White Belt Wednesday – October 17, 2018

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Can’t seem to focus during demo

Hey guys, as the title says, I have a hard time focusing when the instructor is demonstrating something for us to drill that day.

I’m a pretty fresh white belt, I started training in the beginning of September.

Idk if that has a lot to do with it but I always seem to wander off in my head after a bit once the instructor starts to teach. This obviously isn’t good at all because when I do break my day dreaming and try to recap on the last few seconds of what he just said I’m usually a bit lost. This leads to me being confused about a step when we drill and then I have to ask my partner to practice on me first so I get the gist of it.

I’m not sure what I’m asking here but does anyone else experience this? Is there something I can do to stay concentrated when the instructor is teaching, I’ve thought about looking into some supplements or something to help keep me focused. I meditate for 10 minutes about an hour before class starts and that doesn’t seem to help too much.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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Looking to buy a new gi. Opinions on these 4 brands

The brands that I am looking at at are; Jiu Jiteiro, Control Industries (CTRL), Hyperfly or Fushida. My problem is is with size fitting of gi’s. I am 5’9 and 130-140lbs (yes I need to bulk up, I had some gut issues). So with my height and weight gi’s are usually pretty baggy on me. Mostly in the width are the arms around the bicep and chest area and in the pants thighs and butt area. So of those 4 brands I mention which one is the more tapper/slimmer of them? But also does not restrict movement much. Thank you for the help.

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Gi question

I’m a new white belt just training for a month. At my gym there is a mix of guys who wear a shirt under there gi and some who don’t. What’s the most popular way of doing this? I’m curious if I shouldn’t be wearing a shirt.

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How sentimental are you about your belt/s?

As title asks; how sentimental are you?

Do you stick with the cheap belt you are promoted with? Do you buy your own? What are your thoughts/feelings?

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Drop in london nogi

What would be the best gym to drop in for a class, I’m just doing no gi.

I’m thinking 10th planet?

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Rafael Lovato Jr Doesn’t Think Training Nogi is Training Jiu Jitsu

Rafael Lovato Jr was the most recent guest on the Joe Rogan experience. However the experienced jiu jitsu champion came out with some really interesting attitudes – mainly that he doesn’t believe nogi jiu jitsu is jiu jitsu – he makes a distinction that nogi is submission wrestling. When talking about training with Justin Wren, […]

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Feeling unworthy of BJJ

I find myself despising bjj more, and more frequently. I have a lot of dirt bike injuries so my joints are the equivalent of an 80 yr old. I’ll have to tap to guys with no limb control, they’re death gripping a straight ankle flat on their back into the mat, no ashi garami just 0 – 100 like this tap is for the world cup. Guys are coming in like the hulk, 100% muscle minimal skill and I have to play defense and wait for an opening or an error. I have no time to get back in the gym and lift, or to do yoga for mobility. I work on average 10 hours a day and barely make it to class when u do make it. I’ve come to accept I’ll probably never get a gold medal or naga belt in competition but how can I suck this bad after 3 years? I’m only in my mid 30′s and I’m afraid if I even tried competing it would be a complete embarrassment. I feel more like the training dummy of the gym than the rank I undeservedly hold.

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Hey guys. Good reference videos for no gi scrambles please

What are good reference videos for no gi scrambles or game study videos. Thank you.

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What do I do if someone cranks my foot when I have their back and my hooks in?

There’s a guy I roll with and when I have his back with my hooks in he just simply grabs my foot and cranks it and I have to tap.

How the hell do you counter this?

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Shaving advice?

I’m new to BJJ and ever since I’ve started rolling I noticed I’ve been getting a lot of ingrowns and razor bumps. Any advice on what to do? I already shave with the grain and use aftershave.

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lifting before bjj Every day

so I got a 1 hr gap in my college schedule and I was wondering how many of you guys, if any lift 4-5x a week before bjj. I train bjj 4x a week and do kickboxing 6x a week. I haven’t lifted in months due to this but starting to miss those bulging shoulders I had.

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