Gym in Philadelphia

I am looking for a gym in Philly. I loved Roots when I went but it was really expensive (not sure if it still is or if there is student discounts).

I went to the Gracie gym and might go back but I was wondering if anyone could recommend an affordable gym that is good in the city? (I am looking for a gym that is good but I don’t train specifically to compete. One day maybe for fun but it isnt my primary goal of training)

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Garry Tonon NoGi Seminar Review – Japan

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a Garry Tonon seminar at Carpe Diem BJJ in Tokyo, Japan. Garry is currently in Japan for a One FC press conference and teased that they’re going to have a big announcement soon.

On to the seminar. It was a very last minute arrangement and as I understand it, Garry more or less rolled in right from the airport, changed into one of his patented “TONON” rashguards and just jumped right in.

The seminar was designed to demonstrate how the DDS approaches the concept of chaining together positions, control, and submissions. Garry started off by first showing a couple of ashi garami entries from butterfly and follow-up heel hook submissions. Next, he showed how to transition to upper body control positions off of failed leg entries, and from there he taught a couple of nice guillotine details. Lastly, he showed a couple variations on back takes, finally ending the seminar with reverse sankaku. Each portion of the seminar connected tiny details of the submission to the larger picture of chaining attacks and maintaining control, so as a flow it was very easy to follow.

Throughout the seminar, Garry would walk around and answer any questions that anyone had about anything. If you asked, he would watch you do the move and correct glaring errors or small details based on what he thought would be most helpful. He would often digress within his own explanations during drilling and quickly pull over the nearest person to demonstrate some “bonus” material, causing 3/4 of the roughly 60 participants (that’s a LOT of people for the size of the gym) to migrate over to wherever he was on the mats every time he got down on the mat to explain something to someone. This didn’t seem to bother Garry at all, nor did the obvious and blatant fanboy-ing. He was nothing if not patient, friendly, helpful and professional. He was always happy to demonstrate the technique however many times he was asked to, and each time he was sure to clarify the most crucial steps of the move.

Though the seminar was originally scheduled to be 2 hours from 7pm-9pm, it ended up going almost an hour over, not including the time Garry was sure to take at the end so that he could answer some questions and take pictures with everyone who wanted one. During the Q&A, Garry answered questions about techniques he showed during the seminar, about past matches, about other unrelated techniques, and about how Gordon finishes the arm in guillotine.

I honestly don’t think I can properly express how good this seminar was. Garry is an excellent teacher and a down-to-Earth guy. He made himself accessible to everyone and easy to approach, and he was very attentive and respectful (i.e. not looking at his phone ever, not acting like he’s some sort of god, not talking down to anyone etc.) but also he was encouraging, positive and fun.

11/10 recommend taking a seminar with him or drop in training at his gym in New Jersey. It was well worth the 6000 yen (like 60 US dollars) I paid, especially knowing that it could have been way more (I’ve heard Rickson seminars are like 160-200 bucks???)

I know this got long, but I’m just so pumped that I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best to ever do it! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, I’ll do my best to answer.


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Past tense of "toe hold" ?

Settle a dispute for me /r/bjj , what is the past tense of toe hold? Toe held? Toe Holded? I.e. “Yeah, you can enter for the knee bar that way, but you’ll probably get ____________.”

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Back control help

Whenever I get back control with a seatbelt, my partner always seems to get my top arm over their head and escape. Specifically, how can I stop this, but broadly, what are some good resources to learn back control?

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Question regarding a counter to my half guard kimura

I’ve been playing with the bottom half guard kimura however I am being countered by my prof. with a shoulder lock of his own.

From my understanding he is posturing, keeping his elbow tight (trapping my arm in) and then raises his hand to his chin which torques my shoulder and I either have to release the grip or tap.

I’ve had a look around the channels and cannot find anything. I will ask him directly but I would like to see if I can work it out myself first.

Obvious answer is: stop the postering and don’t let the hand move up but that is not always easily done against a higher belt level. If anyone can provide any advice on this situation, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Where do you draw the line between training hard and training smart?

I often hear two convincing, yet conflicting schools of thought within this sport.

The first being that the most progression comes when you train on the days you don’t want to/embrace the grind (i.e. you’re tired, sore, or whatever else but you decide to train anyway). The “pain is weakness leaving the body” mindset, if you will.

The other being that it is essential to train smart, listen to your body, take a round off if you need to, etc. An approach that appeals more to logic and longevity.

I have trouble reconciling both of these approaches because they seem contradictory and I don’t know where I fall. It seems to depend on the day. I would like to hear feedback from you all about the approach you feel is most effective, maybe specific examples of your approach. Hopefully that makes sense? Thanks in advance.

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