(Video) Best Moments of Zenith BJJ Summer Camp w/ Robert Drysdale in Poland 2014

    Robert Drysdale was recently in Europe for his tour of his affiliates. Poland’s mmarocks.pl , filmed the Zenith BJJ training camp in Poznan, Poland. Drysale also says some intresting things about training in the Gi.   Press play and click on the icon on the right of the clock to get English Subitles: […]

Gianni Grippo

Gianni Grippo is widely regarded as one of the leading figures of the ‘Berimbolo Generation’ of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having built that reputation in the lower belt divisions of the sport where he conquered 6 world titles (4 with the gi and 2 without). …

Scott Cowboy, the First American Jiu Jitsu Competitor

BJJ Heroes went to a few of Rolls Gracie’s most famed students to find out about the first American competitor in Jiu Jitsu, Mr Scott Cowboy who competed in the 1970s.

Marcus Buchecha Seminar In Zurich, Switzerland, September 15th

      6x world bjj champion Marcus Buchecha will come to Zurich 15th September at Nippon Training Center to hold a BJJ seminar organized by RUKUS BJJ, BJJ Mirkovic and Nippon Training Center (Roger Gracie Academy). This is the first time that the two BJJ Academies from different schools unite and work togetherin a […]

(Video) Yancy Medeiros Places a Crazy Reverse Bulldog Choke @UFC 177

    Yancy Medeiros is a UFC fighter from Wai’anae, Hawaii. Medeiros is of Hawaiian, Portuguese and Filipino descent, known ‘Hapa Filipino’. Medeiros started off his career fighting at light heavyweight. He then moved down to middleweight and eventually made his lightweight debut at UFC 159. Medeiros credits the Diaz Brothers, Nick Diaz and Nate […]

(Video) Watch The 2014 World Judo Championship, Full Event

    2014 World Judo Championships is being held in Chelyabinsk, Russia, from 25–31 August 2014, in the Traktor Ice Arena. Each country may present a total of 18 men and women judokas, which have the opportunity to participate in one of the 14 weight categories (7 male and 7 female), but no more than […]

With Goal of Joining the Olympics, 2015 WPJJC Makes Changes to Regional Qualifiers

    In the goal to bring Jiu-Jitsu to the Olympics, the organizers of the World Pro JJC, the UAEJJF have just announced through Graciemag changes in the qualifying system for the 2015 edition. The goal is to have even more qualifiers so that as many competitors from all parts of the globe come compete […]

Aoki: “I Want a Rematch with Kron Gracie…In MMA”

    In June of last year, the Japanese legend Shinya Aoki, former Dream champion, and current Shooto lightweight champion of the One FC, suffered the first  submission loss in his career. Against Kron Gracie, son of Rickson, the Japanese tapped after a tight guillotine in the second edition of Metamoris, a grappling event that […]