Gi Size for a Fatty

So I haven’t trained in several years and have put on a lot of weight. I want to start training again but my gis don’t fit. I usually wear a Fuji A2, which is comically small now. I also have a pair of Atama A3 pants that I can get on but are super tight and thus unwearable. Please someone tell me what size Fuji I should get. I just measured my waist around the biggest part and it’s 46 inches. I’m not worried about the length as I’ll just get them hemmed. I was thinking A4?

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Training Near Riverside, CA??

I am a purple belt from a small town in Upstate NY. Circumstances have brought me to Riverside, and I’m looking around to see where some serious academies are. I assumed I would have a good crop to pick from but it looks very bare even just 30 mins inland. I will be here for at least a year, an am used to training twice a day, everyday and competing. There are limited bjj resources in my town, and have done good competitively considering, and would really like to spend the year accessing the best training I can now that I am closer to a high level area, but don’t have unlimited funds to toss away either. Any suggestions on a gym for grinders/competitors that are within 10-20 miles of riverside? Or even any high level grapplers on here with mats that would want to train/rep, start a program?

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Sunday Open Mat in Indianapolis?

Anyone know of gyms in the Indianapolis area that offer open mats on Sunday and are welcoming to students from different academies?


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Design your ultimate home jiu jitsu training space

Guys I’ve got a little cash to update the training space. Currently have : 10×10 Dollamur flexi-roll mats (about to upgrade to 15×10) Defense Soap Foot Washing Station Just put a tv in the garage and by end of week will be hooking up a dvd player to watch instructionals.

Aside from that what would you all add? Any ideas on -grappling dummies -additional training equipment -dvd’s I must have?

If you were to “pimp my garage” what would you add?

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RED Gatorade

Can someone explain why there is no “Red” Gatorade allowed at SJJIF/NABJJF competitions? I read it in their rule book and am just curious as to the reason…Thanks

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3 whole years and I’m still laughably bad & it’s starting to really bother me

I started training in June 2015. On average I would say I’ve trained two, maybe three times a week with some times only getting to train once a week and other times training 5 days a week and on some days even training twice in a day.

I started as an unathletic, uncoordinated 170lb skinny fat, but nothing has really changed about that. I’m still in bad shape and it never really gets better by “just rolling”.

It’s not the 8 month white belt’s fault for shutting me down, passing my guard and inevitably tapping me, and I never am a salty training partner or try to “win”, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t start feeling depressed when the athletic spazz who has literally a fraction of my grappling experience smashes me like nothing, and in an hour of rolling getting zero submissions.

Probably the straw that broke the camel’s back was rolling with this like 16 year old kid who is a track&field athlete. He is pretty good, but only has been training for like 6 months. For 4 mins I was stuck in his cruxific and one scramble later he puts me in a legit tight armbar. I shook hands told him awesome work, but on the way home I felt like just disappearing off the face of the earth and never even thinking about grappling again. The worst part is when I realize how someone who shouldn’t be fucking me up is indeed fucking me up, because I get so caught up in it and upset that I can’t even think straight.

I feel like a complete embarrassment to my gym and that I’ll never be remotely near competent in this; I guess there is a reason I am a white belt after three years and all the people who started with me are blues and fuck me up every single time.

I guess I’m venting, but I really do need some advice or perspective. I am so fucking frustrated that I’m getting self conscious of showing up to train; I doubt the people at the gym will really miss the guy who sucks but kinda just stuck with it and basically is a rest round during sparring.

I get that the idea of jiu jitsu is to use leverage as a smaller person to defeat a bigger one, but that only works on people there their first day. If the bigger guy has the remotest idea of what he’s doing, then I just get smashed. The only people I can submit are teens/really new people who weigh less than 200 lbs/women, and I don’t really go for the sub there because that would make me feel even more pathetic.

