What Number Do You Roll At?

On an intensity scale of 1-10, what number do you spend most of your time rolling at? Not in competition, where it’s understandably high, but in class, where most of your growth happens. Which of these is your intensity level MOST of the time? 9 or 10 No one will roll with you. You’ve been […]

Chechen Jiu-Jitsu: Caucasus Grappler Counters Single Leg Takedown with Flying Armbar!

    Check out this crazy technique seen in Russia during a competition, from a Caucasus grappler: BJJ is growing in the Caucasus region. The people inhabiting these have a strong tradition in wrestling/ Sambo and traditional wrestling.  Felipe Costa was recently in Grozny (capital city) with his student Chechen BJJ black belt Arbi Muradov. Be sure […]

Watch: BJJ Blue Belt with No Judo Experience Hits Eri Seoi Nage Throw in Competition

    At a BJJ competition in Mexico, a member of Zapata Team Acapulco hit a very nice Eri seoi nage throw. The BJJ player has never even trained Judo before. He said on Reddit:   I never had a judo class, I just do what I see in fights on YouTube and also I […]

Black Belt Blindness, And Other Dangers….

A black belt is just a 2 inch wide piece of cloth, not a license to pontificate upon matters about which you are utterly ignorant. It’s also doesn’t give you the right to have people’s unquestioning obedience. To get a legitimate black belt in BJJ requires more time, effort, and investment than a black belt […]

David Terrell

David Terrell (Dave Terrell) was the first black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu awarded by Cesar Gracie. Widely regarded as one of the top grappling competitors of his generation, having medalled at the ADCC tournament finals and with wins over renowned c…