Buchecha: No Problem Facing Rodolfo in BJJ but Never in MMA

    Marcus Buchecha says he would not accept to face Rodolfo Vieira face in MMA and reveals why… It is no secret that Marcus Buchecha and Rodolfo Vieira have been putting aside the Gi for the past months and been training their striking in preparation for MMA. The two Jiu-Jitsu stars who have a […]

Competitor Ignores Handshake To Go For Takedown And Win Gold- Fair or Poor Sportsmanship?

    Competitor ignores handshake – thoughts? Did he shoot at the same time as the handshake or was it poor sportsmanship?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X_v1GP_Osk

Interview with Riccardo Ammendolia of FIVE

An interview with Riccardo Ammendolia, the frontman of FIVE Grappling, an American tournament that has been causing waves in jiu jitsu’s competitive universe. Ammendolia dicusses FIVE’s point system, organization and future plans for this exciting new …

Keenan Cornelius Explains How He Escaped The Deep Kneebar of Yuri Simoes at Metamoris 5

    At the recent Metamoris 5,  Keenan Cornelius was caught in a very deep kneebar by Yuri Simoes.   Everybody thought that Keenan would tap…But he defended well and escaped. Keenan released a video which he posted on reddit and explained how he did it. Check out the video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFGEzjkWAxQ#t=22

Marcelo Garcia on How To Benefit from Rolling w/ Lower Belts & Developing Conditioning for BJJ by Rolling

    BJJ legend Marcelo Garcia talks about his philosophy regarding developing your BJJ game when you are around lower belts. For Marcelo, instead of waiting for your partner to make a mistake, you should push the pace and force the partner to defend. This will also push your conditioning for BJJ. Marcelo doesn’t lift, […]