What are the spider guard with collar players?

Which people should I watch to see how the spider guard with collar is used?

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Just launched my new Kids only BJJ/MMA Store

Hello Folks, Long time lurker here. I just wanted to share my store focused on Kids gear only. Me and my son have been doing JJ for some time now and he always wants to get the same stuff I get, which is normally very difficult to achieve. This is why me and my wife decided to create this site and try to bring cool stuff for kids. Any feedback is really appreciated and please forgive us if you find any issues with the site, let me know and hopefully we’ll be able to fix it soon. The store is www.OssKids.com and I have created a coupon for our lovely reddit community. Use redditbjj at the check out to get 15% off your cart.

Our goal is to bring more attention to what our young athletes in the sport as I cant really find anything online just for them.

Thanks and hopefully I can get good feedback.

P.s Im looking for a blogger that can help me writing articles and maybe covering events.

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Well… That’s a first…

So I’ve been going for three months almost, as of next week.

Since starting BJJ, I’ve also crossed over to Muay Thai as it’s taught at my gym as well, and I’ve also started doing strength training with my Muay Thai instructor.

To say my body has transformed quite a bit already is a bit of an understatement. I’ve gone down four pants sizes. I’ve been able to wear button up shirts I’ve kept in storage for six years. It’s nuts! As a gamer, it almost feels like I’ve leveled up into better gear.

So this weekend I had a blind date. Had no idea who she was, what she was into, even her name was a mystery to me. We talked, she noticed the bruises on my forearms from BJJ… And I showed her the gnarlier bruises on my biceps covered by my shirt. I showed her some pics of me sparring with some (pretty scary-looking) Muay Thai fighters. She acted impressed.

Found out through a friend she doesn’t wanna date me. Apparently after being sedentary and lazy for ten years and pulling my shit together and finally DOING something about my weight and weakness… that makes me a “meathead”. Because I do strength training 2-3 times a week, BJJ 4-5 times a week, and Muay Thai twice a week… She won’t date me because apparently being a “meathead” is more important to me.

Guess she’s right.

Psh, whatever, bye Felicia.

What I’m tryna say is, disregard women acquire armbars, amirite?

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"How much do you weigh?" – A rant.

I hate this question. I get it at least once a week but I have heard it millions of times. It seems to be mainly White Belt’s who ask me this question. “How much do you weigh?” – are you calling me fat? Are you going to ask my height and for my shoes size also? Why does my weight have to do with the roll we just had… Why can’t you ask me “How much time have you had on the mats?”, “How did you get that sweep?”, “How did you apply the pressure?”, “How did you control me like you did?”, “How did you get me?”. Why is it always the body weight which is the deciding factor in a martial art that’s selling point is for the weaker and smaller opponent to beat the bigger opponent?

Last night I swept, mounted and choked a 4 stripe White Belt who then proceeded to ask me how much I weighed, he ended up being 5kg heavier than me. I find this question comes from people who are looking for excuses on why they didn’t come out on top.

If you are one of these people who ask this question after a roll next time bite your tongue, let your brain re-adjust and ask “What did I do wrong” or “How long have you trained for?”.. Because it wasn’t the other persons body weight that choked you, it was the superior technique motherfucker.

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Defending kimura with significant strength disadvantage?

So I competed Saturday and ran into an interesting problem. Normally I compete medium heavy but bumped up to heavy so my teammate would be our only person in that division. No biggie, I walk around about 195 and the jump didn’t bother me. Unfortunately there were no other heavies and I got bumped to super heavy.

I got kimuraed in nearly every match and felt like I had no chance to stop them. My normal defenses didn’t do shit and I was getting caught from positions I wouldn’t even think twice about normally, like my underhook arm in bottom half.

What strategies or defense tend to work better when strength is definitely not in your favor?

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Not allowed to cross train Judo

A friend of mine (who trains at a different bjj school than me) told me that he had to leave his previous bjj school because the teacher wouldn’t allow him to cross train judo as well, which I feel is total bullshit. Is this a common thing?

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Roberto "Risada" Atalla vs Nino "Elvis" Schembri

About a year ago my (then) coach was telling us about a match between Schembri and Atalla. Today I was browsing youtube for some classic matches and coincidently stumbled upon it, so I thought I’d share.

I couldn’t find any accounts to corroborate the story my coach told us, although it seems Atalla’s page on BJJ Heroes supports some parts. But take it with a grain of salt.

Apparently a little prior to this match Roberto Attalla had a falling out with Carlos Gracie Jr. and consequently changed gyms from Gracie Barra to Rio Jiu Jitsu Club. As far as I understand, shortly after his team change, Atalla won one of the local tournaments beating a Gracie Barra favourite in the final. After winning rumour has it that he turned to the section Gracie Barra were sitting in and flipped them off.

Evidently there was quite a bit of hostility in the air, as Atalla faced Gracie Barra’s top dawg, Nino Schembri.

It’s a pretty cool oldschool match.

Roberto “Risada” Atalla vs Nino “Elvis” Schembri

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Hierarchy of positions / goals in positions

I’m 2 months into my BJJ journey, and was having an good conversation with an upper belt at an open mat this weekend. One thing that would help me is to understand the hierarchy of positions (worst to best) to be in, and then, what my goals would be in that position.

For example, mount is one of the best positions for me to have on someone. Also, if I’m in someone’s full guard, my main goal is to pass it to something else. This explains why I was (dumbly) going for a collar choke and getting armbarred all the time.

My question to r/bjj – what are your thoughts on the hierarchy, and can you share what my goals should be in different positions? I know this may vary depending on what your game is, but I’m interested to learn more!

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-Fresh Spider Guard- ???

I am fresh and new to the game of spider guard. I recently learned this skill in my gym and it grabbed my attention fully. I want to make it a key in my game of bjj. Does any one have tips, basics, flaws or anything to say about this technique? Thank you kindly.

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