Nice guy IBJJF

Just opened the mail to see that IBJJF had sent my wife back her credit card that she must have left at one of the events. The mail is from Irvine, CA but the closest she would have left it was at the Seattle Open so someone must have either taken it / sent it to CA before they sent it back out to us. Thanks!

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torn cartilage in the ribs?

well the main question is: how long will it take to heal? i rolled over someones fist with my lower ribs while he tried to flatten me out. it made a nasty crack, about 3-4 month ago. when i stretch my back and take a deep breath it still hurts (like sore muskles do). can i do anything to support the healing?

doing nothing is not gonna help me, because i will go fucking mental when i dont hit the mats

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Maia seminar in Europe

Just watched the Gracie Breakdown following his fight where he says he has some seminars coming up in europe, but can’t seem to find any links or info anywhere.

Does anyone know where these seminars are taking place?

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Why did no one warn me lockdown half guard was addictive?

Seriously ever since coach introduced it to us in class, it became my de facto half guard. I can’t do traditional half guard anymore and whenever I do, I have to fight the urge to not intertwine my legs in between his/hers. I pulled off a half assed Electric Chair sweep a couple of days ago (wasn’t as smooth as others) and I was so freaking happy!

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What technique completely changed your game?

Hi all. BJJ purple belt here. I was just wondering if anyone had a lightbulb moment throughout there BJJ life that was just a complete game changer

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Getting stuff autographed?

Prof. Pedro Sauer is coming to give a seminar at my gym in October, and I’m gonna order a cheapo white belt from ebay ask him, my coach and his coach to autograph it, so it’d be the whole lineage sans Rickson, which would be pretty dope.

Does anyone else have anything else they’ve got signed at a seminar by a personal BJJ idol of yours? I’d love to hear about it. I remember hearing about a Royce Gracie seminar where the gym owners hired a dude with a polaroid camera and if you got a picture with Royce he’d sign the picture after for a small fee to pay off the photographer.

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passing closed guard and butterfly problems

i have some issues with passing butterfly and closed guard.

my strategy for closed is to keep my base and posture and kill their grips, then attempt the basic logsplitter pass with a hand on the belly and one on the knee, then double unders or knee slice.

my problem is when i put my hand on the belly and hip up to get a knee in their ass thy swat my hand away. what can i do? different grips? (im referring to no gi) also how do you pass when you stand? alot of times ill attempt the logsplitter and if that fails ill stand up, but all i can do is kinda shimmy until ther guard is lowered but i cant do that to anyone good without getting swept.

with butterfly im proactive about handfighting, keepi g my base, staying low and ill try to get tight double unders or an over under with their elbow pinched tight against them. then i flatten them out, get the top of my head in their chin and ear intheir chest. then i get stumped against good guys, i have no real technique here besides kicking my leg bavk and circling to side control.

i like to stay clinched when i pass because i dont want to give the guy a chanc to get back to his feet and in general im better at clinch passing, but i have an open mind.

i appreciate all your answers, thank you very much

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When did you guys get your first stripe?

I have been doing BJJ for about 5 months now. As a teen in the adult class I just smashed constantly but have some small victories here and there. I haven’t gotten my first stripe yet but I am not trying to rush it, I just enjoy BJJ. I train once a week for 1st week then twice a week every fortnight. Just wondering when you guys got your first stripe for your white belt.

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