Instructors of reddit: What do you look for when you call lower belts for a roll?

Last week my instructor (black belt) ask me (still white) to roll with him after a class. Last time I rolled with him was like a year ago by the way. Not necessary to say that he tap me in very different and creative ways I wasn’t expecting LOL. Also I don’t want to go deep into how you feel like you are drowning or how it might have look like a cub trying to tackle the lion king because there are enough meme about it.

I am writing this because while I was rolling I couldn’t stop thinking that I wasn’t sure how to roll with him. I mean after doing BJJ for a year or so I’ve learn to roll different with different people but I never go ”100% mean motherfucker” with my training partners because I save that for competition.

So instructors of reddit when you call lower belts for a roll do you expect them to go full on on you like if it’s the mundiales? or it’s more just to see where they are at technic wise?

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Making a bjj resource type website. Looking for some input.

I’m learning web development and I want to make a site that will list a wide array of jiu jitsu resources.

I’m thinking a little bit of everything links to wiki, this subreddit, bjj dating, mat surfing, links to tournament sites, top bjj youtube channels, bjjhq and other bjj shopping sites, podcasts, maybe a enter zip code for nearby schools feature.

This would be a pet project not looking to make money from this and I’m not sure if there’s already a site like this out there.

With that in mind what would be some of things that would make this idea better any links, resources or things that haven’t been seen in other sites???

Any input is appreciated I thought this community would be a good place to ask.

Thanks in advance!

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Shitty training partners

So last Sunday we were drilling straight ankle locks. I’m only a month in and love jiu jitsu but I know to be careful with this drill in particular. Anyways, my partner asks the brown belt teaching the class if he’s doing it right and when he shows him he cranks down hard. I had a sore Achilles and knee for about a week. I didn’t say anything about it.

Now tonight, we just had open mats for the holiday. The first guy (white belt as well with much more experience) I roll with taps me out a couple times with triangle chokes. Nbd. He then goes for arm bars. Dude cranks down hard and I hear my elbow crack in a few places. Nothing serious. Just super sore. Instructor comes over and asks if I’m all right and tells me to tap early. I didn’t say anything about him cranking hard on it. The instructor is watching as we start up again and he goes for an arm bar again and cranks it on my other arm. Instructor saw it and tells him to take it easy then tells him to sit out for a round.

Should I just accept that people are fucking assholes or should I tell someone when stuff like this happens? I have basically no experience and don’t want people to just think oh he doesn’t know what he’s doing so it’s his fault. Shoulda tapped sooner blah blah blah.

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Living and Training in Florianopolis, Brazil for June. Anyone there wanna meet up / hang out / train?

That’s the long and short of it, with a possible trip to Rio for the last week. DM me and let me know!

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Opinion: What weight class has the most action?

Looking to see which weightclass is the most action packed from a spectators POV.

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BJJ vs Judo "Lifestyle"

I have been looking into joining a martial art and it has come down to BJJ and Judo, both of which I think are awesome. I had been leaning more towards judo until I read an interesting point on a forum the other day. This guy said that with BJJ, you typically train together constantly, do things out of class etc. essentially become a family with your peers which sounds awesome to me. He said that in general judo is not like this, it’s more like the classic karate situation, where you come to class a couple times to train and don’t really connect with your sparring partners. Is there any truth to this? Not trying to divide the communities in any way, just trying to find the best fit for myself.

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MMA Weight Cutting with UFC Fighter Alan Belcher (And More)


I just released a new interview with UFC star Alan Belcher who has had some of the most exciting, edge-of-your-seat fights in the UFC.

In our chat Alan shares lessons learned from 26 MMA fights including…

The details of cutting major amounts of weight before an MMA fight His mindset while fighting Rousimar Palhares, one of the dirtiest and scariest fighter in MMA Lifting weights as physical therapy to hold his body together Exactly how he structured his UFC training camps and when you should be doing your heaviest training before a competition Tricks to use and mistakes to avoid when cutting weight Preventing overtraining by modulating the intensity and volume of your training sessions How dieting and cardio prevented him from actually training correctly How he prepared specifically to face a leglock expert in the UFC The crazy treatments he did to repair his detached retina And really quite a  bit more!

To listen to or watch this interview you have a couple of different options!  You can either

Click here to subscribe to the Grapplearts Podcast in iTunes (or Google Play, or Stitcher) – the Alan Belcher episode is number 63! Or you can click play on the Youtube video below

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Looking to start doing BJJ classes. (Just wanted some feedback)

Hey guys,

So starting training at Grady’s K-Oz gym in Perth Australia and have recently finished my 10 pass trial. Was doing Muay Thai, Boxing and 1 no gi bjj class (Since they didn’t have a loan gi for the other two classes) spread out over 5 days.

Whilst I loved doing all of them, unfortunately the fee works out to either $80-$90 a fortnight depending on whether I opt for a lock in contract or not which is just too much money for me.

Although I only did the bjj class one day a week, I found that I was forming a strong bond with the students as well as the instructor who was running a seminar at my friends house from work which I had filmed for him. This is where I initially met him.

So if I wanted to do the BJJ classes alone, 2 gi and 1 no gi, it costs $60 a fortnight doing 3 classes as week and is a lock in contract but will find out more information about that.

Just wanted to know whether that is a reasonable price or not. Whilst I would be happy to pay it even though I have a mortgage on my hands, and no real job stability I still got to convince the parents at the end of the day anyway…

Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

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Athleticism in BJJ

If we had an league – like the nfl – what would be our standards for BJJ COMBINE? What sport specific athleticism are there? Bench Press x amount of times? 5k run?

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Anyone have any live music in their training sessions?

We’re gonna have a Spanish guitarist come out and play for whythehellnotsies. Anyone else done anything like this? How was it?

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Traveling and Training Around the World: Paris France

here’s my newest article out. I met up Arthur in Paris, who’s been help BJJ Globetrotters visit Paris since Christian first did it on his world tour. There was also a British guy Paul visiting and the three of us have a great time seeing the city and training together. Paul showed us a BJJ card game him and his friends have out called Game of Rolls, which looks like a really fun game to work on positional rolling as well as competition stuff. check out the link in my blog for the full video and explanation of the game.


Right now I’m in Naples Italy, just visited Morocco and Sicily, on my way up through Italy, Switzerland and Germany before my visa to Russia in July. working on my next articles of visiting Spain and Portugal. loving life! hope you like the article!

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