Looks like my body can’t take it

Hi everyone,

I’ve been doing bjj on and off for 3 years now. I’ve been struggling with the technics and body awarreness on the ground for a very long time, to say the truth i really sucked during these 3 years and most of the guys who started around the same time than me are already blue belts.

I took a 6 months break before signing up again in a different school and i’ve been back for a month now. Things are going much better and I finally started figuring stuff out, being more dangerous on the ground and defending hard. I really enjoy rolling now.

My issue is that one of the reason I kept going on and off was because my body seems to not being able to take the stress and toughness of bjj.

I’ve never been able to train more than twice a week for a month before something start keeping me off the mat for a while (i’m tall and have an average body).

For example after going to 2 classes a week for a month, last monday we had a pretty hard class, where I rolled hard with higher belts, nothing special hapenned to my body during the class (no pop or significant pain of any kind), however this morning I woke up with a terrible pain in the lower back, to the point where i almost couldn’t get up from my bed. And now I will have to rest off the mat again for god knows how long…

I see people training 5 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day without having that kind of issues. WTF is wrong with me ? I try to stretch and to do some exercices to make my body stronger but it seems to be nothing compares to what it goes through during class. Did some of you overcome that kind of things ?

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Found a creeper

TL;DR: new guy creeped me out. To all the women, if you are dealing with a creep, let your team mates know. The men you train with regularly have your back.

Our gym has a few locations we can train at. I went to a different location the other day than I usually do. This guy came in for the Muay Thai class, with his hands wrapped, but he was so late, there was only like 10 minutes left in the class. No biggie. The schedule was different that day, so maybe he didn’t get the message.

He comes up to me and without even introducing himself, says, “Yeah, I guess I was late to the Muay Thai class. I just started 3 days ago, but I watch a lot of UFC, so I’m familiar with some of the stuff. I thought I’d give BJJ a try. But, you know, I’ve got to wear this cup cause the friction makes…”

Me: “Woah, woah, woah!! Too much info!!” As I walk away.

Creeper follows me! So I go hang out near two of our black belts who were rolling already. Every time I was near them, he would stay away. When I decided to go to the wall and stretch, he followed me again with, “Wow, you are really flexible” (I wasn’t that day). He went on and on. I got up and walked back to the black belts rolling. He stayed put. During drilling, I was partnered up with a woman who is new. He was standing over us, like he wanted to butt in. Usually, if it looks like someone needs a partner, I’ll offer for them to work in with us. But not this creep. And it is very rare for a guy to want to work in with a group of 2 women unless he is our size. Eventually, he went back to the other side of the room. (I refuse to call him a man. I know too many good men. He is a creep). Finally, it came time to roll. He finds me again, catches me while I’m going to my next partner. I’m thinking, “alright, but this is gonna be one of THOSE rolls. I’ll give him a reason to leave me alone.”

But he refuses to roll with me. By this time everyone is already paired up. The guy wants me to show him how to do a triangle. By this time, I was very much creeped out. But I’ve been conditioned enough to know that sometimes it is best not to make waves. I might be safe from creepers in the gym, but that doesn’t mean I will be when everyone leaves and he has a chance to get a weapon. (Women have to think like this sometimes). So I decided it would be best to show him how little he really wants to be there. I’ve been told I have a triangle that feels like your head will pop off. Unfortunately, I understand that there is a good probability that didn’t have my intended purpose and I’m in his spank bank. The whole idea of having to deal with this guy just really creeps me out.

Here is my PSA to the other women out there. The guys you train with all the time have your back. All you have to do is verbalize what happened. I told the teacher that night. And the next night, I was talking to another one of our black belts, with a different black belt rolling in front of us, and our head instructor within earshot. I told the story to the black belt I was talking to. The black belt that was rolling stops and looks at me, and asks a bunch of questions. Then, our head instructor came over and asked a bunch of questions. Apparently, I’m not the only one to complain about this guy. This was taken very seriously, and I have no doubt that he will be dealt with apporiately. And I feel much better knowing so many people are looking out for me. It seems to be pretty rare to find creeps in Jiujitsu, at least in my experience it has been. But they do find their way into the gym from time to time. Just don’t be afraid to speak up. If you can’t safely talk because the guy is always right there, text or email. Or even, ask someone to practice guard passing drills, and get your head close to theirs and tell the story. Just speak up!

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Every Martial Art Consists of These 3 Things…

I’m primarily known as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, but the reality is that I’ve trained in a lot of other martial arts too.

These other martial arts include Combat Submission Wrestling, Kajukenbo Karate, Boxing, Wing Chun, Judo, Muay Thai, Hung Gar, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Hsing I, Northern Shaolin, Maphalindo Silat, Capoeira, Tai Chi, Western Fencing, Freestyle Wrestling, Jun Fan/JKD, Shootwrestling, and Inosanto-Lacoste Kali and more…

Obviously there are a lot of differences between the techniques used in these different martial arts, including the way they attack and defend, whether they strike or not, how they strike, how they grapple, etc.

But in addition to the differences in the technique used, there are other differences in these martial arts as well.  And that’s because each of these martial arts consists of three individual components: techniques, training equipment, and training methods.

This insight was shared with me by one of my martial arts mentors and gurus Dan Inosanto, and it’s useful because it helps you identify the different things you can beg, borrow, or steal from martial arts other than your own!

In the video below I break down the 3 components of every single martial art in a lot more detail and using lots of specific examples.  Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments below


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What do you believe are the most important factors to improving your bjj?

Instructor? Family/friends support? Drill partners? Hard/soft rolls? Academy environment? Mentors? Not being promoted when you feel like you should? Youtube videos? Trying things out that you don’t learn in class? Self evaluation after rolls? Getting submitted a lot? Being in a competitive or friendly environment? Having friends at the gym?

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Any decent photographers in the Kissimmee Florida Area?

Hi everyone, this is Mike from Jiu-Jitsu Magazine. Looking for a decent photographer in the Kissimmee Florida area to cover an event for a few hours this Saturday. My regular guy fell through. This is a paying gig, your work will be published in a future issue of jiu-jitsu magazine. If you’re interested, please email me. MikeV@jiujitsumag.com. Put “Photog” in the subject line. Thanks!

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Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos is a jiu jitsu black belt under Jair Lourenço and a member of the Kimura / Nova União (K/NU) academy, being the team’s settler in Scandinavia. From his K/NU gym in Gjøvik, Norway Jose Carlos developed some of the top European grappling competitors, including big names in the world IBJJF circuit such as Espen Mathiesen and Tommy Langaker.

DAE do commentary or make jokes while rolling?

And does it bother anyone if some one is doing it?

I usually make sound effects or commentary and just like to have fun when rolling with my partners. Always have. It’s great to see some people laugh mid roll or have a “this fucking guy” look. It’s never intentionally negative, and I never put anyone down regardless of who is getting smashed. Sadly, I understand you can’t and shouldn’t do this, even if light hearted, during tournaments.

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BJJ Gi Patches

I’d like to put some more patches on my Gi. I have a school patch on the Gi top front/left, and pant front/right I was thinking of putting a large patch on the back and other places.

What are some good options for patches to purchase? And where should I put them?

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