Is a low level rdlr basically the same thing as a knee shield?

It sounds kinda silly, but yeah I’m not really sure

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Has anyone been able to do knee on belly to North South Choke on a resisting opponent?

Teach me your ways. I’ve seen youtube videos(1, 2), but the variation I have better luck with was not the one that they do. Based on the lack of videos available I’m guessing that KOB to N/S Choke isn’t commonly done, but I can’t figure out if that’s because it doesn’t work well against a resisting opponent or because people just don’t favor it.

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The Insane Bias of the UAEJJF World Pro

I love to watch jiu jitsu, but it is crazy how biased the UAEJJF is towards UAE competitors. Once again their top boy Faisal AlKetbi will float through the 85 kilogram division without any qualifiers and having miraculously escaped any Brazilian or USA athlete on his way to the final, like last year.

This means that (let’s say) if the Brazilian qualifier – Gustavo Batista makes it through to the final, he will have faced Patrick, Gaudio, Renato Canuto, Claudio Calasans, Romulo Barral and Isaque Bahiense to get there.

Faisal will have faced two guys. One from Jordania and one from Italy. LOL

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Up to what belt should one attend fundamentals class?

I ask this because after switching from an MMA school to a GB, I realized there was no fundamentals class at the MMA school and I am definitely lacking in my fundamentals.

I am still a white belt, coming up on a year and just wondering how long one should focus on fundamentals – I’d assume its good for all belts, but just wanted to get everyone thoughts on this.

Sometimes they have advanced during fundamentals upstairs at my gym and I am trying to decide what to spend more of my time in. The fundamentals class is of course great, however no rolling. The advanced of course is great as well.

I am thinking attend 2 fundamentals a week, mixed in with 3-4 advanced classes. Keep in my they have open mat twice a week I can attend, so it is not a big deal if I roll a little less during the week.

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Redzovic – The Loop – Schedule Question

If anybody out there goes to the Loop location…

I started at Redzovic a little over two years ago, but moved away. I’ll be back in Chicago this weekend and plan on dropping in for at least the Core class on Saturday.

According to the website schedule, there’s a Randori class before the Core class. Is this just open mat? Judo? I can’t find a description.


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How do you deal with dela riva x when passing? Link to position inside.

So I’ve been having trouble when trying to apply the knee cut pass or passing in general when the guard player weaves their legs between mine and gets kind of a dela riva x (I’m not sure what to call it really, but Jon Thomas shows it in his recent dela riva video). Its this position here at about 9:17 https://youtu.be/-_Ye7G2N3S0?t=9m17s.

Generally this happens when I have my knee positioned inside their legs with my same side elbow connected to the knee. They’ll weave and eventually I get swept. This also happens when I push the non hooking leg in between my legs before passing. I have trouble moving my back leg or peeling the opponents leg with my free hand.

Thank You.

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Historical record of a proto-triangle choke in ancient jujutsu

Extract from Sanzo Maruyama’s book about a jujutsuka named Kanaya who worked as a police instructor (just like most Japanese jujutsukas at this time period) and showed an interesting hold in a rather brutal challenge match against a judoka.

“After the brutal matches between Tanabe and Tobari [see here and here], it’s needed to mention Senjuro Kanaya, for he had a tough match against Tobari as well. Kanaya is traditionally believed to belong to the Kito-ryu jujutsu school, but that he was actually a Takeuchi-ryu jujutsuka. However, it is not like Kanaya didn’t have any involvement with the former school. The Ikeda clan was associated to the Kito-ryu school, but its branch in Amagi trained at Takeuchi-ryu, and so it was that both Hidemi Noda from Kito-ryu and Yutaka Kataoka from Takeuchi-ryu were deputy secretaries of the clan. The main teacher of the Amagi branch was Fuji Kataoka, but his first son, Senjuro, was given in adoption to the Kanaya family, so he adopted the Kanaya surname.

Although the exact time in which Senjuro Kanaya became a hand-to-hand teacher for the Metropolitan Police is unknown, it was well known at the Meiji era that Kanaya one of the strongest jujutsuka not affiliated to the Totsuka Yoshin-ryu. He had the reputation to be a fearsome fighter, but he was apparently an affable, friendly man. He allied with members of his own school like Kotaro Imai and Hikosaburo Oshima, but also with jujutsukas of other styles like Tanabe from Fusen-ryu. At the time, they banded together forming a coalition against the Kodokan members at the Metropolitan Police.

