


I’ve been working on my closed guard, but when sparring open guard is unavoidable so when I have to open up I focus on retention.

In your opinion, what is the simplest first step to making my open guard more offensive? Sprinkle in sweeps from different positions, try to learn one guard in a little depth, or look for resets to closed guard?


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Learned the lesson

Today training after a roll, my training partner put me in a toe hold messing around, I was an idiot playing around from it trying to escape, and heard a loud pop sound, there was never any pain but I saw it was deep, but I was stupid and am now guessing the sound was not good. Idk what the extent of the injury is, hoping its just a minor sprain, I can walk and all and no visible swelling, only pain is if I put any pressure near the ball of my foot. Anyway make sure you all tap because it was a pain free injury but I saw it coming and chose to be an idiot about it.

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[serious] Why do you think guard pulling still isn’t penalized in some way?

It’s not like the IBJJF is oblivious to the idea. What do you think their justification is for keeping guard pulling without penalty?

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