Watch: Roger Gracie Rolling with his Father, Coral Belt Mauricio Motta Gomes

  10x world champion Roger Gracie rolling with his father Mauricio Motta Gomes, a coral belt under Rolls Gracie. Roger learned his intense pressure game from his father. Mauricio is said to have a legendary knee on belly! Video shot by Romulo Peloso at Roger Gracie’s academy in London. Mauricio gomes e seu pupilo Roger […]

Basic Balance & Passing Drills for Jiu-Jitsu Using Physio Ball

  Stability ball training is a great supplement to Jiu-Jitsu training. You can work on your technique, balance, coordination as well as strength and conditioning. There are lots of cool drills that you can do to improve your athleticism and balance for Jiu jitsu and here is a great video working a few simple drills: […]

Alan “Gumby” Marques

Alan Marques, commonly known as “Gumby”, is a figure of great importance for the development of Brazilian jiu jitsu in the USA. A black belt under Ralph Gracie, Gumby became the co-founder of OnTheMat (OTM), a company that revolutionized jiu jitsu’s in…

After Winning Everything in 2015, Mackenzie Dern Considering MMA

  Mackenzie Dern is the daughter of ‘Megaton’ Dias. Incredibly, she started competing in the adult divisions of tournaments at the age of 14! 2015 was an amazing year for Mackenzie Dern. She won the Europeans, Pan, World Pro at weight and Absolute, the Worlds and now the ADCC! What’s next for a girl that […]

ADCC Aftermath

Analysing the data for the 2015 edition of the ADCC, by the numbers. We go through this year’s tournament, revealing important information about the submissions, the champions and the state of this historic submission wrestling competition in our sport.

Rodolfo Vieira Offered Contract by Japanese MMA Organization; Wants to Fight at 185 lbs

  5x jiu-jitsu world champion at black belt, Rodolfo Vieira won his first ADCC title last Sunday. After winning the -99kgs final, Vieira was offered a pro MMA contract by Japan based Real Fight Championship (where Kron Gracie made his debut). Vieira told MMAFighting.com: “I got nervous when they made the offer, but will still […]

Robert Drysdale: ‘Another ADCC Goes By & Gi Grapplers Win Unanimously’

  2007 Open weight champion champion (He submitted GOAT Marcelo Garcia in the final) was watching this year’s ADCC and made a comment on his instagram. For Drysdale, who trains both Gi and No Gi, it is important to train in both to be the best in No Gi. Is he right? Marcelo Garcia also […]