Kanaya didn’t look like what one would expect of a fighter, as he was small and gentle at first sight. However, whenever he came to the dojo, he turned into a completely different person – he was as strong and agile as an ape. His favourite technique was the ude-hishigi-juji-gatame, which he often executed after a tomoe nage, and many jujutsukas and judokas were plagued by these moves.

Let’s describe his match with Sakujiro Yokoyama here. Although the exact date is unknown, it seems they had a fierce match. After blocking an early tomoe nage from Kanaya, Yokoyama got both of his hands under Kanaya’s raised legs and tried to pick him up [note: probably a daki age slam or a powerbomb Bob Sapp style; the text in Japanese is blurry], but what happened is that Kanaya’s upper body didn’t get elevated at all. Instead, while Yokoyama tried to lift him, Kanaya’s legs closed around his neck, performing a technique probably close to the modern sankaku-jime. This push and pull continued for a time.

However, concluding he could not overcome Kanaya’s position, Yokoyama pushed them both against the dojo’s main pillar an started slamming Kanaya’s head on it. A minute happened while they struggled, and then the referee called for hikiwake or draw, as they hit the 20 minute mark. This result was heard through Japan, and it being a draw supported the Kodokan’s reputation, as Senjuro Kanaya had been better regarded than his opponent up to that point.

Kanaya’s reputation was dented after this match, but he was still famous. He later became a police instructor in Taiwan, but an epidemy ended his life in 1895 at 31 years old. It was a too young age, and he was missed in the jujutsu community.

It is unknown when Kanaya left the Metropolitan Police and was transferred to Taiwan, but it coincides with the time in which, despite his efforts and those of other jujutsukas, the Kodokan-ryu started taking over the dojos and displacing the old jujutsu schools. It is believed that, even if practitioners from the old styles with both ability and ambition had stayed at the Metropolitan Police, the Kodokan expansion would only have been merely delayed.”


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How To Create Video Site?

I’m looking into starting an online video site for my school. Something where members can sign up, pay, watch, etc. Anyone know what I’d need to do to make this happen. Thanks.

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Advice on if I should wrestle!

I’m currently 18 and a 2 stripe blue belt (I’ve been training for 5 years).I’m in my senior year of high school and about to graduate. I’m going to one of Penn States satellite campuses for a year then to main. The campus I’m going to has a wrestling club and a regret I’ve had was not wrestling in high school. I know the club welcomes newcomers. However, I’d have to stop training BJJ. It’s something I really want to try but I’m not totally sure because of it.

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Training once a week?

I train BJJ for self defense. In my opinion gracie academy has the most legit self defense curriculum. Unfortunately most of the schools in my area are sport based. I am considering gracie barra since they do have a legit self defense curriculum in addition to their competition stuff. Problem is they don’t spar with strikes. Now I have an option. There is a gracie academy certified training center an hour a way. Legit self defense curriculum and they spar with strikes. I was thinking of making a trip there once a week (since my work schedule would only allow a saturday.) I plan to move to california to eventually train at the HQ so I figure why not get in the system early. The cons of this is obvious training once a day but also being under a two stripe blue belt (who has completed their instructor certification course)isn’t much to brag about. He does know the entire gracie combatives system like the back of his hand and is approved by rener gracie himself that he is qualified to teach those 36 moves. Just want to know what your thoughts are or advice is.

Let me add, I am purely a hobbiest of BJJ. No plans to compete. Just want to learn self defense and enjoy the beautiful art.

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Got my first serious BJJ injury

Hey guys , i popped my shoulder while rolling recently and my chiropractor advised me to stay off the mats until June . Any advice on how not to regress and what cardio/ stretching in can do to maintain my skills ?

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Has anyone picked up a rashguard from rashguardhero.com??

Saw a one punch man rashguard that I would love, but $30 with free shipping seems too good to be true.

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Anyone else have trouble navigating FloGrapplings website?

I have tried a few different browsers and also resetting settings / cache on them and still no luck with their website.

Over half the links do not work when clicked on, nothing happens, sometimes right click > open in new tab works but sometimes that just logs me out and I literally cannot access the content. Pretty disappointing for the price it cost me.

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Kron Gracie?

I know this is a huge community, someone has to know why Kron isn’t fighting?? I feel like hes wasting his prime

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