Am I ever going to “even out” per se and get better at a faster rate? Or do you see guys like me who just fucking suck balls forever? And yes, I know “train more” is the answer etc etc, but that clearly isn’t working for me based on the hours I have on the mat. I feel like I’m just not “getting it”.

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BJJ in Austin Tx

Is there any school that in Austin Tx that train on Saturday nights? I’ve already missed three nights this week and can’t miss more do to travel for work.

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Trouble finishing d’arce choke

I usually guillotine pass half guard or one leg in and get the darce choke correctly ,I lean in but nobody taps to it

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What to do when injured?

Do any of you still go to your gym and watch when you have an injury? I recently got a minor animal bite (big enough to keep me out for a few weeks) and I’ve been thinking about just going to the gym and watching classes/taking notes, but I wonder if this will really help scratch the BJJ itch?

I recently moved to this gym and must admit, I mostly want to go so people don’t think I’ve quit. I was hoping to make some new friends through BJJ in our new area.

Anyway, wondering if anyone has found much benefit in observing while injured?

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Black Belt Urges Fast tracking of Jiu-jitsu for Asian Games 2018 application

Back in 2015 we reported of The UAEJJ and JJIF action plan with a goal to push the drive towards the ultimate dream of including Jiu-Jitsu in the Summer Olympic Games, starting with Asia and the Asian Games. Now Viking Wong, a black belt in bjj from Hong Kong is urging them to fast track […]

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BJJ community coming to help some youth deaf wrestling

Hey everyone, if you’re in Minnesota there will be a wrestling seminar at Bellum Jiu Jitsu on Sunday at noon. The cost is whatever you feel you can donate.
If you aren’t in the area but would like to support a good bunch of kids you can donate at GoFundMe.com/deaf-wrestling-drive


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To the BJJ moms out there: how long before you got back to the mat after childbirth?

Hey all,

So after about 1.5 years of BJJ, my wife finally told me she would really like to give it a try as well. Thing is, we just got our first child about 4 months ago – and as all the moms out there, and probably some of the dads might know, when a woman is pregnant, her belly muscles are pushed away to the sides of the body to make room for the baby to grow. At the same time, muscle mass in that area is lost, since the core belly muscles are basically put into retirement for the time of the pregnancy, because of that little thing growing on the inside that keeps building improvements to its living room. Once the baby is born, it takes time for the belly muscles to “grow back” / “move back” to their respective positions. After all, the process of the body making room for a baby to develop takes 9 months until it is readily toasted, so it is clear that getting the body back in its original shape/form doesn’t just take 2 weeks. It is not uncommon to hear moms say that overall, it took them about an entire year after childbirth to get back to their normal/pre-pregnancy shape. There are some specific exercises and even courses that can be done to better stimulate the muscle re-growth to close the gap, but they do remain very specific and restrictive for as long as there is a gap between your core belly muscles. After all, as long as the belly muscles haven’t moved/grown back to their original place, you have no (muscular) protective layer between your skin and your organs. So any type of contact sport is most definitely a very bad idea.

Our concern is the following: the gap between my wife’s belly muscles has reduced a lot throughout the last months, but it is not completely closed yet (there’s still about a finger-width gap between her belly muscles). So we wanted to ask around the moms in the community how long they took off/waited after child birth to get (back) on the mat, and if they did anything specific to get back in shape for BJJ. Obviously we are most definitely going to consult with a physician (or maybe two) to get a professional opinion before she takes her first class, but we just wanted to get some actual hands-on feedback based on experience.

Cheers !

TLDR: wife would like to try out BJJ ; baby is 4 months old – how long did BJJ moms wait to get back on the mat and how long did it take to get physically back in shape after child birth ?

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English/Portuguese speaking gyms in Amsterdam?

Hi guys,

Next month I’m moving from the US to Amsterdam for work and was wondering if anyone knows of a good English/Portuguese speaking gym in the city.

I speak no Dutch and don’t want to stop training so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated it!

Thanks in advance

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